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How to Add Signature to PDF in Microsoft Edge? (Easy Guide)

Signing PDF documents is a common task, but sometimes it can be tricky or expensive. However, if you are using the browser, it becomes simple and free to add a signature to PDF in Microsoft Edge. Signatures are essential for giving your approval or consent on various documents.

So, in this guide, we will explore two methods to sign PDFs using Microsoft Edge. Moreover, we will also introduce two alternative options for adding signatures.

Part 1. How to Add Signature in Microsoft Edge?

Microsoft Edge is a helpful tool for viewing PDFs on your device. Adding your signature is simple with this browser. You have two methods to choose from, one is using the draw tool, and the other is using a text box. With the Draw tool, you can draw your signature directly on the PDF without extensions or additional programs. It's a quick and straightforward way to sign your documents digitally.

In addition to the Draw tool, Microsoft Edge's PDF reader offers basic reading and navigation features like zoom, rotate, fit page/width, jump to page, and search. These functions are easily accessible through a toolbar at the top of the PDF content. So, below we will discuss the two methods so that you can learn how to add digital signatures in Microsoft Edge to legalize PDFs.

Way 1. Add a Signature via Draw Tool

We will first start with adding a signature using the draw tool. This method is very simple and offers you options to adjust the size of a pen while drawing a signature. Start by:

Instructions: Add the PDF in Microsoft Edge by dragging and dropping it on the Edge interface. Next, choose the “Draw” tool from the tools available on the top. You can also change the color and size of the Draw tool. Locate the point where you want to add the signature on the document and draw it using the Edge Draw tool. 

draw the signature Microsoft Edge

Way 2. Add a Signature via Text Box

Another great method regarding how to add a digital signature in Microsoft Edge is via text box. This allows you to adjust the text box anywhere on your PDF file. You can even move the text box based on your requirements. Follow the steps to make your documents look professional:

Instructions: After opening the PDF file in Microsoft Edge, click on the "Text" tool from the top toolbar and place the text box where you want to add the signature to the document. Afterward, type the signature and customize it from the options provided by Edge.

type the signature on document microsoft edge

Part 2. How to Insert Signature in PDF Without Microsoft Edge? (2 Ways)

Considering that if you do not have Microsoft Edge or prefer other options to add your signature to a PDF, we have the solution. There are two fantastic alternatives that you can use. The first one is UPDF, and the second option is DocuSign, an online tool designed for adding signatures to documents. Explore these alternatives and find the one best for you.

Way 1. 4 Ways to Add Signature to PDF without Microsoft Edge Via UPDF

UPDF offers four easy ways to add your signature to PDFs, making it perfect for users with different requirements. With the built-in signature feature, you can add your signature using your mouse or keyboard. You also have the option to draw a signature by adjusting the pen size and color to your liking. If you have the image format signature on your computer, you can use its image features to add a signature or you can add a digital signature for professional files with sensitive information. You can download UPDF via the below link to try.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

Add Signature to PDF without Microsoft Edge Via UPDF

Additionally, UPDF provides other useful tools to help you organize PDFs, crop pages, and even use built-in AI tools for more productive work on your PDFs. The AI tools help you to summarize, write, or explain the terms in PDFs so that you do not need to switch tools.

1. Via Adding Image

Do you already have a signature saved as an image? No worries, as using UPDF, you can insert a signature image and integrate it without any complexity. Therefore, check the given steps and learn how to do it:

Instructions: Open the PDF file in UPDF by clicking on the “Open File” button and then access the “Edit PDF” mode from the left side toolbar. Following this, click on the “Image” tool from the top and choose the signature file from the device. Adjust the added signature image size and location as needed.

add image to insert the signature to PDF using UPDF

You can download the UPDF to add the signature directly by adding an image via the below button.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

2. Via Pencil

In case you are looking to sign a PDF in a completely new way, using a pencil tool can assist you greatly. Follow the steps highlighted below and start signing PDFs:

Instructions: In the Comment mode of UPDF, tap on the “Pencil” tool and draw your signature anywhere on the document. You can also customize the Pencil tool properties before drawing the signature by hovering over the tool icon.

Add signature to PDF using UPDF's pencil

3. Via Signature Feature

Here is the most recommended way to add signatures in PDFs with the UPDF tool. This is via using the Signature tool itself. Need to familiarize yourself with it? Head to the steps mentioned below and learn all you need to know:

Note: if you do not want to check the text guide, you can watch the video guide.

Instructions: Access the “Comment” mode of UPDF and choose the “Signature” tool from the top toolbar. Tap on the “Create” button and create your signature using the “Mouse” or “Keyboard” option. After creating the signature, customize it and place it on the document by pressing the “Create” button. This will also save your signature for future use. Then, place it where you want to put it.

create signature via adding signature feature in UPDF

4. Via Digital Signature

For professional PDF files, you can add a digital signature to protect your PDF files. Here is the guide: Download UPDF via the below button. Open PDF in UPDF. Click on "Prepare Forms" > "Digital Signature" and draw a rectangle in the place where you want to add a digital signature. Click "Reader", hit on the digital signature icon, and "Create" to create one digital signature., enter the details and password, then, sign to save the PDF file separately.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

UPDF has so many features to help you add a signature in PDF, so why not upgrade to the pro version with a great discount now?

Way 2. Add Digital Signature in PDF Without Microsoft Edge Via DocuSign

Adding digital signatures to PDFs has always been challenging. But, with DocuSign, you can save time, cut costs, and boost productivity by electronically signing PDFs from almost anywhere. With DocuSign eSignature, 82% of agreements get completed in less than a day. Moreover, nearly half, 49%, are signed in less than 15 minutes.

Plus, the best part is that it's free for signers and available on most devices. Furthermore, with hundreds of millions of users across 180 countries, you can trust that DocuSign is a reliable solution. Learn the given steps and make your PDFs productive with signatures:

Step 1: Access the DocuSign eSignature official website and login into your account. After this, tap on the “Start Now” button and upload your PDF document by using the “Upload” button. Once the PDF file is uploaded, enable the “I’m the only signer” option in the “Add Recipients” section.

checkmark i am the only signer in docusign

Step 2: Next, tap on the “Sign” button from the bottom right corner of the window and choose the “Signature” option from the “Fields” panel. Click anywhere on the document where you want to add the signature and customize the signature settings. Afterward, tap on the “Adopt and Sign” button to complete the DocuSign eSignature procedure.

create the docusign signature 

Final Words

To sum up, learning how to add signatures to PDF in Microsoft Edge is a valuable skill that can save you time and make work more efficient. Following the steps and exploring the two alternative options in this guide, you can easily sign important documents electronically.

While Microsoft Edge offers a simple way to sign PDFs, UPDF is the top choice. This is due to its variety of built-in features, editing options, and built-in AI tools. Download UPDF now.

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