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Managing Your Bills: Easy Method to View and Edit a Bill

Everyone connected to the grid receives their utility bills regularly. However, some may want to edit bills for various reasons, such as correcting calculation inaccuracies.

Editing helps you eliminate those errors and allow you to pay the amount that's actually due. Similarly, some people may dispute the charges levied by a service provider and want to renegotiate their total dues. Others may wish to edit bills to claim reimbursement for different issues.

Read our write-up to know whether you can change the information on your bill and learn the best ways to do that.

Part 1. Can I Change My Bill Information?

Yes, changing the information and editing bills is possible, as most bills are in PDFs. The difficulty level and editing quality can vary depending on your tool. Thankfully, several programs and software features are available today to modify information on your PDF bills effortlessly. You can edit any digital bill with the help of UPDF.

If you have a paper bill, then Optical Character Recognition (OCR, also available in UPDF) comes in handy. It’s also known as text recognition, which converts the text in an image into machine-readable text, which makes editing possible.

Although most bills are in PDF, users usually need OCR technology for paper bills. Surprisingly, UPDF can edit both digital and paper bills.

Part 2. How to Edit Bill Effortlessly - More Versatile

Editing your utility bills isn't an incredibly tough task, but you need the right software for it. Although you'll find many editing tools, UPDF is the most effective and popular. It is a fast method of editing bills and putting desired information on them.

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edit bill in UPDF

Let's discuss some of the best editing features of UPDF before we jump to the editing tutorial.

UPDF Features

UPDF brings some incredible editing features that are hard to find on other programs.

  • A complete set of editing tools, including text, link, and image editing, to make your templates highly effective.
  • Effective and highly accurate OCR implementation that works perfectly on your bills.
  • Works on major platforms, such as iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS, so you can manage your workflow freely.
  • Free cloud storage in the form of UPDF Cloud has convenient access to your templates in one place.
  • Allows you to share your templates with others via link or email.
  • Robust security of your files is ensured through password protection.

#1 Steps to Edit Digital Bills 

UPDF allows you to edit your bills with a simple yet effective process, which allows you to add, remove, and replace text effortlessly. Just follow the bill-editing process below.

  • Launch UPDF and click Open File to import the target bill.
  • Click Edit PDF on the left toolbar, which opens the PDF editing bar.
  • Select the text block for editing, and a purple boundary will appear around it. Once you click inside, you'll see an editing cursor that can be moved around.
  • This step allows you to enter or delete text from your bill just like in MS Word. You can also paste new text from your clipboard or change the text's font, size, or color.

Following the method mentioned above method, you can edit your digital bills meticulously and change mistaken information.

#2 Steps to Edit Paper Bills

UPDF allows you to edit text and images on your paper bills with the help of the latest OCR technology. You can easily edit the content on a paper bill after OCR the PDF bill with UPDF.

  • Take a picture of your paper bill and open UPDF.
  • Go to File from the top right corner and click Create > PDF from Image.
create from image
  • This will import the bill into UPDF, and now you can click on the OCR icon from the right toolbar, and then choose Searchable PDF to perform OCR - this will turn the image into an editable PDF.
  • After that, click Edit PDF to edit the content in your bill.

Part 3. How to Edit Bill Online - Less Secure

If you don't want to use UPDF and prefer online editors, we have them covered. However, they are less secure, effective, and accurate than UPDF. Let's look into some of the popular ways to edit bills online.

3.1 DocHub

DocHub is an online editor that lets you modify your billing invoices while keeping their format intact. It has a simple interface that's easy to use, even for a newbie. You can edit your invoices on DocHub with simple steps regardless of the document type.

Here are some pros and cons of DocHub to keep in mind:


  • A simple interface.
  • Works with several file types.


  • Sometimes, output mismatches the editing you have done.

3.2 PDFFiller

PDFFiller is another popular way to edit bills online seamlessly. The program has a feature-rich PDF editing toolkit where you can edit text, search & replace it, add dates & checkmarks, make notes, and perform quick spell checks. Users love the fact PDFFiller is simple and efficient in its operations.

Let's look at some pros & cons of this program.


  • Offers password protection for important files.
  • Its e-signature looks quite realistic.


  • Some people might find its interface a bit unintuitive.
  • Its text editor doesn't always work perfectly.

Part 4. FAQs About Editing Bill

Q1. How do I edit a bill in Photoshop? Is it free?

Yes, it's free to edit bills on Photoshop, but the software itself isn’t free. Here’re a few steps to edit your bill in it:

  • Open the bill in Photoshop, choose Type from the toolbar, and click the text you want to edit.
  • Highlight the text and click Format in the toolbar to change the font.
  • Click File and then tap on Save As to save the edited bill with a new name.

Q2. How can I edit a bill with my phone?

You can edit gas bills on your phone using UPDF, as it works on both iOS and Android. Just follow these steps after downloading UPDF:

  • Import the target PDF file into the app.
  • Click Edit on the top panel to open the editing tools.
  • Open Text Box, add desired text to your PDF and change the font, color & size.


Editing your bills is not daunting if you have the right tools, such as UPDF. Although many programs are available for this task, UPDF surpassed them with its superior features and functionality. Its clean and simple interface works perfectly for everyone, including newbies.

So, download UPDF today and edit utility bills like never before!

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

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