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Reduce PDF File Size on iOS

Dealing with larger files is no longer a headache with the UPDF iOS version. You can simply upload files to UPDF and get the compressed version and conveniently share them via mail or upload them on any platform with restricted file size requirements. The best part? All this is done without compromising an inch on the quality or formatting of the content.

How to Compress File with UPDF for iOS

Follow the steps below for compressing PDF files with ultimate ease:

  • Ensure you have the latest UPDF version installed on your iOS device.
  • Launch the UPDF and open any PDF file in it.
  • Tap the v-shaped icon in the top left corner and choose Reduce File Size from the drop-down menu.
Reduce file size
  • In the following pop-up menu, select compressing quality from the four given options (Flash, Fast, Normal, and Slow). The slower the speed you choose, the more the file will be compressed.
  • Now, hit Save, choosing the location to save the compressed file.
  • When done, hit the Reduce button and get the compressed version saved in your selected destination.
Choose compressing quality

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