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Set Preferences on iOS

If you are an avid user of UPDF on mobile devices, making changes according to your requirements for the app or documents is critical. You can easily do this through the preferences app. This setting will allow you to set up page zoom, enter read mode, enhance your page background, and more.


The Preferences menu in iOS devices gives you the following options.

  • Page View
  • Zoom
  • Read Mode
  • Page Background
  • Initial Mode
  • Eraser Settings

If you want to open the Preferences menu, click the drop-down menu option 'v' next to the Home button. Once you click on this menu, you have different options to tinker with.

Page View

  • In this menu, you can choose to view the document in a Single Page or Two Page view based on your device to read the document better.
  • You can toggle the Scrolling option to scroll through the document or swipe to the next page.
  • With the Vertical toggle on, the document will flow vertically, while in the off state, the document will shift horizontally.
Page view


Based on which option you have selected the bracket next to Zoom will show which option you have selected. The image below shows the default (Fit Width) zoom selection. You have four options here.

  • Fit Page – This option will adjust each page you view, giving you the full view of the page, no matter how big and small the content becomes.
  • Actual Size – The document pages will display the actual size of the document and will not be fitted by height or width.
  • Fit Height – The pages will adjust height-wise, showing the complete page vertically. It will not consider how big the page is horizontally.
  • Fit Width – The pages will adjust according to the width of the page, which is mostly the standard zoom view, allowing you to see the document and scroll down naturally.

You can also see the percentage of zoom being applied opposite to the Zoom option, where you can lock a specific zoom level according to your preferences.

Zoom options

Read Mode

In this section, there are three options.

  • Light – You will have a white background with standard daytime lighting, most common for daytime reading.
  • Night – This will change the background to dark and allow for a bright background, making it easier to read at night.
  • Paper – The Paper option dims the light and increases the yellowness of the pages, making it feel like you are reading an actual paper document.
Read mode

Page Background

In this section, you can choose between 7 color options to change the background of your document.

Page background

Initial Mode

This mode has three options: Default reading mode, opening the document in comment mode, and finally, the document Edit mode to make changes.

Initial mode

Eraser Settings

You can change your eraser settings here. You choose Pixel to erase pixels while swiping the eraser around. If you choose the Object, the eraser will delete whatever object you swipe or tap on.

You can also turn on or off the Eraser Pencil Only, depending on how smooth you want your eraser function to be.

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