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Add, Edit, and Remove Watermark in PDF on iOS

Watermarks are now considered an essential PDF component for deterring copying. With it, you can protect your PDFs, clearly identifying the source of it and preventing any misuse. That said, if you are into adding, editing, or removing watermarks on iOS, UPDF has covered you! Dive in to learn how!

1. Create and Add a Watermark

Launch UPDF for iOS and switch to editing mode. In the bottom toolbar, select the watermark icon—the fourth from the left side—to reveal the Watermark options.

Add watermark icon

You can add a new watermark or edit a previously added one here.

Add or edit watermark

To add new, simply hit the Add Watermark button, UPDF will provide two options for adding a watermark:

  • You can add a text watermark: Enter the desired text to set as a watermark in the Content field.
  • Or set a local file as the watermark: If you select this option, you can choose any photo from your gallery or file from your iCloud Drive to set as a watermark in the Content field.
Add text or file as watermark

Choose any of the above options, then customize the Layout options:

  • Size: Adjust the watermark size from 1 to 500.
  • Opacity: Change the watermark opacity from 0% to 100%.
  • Rotation: Choose the watermark orientation you like, four options are available.
  • Ratio: Select the ratio from 0 to 250.
  • Location: Set the location where you want to place the watermark on top of the page or behind the page.

Afterward, select whether you want the same watermark on All Pages, Custom, or the Current Page.

Customize layout and page range

Once you have everything set, tap on "Done" at the top right corner of the screen to apply your created watermark. Don't forget to save the file afterward.

Watermark added

2. Edit, Delete, and Add to Favorite

After successfully creating a watermark, if you want to continue editing, deleting, or adding it to favorites, you can select the "Edit Watermark" option and tap on the three-dot icon. These three options will appear there.

Edit the added watermark

3. Remove the Watermark

If you have added a watermark to your PDF with UPDF and no longer need it, you can remove it by following these steps:

  • Enter the Editing mode and tap on the Watermark icon.
  • Choose "Edit Watermark."
  • Deselect the watermark, which will remove the added watermarks from your PDF.
Remove watermark

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