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Sign PDF on iOS

UPDF enables you to sign PDFs in two different ways. You can add your hand-drawn signatures or digitally sign your PDFs to ensure confidentiality. Dive into this guide to learn how both these features work to let you personalize your PDFs.

1. How to Sign a PDF with Hand-drawn Signature?

UPDF provides an easy way to hand-sign in PDF on iOS. You can also customize your signature and change its color per your reference.

Follow the steps below to do it:

  • Open UPDF on your iOS devices and choose the PDF you want to sign, then tap on the third icon on the Toolbar.
  • From the banner displayed, tap on the Signature button.
  • Tap on the + (Add Signature) button.
add signature to pdf
  • On the new screen, type your Signature on the blank page.
  • Customize the Signature and hit the Done button to save changes.
add signature

How to Change Signature Color

UPDF allows its user to apply different colors to their signatures. To do so, follow these steps:

  • Locate the Color icon at the bottom of the signature screen.
  • Choose the color you want to apply from the range of colors displayed.
  • Close the colors pane and save the changes by hitting the Done Button on the signature screen.

2. How to Add Digital Signature to PDF

Aside from this, you can also digitally sign your business dealings, contracts, or any other PDF with a digital ID by utilizing UPDF for iOS. This will enable you to enter a paperless, sustainable world. Note that you must first add a digital signature field to the PDF using UPDF for Windows or Mac. Let's hop onto the steps.

Step 1. Open a PDF that contains a digital signature field in UPDF.

Step 2. Once opened, tap on the digital signature field.

Step 3. A new window will show up with the '+ Configure New Digital ID' and 'Continue' options at the bottom.

Create or sign directly

Step 3a. To create a new digital ID, tap on the '+ Configure New Digital ID' button. UPDF will display an interface prompting you to enter the identity information for creating the self-signed Digital ID, including your name, email address, organization unit (optional), and organization name (optional).

Create new digital ID

Step 3b. To sign with an existing digital ID, simply choose the desired one - UPDF will allow you to view the details of the selected digital ID. If this is the one you wish to use, tap on the Continue button. In the 'Sign as ...' interface, you can then choose its appearance from the two options provided: Standard Text and Creation Date.

Customize appearance

Alternatively, you can select the Create option to reveal more customizations as shown below:

  • You can change Appearance or switch to the image section to upload an image.
  • Below, you can decide what you want to include in your digital signature. You have the following parameters in the Include Text drop-down menu that can be checked and marked for inclusion: Name, Date, Location, Reason, Logo, Labels, and Distinguished Name.
  • You can also alter the Text direction, make it left-aligned or right-aligned, or leave it to be automatic.
  • Lastly, you may Enter your Present Name.
  • If you want to reverse all your changes, click the None option. Otherwise, hit Save.
Customize appearance

Step 4. Choose either option mentioned in step 3 to add a digital signature to your PDF. UPDF will then prompt you to save a copy of your file on the device at your desired location. Save it. 

You have added your digital signature!

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