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Dual Screen Mode

UPDF for iPad supports dual screen mode, which puts two UPDF windows side by side, making it easier to move files to and from.

There are two methods to make dual screen mode with UPDF. You can easily access dual-screen mode by doing the following:

Method 1: Use the "Open in New Window" Option

Click the "…" of the file, and select "Open in New Window" option. This will automatically split your screen into 2.

open in new window

Method 2: Tap the "…" on the Top Tab

  • Tapping the tab at the top of the window, and find there is a "…". Tap it.
  • Select the layout you want.
  • Tap the second app you want to show on the other half screen.
dual screen mode
dual screen mode updf
updf dual screen mode

This will cause the screen to split into two, each showing a separate view of the UPDF interface that you can control independently of each other.

To dismiss the extra tab, drag it the same way but swipe it up toward the edge of the screen.

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