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How to Add Rectangle to PDF in 3 Simple Steps

Looking at a PDF, do you ever wish to annotate it with shapes? Shapes are a great way to highlight an important point. Adding a rectangle or a square around a text implies its significance.

This seems impossible. Fear not! We have found the solution to your problem. Hang on tight because this guide is going to explore the best PDF reading and editing tool. On the way, we will learn two amazing ways to add rectangles to PDFs. Stick along to explore more!

Method 1. Simple Way to Add Rectangle and Square to PDF with UPDF

You must be slow on the uptake if you haven't heard about the incredible UPDF. With its cool set of features, it easily caters to every PDF need. If you have to deal with documents daily, UPDF is the ultimate go-to solution one can ask for!

UPDF has annotation tools that allow users to add freehand scribbles and comments, draw shapes (rectangle, oval, line, arrow, polygon), and even digitally sign them. Besides, they can highlight text, add background colors, and much more.

But let's get our priorities straight and see how UPDF helps add squares to PDF.

Step 1: Download and Install UPDF

First, ensure that you have UPDF software downloaded to your device. Click on the files to install it. This may take a few minutes. When done, open the document you wish to annotate with UPDF.

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Step 2: Add a Rectangle to the PDF

Next, go to the top left corner and click on the "Comment" menu to open the annotation tools. Click on the Shapes icon and select the "Rectangle" shape. Choose the border color, thickness, fill color, and opacity. Then, drag the rectangle to where you want to insert it. As per your preference, you can resize the shape and change the dimensions.

add rectangle to pdf updf

Step 3: Add a Square to PDF

To add a square to the PDF, select the rectangle from the shapes icon and press Shift. This will keep all the sides equilateral. Drag the shape where you want to insert it.

add rectangle to pdf add square

The final step is to save your changes. Go to "File" and click "Save".

Wasn't this simple? UPDF makes everything seem like a breeze. Here is why it is the best PDF tool.

UPDF is extremely versatile, offering some slick features at a very pocket-friendly price. It works like magic in creating, editing, and customizing PDF files. It's time to pull back the curtains and take you through the features UPDF has to offer.

PDF Annotation tools

  • Add Comments: Easily brief readers on a certain subject by adding comments and images.
  • Text Markings: Highlight or underline text to imply its significance. Or strikethrough it to mark unimportant parts.
  • Add Stamps: Make your PDFs more interesting and specific with designated stamps. Insert pre-built stamps or self-design them.
  • Add Stickers: Stickers brighten up a PDF’s look and make it more attractive. Add default stickers or customize your own.
  • Digitally Sign: Secure your documents by digitally signing them and adding customized watermarks. Mark papers and add freehand scribbles with the pen tool.  

AI-Powered UPDF

  • Summarize PDF: Quickly summarizes long and wordy PDFs with a precise analysis of all the charts and diagrams.
  • Translate PDF: Effortlessly bypasses the language barrier by accurately translating files. Makes it easier to work with multi-lingual files.
  • Explains PDF: The AI-UPDF seamlessly explains all the content with a description of difficult words and diagrams. Makes all the content crystal clear.
  • Re-write PDFs: The smart AI offers a better writing pattern and content guide to re-write a PDF. With no trouble, write files in minutes.

OCR Tool

  • AI-integrated OCR: With the support of 38 languages, it accurately maps out information from the files. Comfortably converts scanned documents and files to editable and searchable forms.

PDF Conversion

  • File Conversion: Modify your PDFs by converting them to or from editable forms like Word, PPT, Excel, etc. Compatible with a long list of formats, making PDF conversion simple.

Editing Tools

  • Edit Text: Tweak changes in PDFs in a Word-style format and adjust the font size and shape color easily.
  • Background Color: Colourful PDFs are catchy and engaging. UPDF allows you to add background colors to your PDF.
  • Add/Remove Images: Control the image selection and comfortably add or remove them.
  • PDF links: Add hyperlinks to text for references and improve the reader’s understanding.

UPDF makes PDF handling a walk in the park with its stellar features. It helps you create interactive PDFs while enhancing productivity and workflow.

And that is it! UPDF is roaring out loud with its high-tech, cutting-edge features for all the right reasons. Whether it is editing, converting, or organizing- UPDF clean swipes all the boxes, it is time to upgrade your game of PDF editing with some cost-effective professional PDF tools. Download it to see what you are missing out on!

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Method 2. How to Add a Rectangle to PDF in Adobe Acrobat?

Adobe Acrobat is one of the earliest PDF reading and editing tools available. The long-standing fame has brought it a massive following and users. It is definitely a tough competitor for UPDF.

Sticking to the topic, let's see how to draw a rectangle in Adobe Acrobat.

Step 1: Install Adobe Acrobat.

Download and Install the Adobe software on your PC. Open your file with Adobe.

Step 2: Select the Shape

In the Tool tab, click on the Comment icon. Click on the Shapes and select "Rectangle".

add rectangle to pdf adobe

Step 3: Adjust the Shape

Drag the rectangle to its designated position. Adjust the thickness, opacity, border color, and fill color of your choice from the editing panel. Resize the shape as needed.

add rectangle to pdf adjust shape

UPDF VS. Adobe Acrobat: Finding the Better One to Add Rectangle and Square to PDF

But now let's compare the two-arch rivals for a complete analysis.

 UPDFAdobe Acrobat Standard
Insert an arrow in the PDF
100+ Stickers
AI Features
Advanced OCR Feature
Bates Numbering
Save PDF as PDF/A
ProsEasy navigation and super-fast loading.
A single subscription works for all devices. (Windows/Mac/iOS/Android)
AI-powered OCR for data extraction.
Fairly flexible document editing and sharing.
It is a famous PDF software in the industry.
ConsIt is currently not as famous as Adobe Acrobat; however, its business is growing fastCannot convert files to CSV and GIF
The standard version only available on Windows
Tacky interface
Rating (UI design)4.84.0
Rating (Performance)4.84.8
Rating (Overview)4.84.6

By now, you must have explored a small walkthrough of UPDF’s features. But when comparing it with some leading software gods like Adobe, who takes the lead? UPDF is still leading the way, and here it is why?

User Interface:

UPDF surpasses Adobe in terms of interface. The latter has a stodgy design with tools cluttered all around. UPDF has gained all 5 stars for its remarkable user design with approachable features. The website is professional-looking, with considered usability schemes for all users.

add rectangle to pdf updf vs adobe

Performance Speed:

Considering the workability and software’s speed, UPDF has again banged all the boxes. No lagging is reported with ultra-fast loading speeds. In contrast, Adobe is challenged with speed issues, especially when dealing with large files.

Price Point:

With minimal features, Adobe does not offer a good value for a whopping investment of $155.88 per annum. Besides, the standard version is only available for the Windows version. In opposition, UPDF has a remarkably low subscription value of just $29.99 per year, which is applicable for all devices. Upgrade now to enjoy its best price of the year!


Adobe is still an old-school app and does not cater to the latest AI technology. UPDF AI is creating waves globally for its incredible features.

UPDF clean swipes Adobe’s features very swiftly. It is clearly the winner, offering a plethora of flattering features at a great price!

Why Do You Need to Draw Rectangle in PDF?

We left an important question to answer: Why Do We Need to Draw Rectangle in PDF? Shapes are a creative way of expressing art. But why add them in a PDF? Here is the reason:

Implies Significance

Rectangular boxes around a text signify its importance. Marking out a specific text with borders highlights an important piece of information that needs not be missed. Colors have an impact, too. Changing the border color to red alerts the user of some high-yield content.

Separate Information

Adding a rectangle around a specific text separates it from the rest of the information. This can be used to show a summary, an amazing fact, or key points.

Border Images

Users often use rectangular shapes to border images in a PDF file. It restricts the edges of the images and separates them from the text.

Artistic Purpose

Besides symbolizing important text, rectangles can be drawn only for artistic purposes.


To add a rectangle in a PDF couldn't get simpler! With just three simple steps, UPDF solves the problem. Dynamic features paired with AI integration offer smooth functionality. Download it today to test the software yourself for an unforgettable experience. UPDF will mesmerize you with its design and make you a die-hard fan in a matter of minutes!

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