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6 AI Background Generators for Background Personalization

During online interactions, people often encounter issues related to privacy and visual presentation. In addition to this, businesses find it challenging to maintain a consistent brand image across virtual events. AI background generators act as a practical solution that effectively handles diverse problems by creating thematic backgrounds to improve the quality of the content.

Additionally, they offer a smooth way for users to replace real backgrounds with virtual ones to address privacy concerns while keeping things professional. In this article, we'll explore the top AI photo background generators with their functionalities and the best PDF background generator among them.

Part 1: Top 6 AI Document and Photo Background Generators

There is a growing need for tools that are adaptable and easy to use for creating digital content. For this purpose, AI background generators have become important as people and businesses look for effective ways to improve their visual presentations. Now, let's explore the top 6 AI tools that excel in offering outstanding solutions for various needs and preferences.


UPDF is widely acclaimed AI software for creating visually impressive document backgrounds. Customizing the background allows users to add lively colors from the color palette according to their preferences. Users also have the flexibility of adding captivating images as a background to their PDF files.

Furthermore, they can even add an entire PDF file as a background to the document imported on the tool with minimal effort. When you are done with customizing your document, you can elevate its visual appeal by altering the ratio and opacity and by setting the page range of the background. What's more? You can also create PDF from image and then create the background. If you are not sure what background suits your files, you can also use UPDF AI to help you make a decision. So, click on the "Free Download" button to take advantage of its AI background generator.  

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UPDF ai background generator
Metrics Description
G2 Rating 4.5 out of 25 for reviews
Pricing Yearly: US$35.99/user
Perpetual: US$59.99/user
ProsThere are multiple options to generate backgrounds.
The tool can remove the existing background from PDFs.
Have an AI add-on to help you to decide the background.
Cons No drawbacks have been found for UPDF.

It not only elevates the visual appeal of documents but also redefines the entire document processing experience. With the help of a multi-featured UPDF AI tool, users can summarize, explain, and even translate text. We strongly suggest downloading UPDF onto your system. Furthermore, users can realize substantial savings by upgrading to UPDF Pro now. Visit this link if you want to read an unbiased review of the tool.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

2. PhotoRoom

PhotoRoom's instant backgrounds generator feature is changing the way you create product images and provides an affordable and easy-to-use solution. This tool is helpful for both businesses and individuals because it can transform any photo into a professional-looking shot in just seconds. Moreover, the tool allows you to add a compelling background by automatically removing the existing one from your images.

This online AI BG generator is specially created to enhance the visual aspects of your product photoshoots. Plus, its algorithm technology adapts to your original photo's angle and lighting, even down to the shadows.

photoroom ai photo background generator
Metrics Description
G2 Rating 4.3 out of 5 for reviews
Pricing Monthly: US$12.99/user
Yearly: US$89.99/user
ProsThere are numerous available templates to generate backgrounds.
The tool automatically removes the existing background after uploading the image on it.
Cons Photoroom lacks advanced customization that limits intricate edits in the background.
Its dependability on the internet delays editing in unstable connections.

3. Picsart

The AI photo background generator of Picsart allows you to craft backgrounds in various visual styles by offering multiple options for style selection. Users can customize their prompt to describe their preferred style or seek instant inspiration from the suggestion box. In addition, it ensures your online presence stands out by elevating your profile pictures by changing the backdrop with eye-catching backgrounds generated by AI.

Moreover, you can choose the color for your background from color palettes to maintain consistency in your brand's message and visuals. The tool allows you to export the AI-generated background in a crystal clear quality.

picsart ai photo background generator
Metrics Description
G2 Rating 4.5 out of 5 for 486 reviews
Pricing Picsart Plus: US$13 per month
Picsart Pro: US$15 per month/seat
ProsIt efficiently gathers content with time-saving methods by directly accessing millions of stock photos and video clips.
You can edit your projects on both mobile app and web platforms and benefit from expanded cloud storage.
Cons The complexity of Picsart's features makes it less user-friendly.
The cost of accessing certain advanced functionalities within Picsart is high.

4. PicWish

PicWish AI swiftly generates natural backgrounds with perfect lighting and shadows, eliminating the need for manual editing. This background AI generator delivers studio quality and engaging product photos that appear remarkably realistic. Furthermore, the tool allows you to get recommended backgrounds with its vast stock media in different colors and environments.

Plus, you can switch to the custom for making your personalized background by giving a specific command to the AI-driven tool. While customizing the image, you can choose the lighting effects and the quality according to your preferences. In addition, if you love minimalism or want a sharp focus, it will generate backgrounds based on your prompts.

picwish ai photo background generator
Metrics Description
G2 Rating 4.7 out of 5 for 5 reviews
Pricing 50 credits/month: US$0.120/Credit
200 credits/month: US$0.070/Credit
500 credits/month: US$0.038/Credit
1,000 credits/month: US$0.033/Credit
ProsPicWish provides swift service with a user-friendly UI design.
It is ideal for background generation with diverse filter options.
Cons Slow processing creates delays, and users must wait for execution and results.
Customer support is lacking, with unanswered queries and slow responses.

5. Fotor

Fotor's AI background generator empowers you to create personalized wallpapers for both desktop and mobile devices. It elevates your brand's visual identity by allowing you to create professional product images and engaging Zoom backgrounds. Additionally, it allows you to generate backgrounds through text prompts and choose one of the styles for the output format.

From the images prompt, you can use your gallery photos as background or choose the style, including cartoon self, sketch, be young, and many more. The tool enables you to give negative prompts to describe what not to include in the background.

fotor ai photo background generator
Metrics Description
G2 Rating 4.2 out of 5 for 286 reviews
Pricing Fotor Pro: US$8.99 per month
Fotor Pro+: US$19.99 per month
ProsFotor has a diverse range of powerful editing tools.
Seamless device integration enhances convenience for users.
Cons Restricted access to advanced features without a paid subscription is disappointing.
Occasional performance lags, notably with larger files, hinder efficiency.

6. Kittl

Users can craft picture-perfect product shots with Kittl AI Backgrounds. The tool removes and replaces backgrounds to make your products stand out effortlessly. You can experience the convenience of one image in infinite variations as Kittl AI automatically removes backgrounds. Moreover, this AI BG generator allows you to choose from pre-designed scenes or bring your vision to life by creating custom backgrounds.

Additionally, you can download your enhanced product photos in high resolution or refine them further. It elevates your online store visuals and effortlessly creates high-quality product mockups.

kittl ai photo background generator
Metrics Description
G2 Rating 4.9 out of 5 for 11 reviews
Pricing Kittl Pro: US$15 per month
Kittl Expert: US$30 per month
ProsThe platform has thousands of existing backgrounds for optimizing your product photography.  
It optimizes design production with user-friendly features.
Cons Irregular glitches disturb the smooth experience and adversely impact user satisfaction.
The restricted template selection in the free version limits users' choices for designs.


In summary, the background generators with AI skillfully replace and personalize backgrounds. In this way, they not only ensure privacy in virtual interactions but also enhance the overall quality of visual presentations. Throughout the article, we explored the top 6 AI background generators for free with their basic functionalities.

We found UPDF for elevating visual enhancement by generating backgrounds in documents. This is the feature where other tools are lacking, and they do not offer textual comprehension. We highly recommend downloading UPDF into your system for an exceptional PDF management solution. Just click the "Free Download" button given below to access this distinctive tool.

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