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UPDF allows you to scan anything with your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch camera and instantly convert it into a PDF file. You can also import files from the Photos app and add them to a UPDF folder. Here are the two ways to scan to PDF:

Way 1: Select from Photos App

  1. Tap the + symbol on the bottom right.
  2. Tap the “Scan” option.
  3. Next, tap the Photos app icon on your screen.
  4. Select one or more images from your Photos or Albums section and tap Add on the top-right to import to UPDF.
  5. To save the image, tap the icon showing the number of active scans.
  6. You can now rotate or crop the image, add a filter, delete the scan, or add more images and scans to the queue.
  7. Finally, click the Download icon on the top right corner to add the files to UPDF.

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Way 2: Take Photos

  1. Tap the + symbol on the bottom right to open the Import menu.
  2. Tap the Scan option.
  3. Next, aim, focus, and take a snapshot of the document [Tip: To enable auto-recognize, tap the “Auto-capture” on the top middle before taking the snapshot - you should see a pink area on your screen. Any recognizable objects within that area will be automatically identified. You can also change the “Auto-capture” to “Manual” and take photos manually.]
  4. After taking the snapshot, you can crop, rotate, add a filter, or delete the scan; for multiple scans in the queue, you can reorder them.
  5. Finally, click the Download icon on the top right corner to add the files to UPDF.


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