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Organize Pages

Managing PDF pages is very important if you are a student or a professional, which can now be easily done on your smartphone with UPDF. (Organize pages feature only supports systems higher than iOS 15.0)

Download and install the UPDF application for iOS from App Store on your iPhone. Launch the application and click on the "+" icon to import a PDF document you have to organize. Tap the PDF to open.

import pdf on ios

As the PDF is opened, swipe right from the left side of the screen to access the "Organize Pages" thumbnail. Select any specific page and tap on the "three-dots" icon on the selected page within the thumbnail to open the proceeding menu for organizing the PDF document.

organize pdf pages on ios

Rotate Pages

You can select the option of "Rotate Left" or "Rotate Right" to change the orientation of the selected page, as per your requirements.

rotate pdf pages on ios

Insert Pages

Following this, to insert any blank page on the PDF document, you can select the page under which you require the blank page and choose the option of "Insert Blank Page" after tapping on the three dots.

insert blank pages on ios

To add a file within a PDF document, you can select "Insert From File" and browse it from your device.

insert a file on ios

You can also utilize the "Scan Pages" option that takes a real-time picture from your iPhone and adds the captured image as a PDF page within the document.

insert scan pages on ios

Delete Pages

For deleting a specific page from the PDF, select and tap on the three dots to proceed toward the "Delete" option.

delete pages on ios

Reorder Pages

If you wish to re-order any page within the document, drag and drop the page within the thumbnail to arrange it according to your requirements.

reorder pages on ios