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License and Activate on iOS

1. Trial Version Limitations of UPDF for iOS

iOS users have the option of a free account in UPDF, but they must sign into an account. There are two restrictions for using the free version:

  • Scan to PDF: You cannot scan more than 5 pictures in the free version.
  • Security Space: The free version does not allow you to hold more than 10 files in the Security Space.
  • Password Lock: In the free version, passcode and Face ID security cannot be set for the app.
  • UPDF Cloud: 1GB of UPDF Cloud and 10MB max uploading per single document size for free. 10GB of UPDF Cloud and 2GB uploaded per single file for paid users.

If users intend to break these restrictions, they can consider purchasing UPDF. After upgrading it, you can use UPDF on all 4 platforms with ease:

2. Purchase UPDF on iOS

If you are tired of the limitations of using the free version of UPDF, you can upgrade to premium account. There are two different methods available to purchase UPDF on iOS. You can try using any of the methods that suit you:

(2.1) Purchasing from the Official Website

  • Step 1: You must visit the official website of UPDF and continue to click the "Pricing" or "Buy Now" button. Or click the UPDF checkout page here directly.
  • Step 2: Sign in with an email address with which you wish to purchase the license and continue with the on-screen instructions for completing the purchase.
  • Step 3: With the purchase concluded, download UPDF on iOS and activate it by logging in with the same email used to purchase the license.

(2.2) Purchasing from the App Through the App Store

  • Step 1: As you find yourselves in the application, tap the icon on the top-right and continue to the next screen.
  • Step 2: Select the option of "Upgrade to Pro" on the screen to redirect to the checkout window. Select the plan as per your requirement and continue with the on-screen settings to purchase UPDF on iOS.
upgrade updf to pro

Important Note: You can use your premium account to use UPDF on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android after purchasing.

3. How Many Devices Can I Use for One Premium Account?

One premium account can be used across 2 desktops (1 Windows + 1 Mac, or 2 Windows or 2 Macs) and 2 mobile devices (1 iOS +1 Android, or 2 iOS, or 2 Android).

Reinstalling when you replace a new device is allowed.

4. How to Register and Activate UPDF on iOS

To activate UPDF on iOS, please follow the simple steps provided next:

  • Open UPDF and tap on the top-left icon to open the "Preferences" window.
  • Tap on the "Login" button against the new window.
log in to activate updf
  • On the new screen, you can add your email address to log into UPDF. You can also activate UPDF on iOS with the help of your Apple or Gmail account.

5. How to Redeem UPDF

  • Log into your account here, and find the "Redeem" option under the Subscriptions Card.
redeem updf
  • Enter your code, and click "Redeem". Then you can unlock UPDF across all the platforms.
how to redeem updf

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