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Everything You Need to Know About Foxit eSign & Alternative

The conventional paper-based signature processes present various challenges, such as delays due to geographical constraints and security considerations. To address these issues, Foxit's eSign solution has emerged as a revolutionary remedy. Moreover, it makes signing documents easier by letting people sign from far away, making decisions faster, no matter where they are.

Additionally, it safeguards document security by incorporating secure authentication methods and ensuring compliance with legal regulations. In this article, we'll thoroughly discuss the methods of using the Foxit eSign free and paid features, the difference between its two versions, and the better alternative to authenticate your documents.

Part 1: Introduction of the Foxit eSign Tool

Foxit provides electronic signature solutions, including Foxit eSign, designed to handle digital documents and optimize the efficiency of document workflows. The tool easily signs documents, finishes contracts from anywhere, and receives a completion certificate. Furthermore, users can customize their signature by opting for a typed signature, a saved signature image, or drawing it.

In addition, it offers quicker and more seamless integration and expanded capabilities for scalability.

Is Foxit eSign Free?

It is not free to use. Plus, the Foxit eSign pricing for its Pro version is US$300 yearly, and you can access its wide features for your businesses.

foxit esign pdf tool

Step-by-Step Instructions To Use Foxit eSign To Sign a PDF

Foxit eSign offers a user-friendly and effective solution for electronically signing PDF documents. It provides a simplified process for both individuals and businesses. Here, we detail the steps to assist you in using Foxit eSign to incorporate your electronic signature into a PDF document:

Step 1: Access Foxit eSign free online on your favorite web browser and create your eSign account. After creating an account on this cloud-based tool, select the "Upload File" button from the window to upload the file you want to eSign.

foxit esign upload pdf for signing

Step 2: Once you have uploaded the file, you will find a new window where you need to tick the option "I'm the only signer." On this window, you have the option to manage access to adding a new signer, too. Now, proceed the process by clicking the "Self Sign" button at the bottom.

foxit esign self sign pdf with foxit

Step 3: A window will pop up after selecting the self-sign option. Now, you will see a pre-made eSign from the information you have entered while making an account. Here, you can drag the "Signature" or the "Initial" field from the left-side panel to add signatures electronically at a desired location on your document.

foxit esign add signature electronically

Step 4: Additionally, you can modify your signature as well via the "Type," "Draw," or "Image" options. For this purpose, click on the sign you added in your PDF, and a new mini window will appear. Now, make a customized eSign with one of the three available choices. Also, choose "Change Signature Style" to meet your requirements and click the "Sign" button to use this sign accordingly.

foxit esign design signature for pdf


  • The use of Foxit eSign may give rise to worries about data security and privacy. As it is an online tool, users must exercise caution, particularly when handling sensitive documents.
  • Foxit eSign might experience reduced processing speeds in specific scenarios that cause delays in document handling and completion. This can potentially influence the user experience for those needing rapid and effective document processing.

Part 2: What is the Difference Between Foxit eSign and Foxit PDF Editor

Foxit eSign and Foxit PDF Editor have distinct roles in digital document workflows. Foxit PDF Editor is designed for editing and manipulating PDF content, whereas Foxit eSign specializes in streamlining electronic signatures. Let's examine each tool's distinctive features and capabilities for a better understanding of document management in the following comparison table.

MetricsFoxit eSignFoxit PDF Editor
PricingeSign: US$96 Per Year
eSign Pro: US$300 Per Year
PDF Editor Pro for Windows: US$209.99/lifetime
PDF Editor Suite Pro: US$139.99 per year
System SupportOnlineWindows, macOS, iOS, Android
Electronic Signature
Digital Signature
Signer Email
Date Signed
Easy to Use

Part 3: A Better Alternative to Foxit e-Sign and Foxit PDF Editor

If you are fascinated by the Foxit eSign editor but are worried about its expensive purchase plans, there's a better, more cost-friendly alternative for you. UPDF is a leading PDF editing tool that can execute almost all PDF-related functions at a much lower price than others. You can easily create an e-sign using a mouse or keyboard and place it anywhere on your documents with a few clicks.

Furthermore, you are even allowed to change the pen thickness and color of your desired e-sign, as required by the document type. In addition, this alternative to Foxit eSign can also generate digital signatures that you can use for various professional purposes. Users are facilitated to change the appearance and style of their digital sign, and they can also use images for this purpose.

Simplified Steps Involved to Add Electronic via UPDF

UPDF is a smart PDF editing choice to create electronic and digital signatures that serve as a professional tool at minimum cost. Follow these simple guideline steps to learn how to use it in the most efficient way for signatures:

Step 1: Add the PDF to UPDF

Download UPDF by clicking "Free Download" button below. After download UPDF, launch the application on your system from the desktop icon or start menu apps. After launching, either drag your file into its interface or hit the "Open File" button to import your PDF file.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

Step 2: Generate Electronic Signature by Comment Mode

Once uploaded, go to the "Comment" feature on the left sidebar and choose the "Signature" option. Afterward, hit the "Create" button, which will allow you to create an e-sign either by drawing or typing. Then, hit the "Create" button once more, and you can place your sign anywhere on your document with a click.

foxit esign create signature updf

Extract Tip: Add a Digital Signature to Your PDF

To create a digital signature, go to the "Prepare Form" mode from the left sidebar and then choose the "Digital Signature" option on the above toolbar. Then, add the signature field anywhere on your document with a click.

foxit esign digital signature icon

Now, select the "Reader" mode and press on your added signature field to enter the digital signature creation. Finally, after choosing your desired customizations, click on the "Sign" button to generate a digital signature on your document.

foxit esign create digital signature

If these useful features help you to make up your mind about UPDF, click on the "Free Download" button given below to get it for free.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure


  • This amazing Foxit eSign alternative is extremely cost-effective yet provides users with maximum PDF functionalities.
  • With its advanced AI integration, you can even ask queries about your document or even summarize the whole content.
  • You can access this beneficial tool on almost any operating system or device with its cross-platform support.
  • 24/5 Customer support of UPDF ensures that customers get immediate responses about their specific queries and issues.

If you are already a user of this tool and want to maximize your potential with it, upgrade your plan to UPDF Pro with an attractive discount. To inspect this tool and learn about its features even more, visit UPDF review on Beebom website.

Part 4: FAQs about Foxit eSign

1. How can I sign PDF with Foxit PDF Editor?

After launching Foxit PDF Editor on your devices, upload your files on the software. Once uploading is done, access the "Foxit eSign" tab and use an already created signature in your PDFs. Furthermore, you can create a new eSign by drawing, typing, or using the trackpad and placing it in your desired place.

2. Is a license required to use the Foxit eSign features?

Yes, you are required to purchase a license or subscription plan required to use Foxit eSign features. Users can access one of the two yearly plans as per their requirements. Additionally, the eSign requires US$96 Per Year, and eSign Pro is US$300 Per Year; you can opt for your needs.


We conclude that it is essential to utilize electronic signatures to increase efficiency and improve security. In this regard, Foxit eSign is playing a crucial role in managing eSign and streamlining workflows. Additionally, we discussed the differences between Foxit eSign and Foxit PDF Editor, along with their capabilities. Though it's functioning well primarily, it has some disadvantages, such as slow processing.

For this reason, we found the best alternative of both versions of Foxit with enhanced capabilities. We strongly suggest integrating UPDF into your system to benefit from an outstanding PDF solution. To obtain this exceptional tool, click the Download button below.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

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