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Create a PDF on iOS

UPDF allows you to create blank or templated PDFs with a variety of useful backgrounds:

  • Blank - A blank PDF can be created and then used as a notepad with the help of the annotation tools.
  • Dotted - Perfect for drawing or writing - or simply connect the dots to draw shapes.
  • Lined - A neater way of adding content to a PDF file.
  • Grid - Ideal for drawing objects to scale.
  • Graph - The right format to draw graphical representations such as hand-drawn charts.

How to Create a PDF in UPDF

  • Tap the + symbol on the bottom right.
  • Select "Create PDF".
  • Tap one of the background options as outlined above.
  • The PDF will be generated and saved to the current UPDF folder.
  • Tap the file to open it.
  • You can now annotate the file using the annotation icon.
  • You can also, share, print, copy, add tags, and more.
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