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Import Files

There are several different ways to import files into UPDF based on the source location of the files. UPDF supports all formats accepted by iOS devices, such as PDF, PowerPoint, Word, Excel, images (JPG, PNG, BMP), XML, video, audio, and more. The three main file import processes are outlined below:

1. Import from Photos

  • Tap the + symbol on the bottom right.
  • Choose "Photos" as your import source.
  • You can choose multiple photos by tapping them or sliding to make your selection.
  • Tap "Add" once you've selected the photos to import into UPDF.
import files
import files by photos
add multiple photos

2. Import from Files

This function allows you to import files from various other sources such as iCloud Drive, your local device, and your Downloads folder. You can also import files that were recently deleted.

  • Tap the + symbol on the bottom right.
  • Choose "Files" as your import source.
  • See the Recent Files list and select files to import; alternatively, you can click the "Browse" back button to access the aforementioned locations
  • Tap a file to import it instantly into UPDF
import files
access the aforementioned locations
edit the files

3. Import from Computer

This feature allows you to import files from your computer without using any cables. You can do this by connecting both devices to the same Wi-Fi and following the steps shown below:

  • Tap the + symbol on the bottom right.
  • Choose "Computer" as your source.
  • You will now see a URL on your iOS device screen - enter this into the address bar of a new browser tab on your computer and hit Enter.
  • You can now see your UPDF folders in your browser window - use the "Upload Files" button to import files from your local computer memory.

Important Note: To make sure that the file transfer is not interrupted or aborted, please keep the UPDF tab open and your screen unlocked throughout the import process. Both devices must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

import files from computer
import file from computer
import file from computer

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