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How to Sign a Contract via Email with Ease

Technology has taken over as the dominant method of communication. People use all different types of social media and apps on their phones to stay connected. It is not uncommon to receive information and documents by email and to pull it up on your phone. Oftentimes, the documents that are received in email are not always something that can be addressed right then and there. Humans are so used to instant results, that it can be an inconvenience when you receive something that requires a signature, but you have to wait and go print it out later. Good news – you don't need to wait and print it anymore! This article will explain how to sign a contract through email and other important contracts in this brief, step-by-step guide.  

How to Sign a Contract via Email

With UPDF, users can sign contracts right on their email. UPDF is the perfect tool to sign contracts and it supports both digital signatures and handwritten signatures. Users no longer have to physically print their contracts out and sign with a pen in-person, they can e-sign right on their email. Download UPDF now and begin to sign contracts via email now.

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how to sign a contract via email updf sign feature

Step 1: Create a Contract from Scratch

Yes, you can even CREATE a contract using UPDF and send it to others! UPDF has numerous ways for you to create a contract. You can even download templates to start with when creating your contract that can be uploaded and edited on UPDF. If you have a specific contract you already use for your business, you can upload your own existing contract and edit it to make changes, or you can create a new contract from scratch.

Once you have a base to start with, whether you downloaded a template or created a new one, you can go to "Edit PDF" mode at the upper left-hand side to start on your changes. Below is the blue "Edit PDF" button: You can add and edit text from here. If you would like to add text, select the "Text" box at the top of the page.

how to sign a contract via email edit text

When adding text, you press the "Option" key to superimpose a text box on the original text. If you want to simply edit already existing text, you would select a box of text on the page and can add, delete, or re-write it.

Step 2: Add a Signature Field

Digital Signature:

To add a digital signature field you would navigate to the green "Prepare Form" button on the left sidebar of the screen:

As shown in the screenshot below, you will select the signature icon. It will then prompt you to create a box where you want the signature to go.  

how to sign a contract via email add digital signature

Handwritten Signature:

To add a handwritten signature you would navigate to the yellow "Comment" button in the upper left-hand corner.

From there you would navigate to the "Text Comment" T button at the top, and then select a shape that will be the outline for where the handwritten signature will go. You then select where on the document you want to add the box for the signature. As shown in this screenshot, the rectangle box for the signature was added to the bottom right.

how to sign a contract via email add handwritting signature

Step 3: Send Your Contract via Email

When your contract is finalized and ready to be sent, UPDF can send the contract via email to you! Navigate to the share button, the fourth button down on the right, and a bubble will pop up to "Share this file with others". Select it, and you can manually type in the email address of the recipient and include a message or instructions.

how to sign a contract via email share with others

Step 4: Sign the Contract

Once the contract is sent, recipients can go to their email and download the contract through the link. They will be prompted to navigate to UPDF where the contract will open and be ready for signing. They can now sign with their handwritten signature or digital signature.

To Sign with a Handwritten Signature:

If the signor of the contract prefers to sign with a handwritten signature, the signor will open the yellow "Comment" button at the upper lefthand corner.

From there, they select the ink tip pen on the top right, and can select a photo of their handwritten signature they would like to use. The handwritten signature will have to be uploaded. Once chosen, they can move it into the signature box on the contract, as seen in the screenshot below:  

how to sign a contract via email sign with handwritting signature

To Sign with a Digital Signature:

If the signor of the contract prefers to sign with a digital signature, the signor will open the green "Prepare Form" button on the left sidebar.

In order to sign a contract digitally, the signor will have to set up a digital signature on UPDF. The signor will go to the upper right-hand "Preview" button and then select the signature box. When the signature box is selected, UPDF will prompt the signor to put in their name and personalize their electronic signature by selecting what type of font they want their e-signature to be. This will also show the signor a preview of how the signature will look once it's completed. A screenshot of this is below:

how to sign a contract via email sign digital signature

Step 5: Send the Signed Contract Back via Email

After the contract is completely executed by the signor, they can send it back to the other party using UPDF by following the same steps as Step 3.

Download UPDF today and get started on signing contracts via email from anywhere in the world! UPDF makes it easy and convenient for you to sign contacts efficiently and benefits you and your business. In addition to easy digital contract signing, UPDF has many other useful features for users like its AI feature, annotation, and compression.

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UPDF's AI feature can help you translate and summarize your contracts with ChatGPT. The Annotation feature allows users to annotate notes on the contracts to refer to or leave little sticky note stickers to add reminders in certain parts of the contract. If the full downloaded version of the contract is too big, you can use UPDF's compress feature to flatten the document and reduce the size so it can be sent easily by email or uploaded to a cloud or drive without exceeding any set size limits.


Right now, UPDF is on sale for 60% off. With only one purchase, you can use UPDF on all your platforms at the same time, you do not need to download or buy multiple versions. Unlike other tools, it won't charge you separately on different platforms and you can use it on 4 devices at the same time. This means you can have it on your phone and computer and easily view and download any contracts or documents from UPDF onto each device. You can also learn more about UPDF from the video below.

Benefits of Signing a Contract via Email

There are many benefits to using UPDF to sign your contract via email. It will save you and the signors precious time. Instead of having to print it out to scan and send back, you can sign right on the contract on your phone. Signing contracts via email also helps save any excess use of paper. You don't have to print a whole contract just to sign one page, because of this you will also be saving money on paper. If you need a signature back quickly to close a contract with a client or business partner, your partner or client can sign right away! This will help you to execute your deals quickly and efficiently.

Signing contracts via email with UPDF is also much safer and more secure than sending through an insecure web link or unencrypted email. The only people who can access the contract are are however UPDF sent the sharable link to. It isn't left in the open on a desk accidentally for anyone to look at or worse, LOSE. It will be saved safely in UPDF for you to open at any time. This tool is something that can be incorporated into a whole business model for all employees to use.

FAQs about Signing Contracts via Email

Is it legal to sign a contract via email with an electronic signature?

Yes! Signing contracts electronically by email is perfectly legal as long as the signature is correct and the date and time stamp match.

Is it safe to sign a contract via email?

Yes, it is safe to sign a contract via email because it is through UPDF's tool. When signing a contract via email with UPDF, the signed contract goes directly back to the sender of the contract. No one else can access the contract besides the recipients.

Can I add a password to the contract in the email?

Yes! UPDF allows users to secure their documents and password-protect the contracts. If you are nervous it may be sent to an incorrect recipient, you can select "Protect Using Password" on the right-hand side and encrypt the contract.

Is the UPDF email signature free?

Unfortunately, this tool is not free, but it is on sale for 60% off. You can have UPDF on up to 4 devices at a time and do not need to pay any additional fees to access other platforms.


Signing contracts can be confusing and stressful, but with UPDF you can sign these contracts via email efficiently and seamlessly. Using UPDF to execute your contracts whether for personal use, or business use, is easy and convenient. You can even create, edit, and revise your contracts all through the same program. When you start using UPDF to sign your contracts through email, you will wonder why you didn't use it sooner and will incorporate it into all your business needs. Download it now to try it for free.

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