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File Management

UPDF makes it easy to manage files in your various folders by providing you with various tools and actions. To access these options, tap the "" on file.

  • Rename - You can rename a file.
  • Move - This action can be used to move a file into a different folder or add it to a new one.
  • Copy - You can create a copy of the file by using this option and selecting the target location for the copy.
  • Duplicate - Use this function to create a copy of a file in the same folder as the original - the new file will be appended with a numeral to show that it is a duplicate.
  • Delete - Remove files from UPDF with this option. You can find the deleted files on the Trash bin of UPDF. If you want to remove the file permanently, you need to delete it in the Trash.
  • Share - Files can be shared with other applications on your device, Save to Files, or via AirDrop.
  • Email - This action will trigger your default email client and attach the selected file to a draft email.
  • Add to Favorites - This action adds a star next to the file to make it easier to find later on.
  • Print - Send the file to a connected printer with this option.
  • Compress - Compress the file to a zip. format and reduce the size of the files.
  • Move into Security Space - This action will move the files into the security space to protect the files.
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