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Add, Edit, and Remove Links on iOS

UPDF is a robust PDF editor that allows for the editing of various elements within a PDF, including links. Nevertheless, some users may be unsure of how to access the necessary steps for utilizing this feature. In this guide, we'll provide comprehensive instructions on how to add and edit links in PDFs using UPDF for iOS.

Add Links

In order to add links, users will have to follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Open a PDF document in UPDF for iOS.
  • Enter Editing mode by selecting the second icon from the top toolbar.
  • Choose the "Link" option from the options displayed at the bottom and tap anywhere on the PDF to add a link.
Add links to PDF iOS
  • Two options will appear: "Link to Web" and "Link to Page." The "Link to Web" option allows you to enter the desired URL address and tap to navigate to the specified page after applying the link. The "Link to Page" option requires you to enter the desired page number.
Link to web or page
  • Select your preferred option and add a hyperlink or page as the link. Once completed, a pinned square box will appear in the center of your screen.
  • If you choose the "Link to Web" option, UPDF will prompt you to enter the URL you wish to link to.
  • If you choose the "Link to Page" option, UPDF will request the page number you want to redirect to.
  • After successfully adding the link, double-tap on the link box to access various options such as copy, properties, edit, and delete.
Options for edit the link

Edit Links

Here is how you can edit the link you have added:

  • Select any added link on your PDF and tap on the "Properties" button.
  • Through the editing option, users can choose the color, text, and visibility of the URL that they have added.
Customize the added link
  • On the properties section, users can select the outline and thickness of their URL link box.
Edit properties
  • Once done, adjust the box on the PDF page as per your liking.

Delete the Link

To delete the link, double-tap on it and then select the delete option.

Delete the added link
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