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The Apache Open Office PDF Editor is great for all your document management needs. It provides unique offerings that you will typically not find anywhere else. For instance, it is open source, which indicates that it is completely free with no licensing fees. It also means that developers can build on the software's platform, thereby increasing its utility.

The Open Office PDF editor runs across multiple platforms and operating systems, implying that it can work on almost all devices and hardware. Furthermore, it is quite user-friendly as it features a consistent interface, and users can navigate the platform in over 40 languages.

Nonetheless, the Apache Open Office PDF editor is not without its problems. The combination of poor presentation, complexity, and lack of features suggests that you should seek alternatives.

The Best Alternative to the Open Office PDF Editor

Selecting a great alternative to the Open Office PDF Editor can be somewhat challenging. This is because there are a lot of good tools out there that you can select from. However, your final choice of an alternative to the Apache Open Office PDF Editor must present the best array of offerings you can get from a PDF editor. An app that sufficiently satisfies this requirement is the UPDF. UPDF is here to win your heart. Download now!

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UPDF is a PDF editor for Windows and Mac. It offers everything you need from PDF editing software and much more. First, you can perform the most basic of all actions, which is to view and read PDF. This you can do on a beautiful interface.

You can alter the PDF document as you deem fit. You can modify the texts by editing, modifying, adding, and deleting them. You also can tamper with the images using a variety of tools. For one, there is a feature for adding new images to PDF files. You can also delete or replace any images found in the document. The images found can also be edited by rotating, cropping, extracting, and changing the dimensions and other details.

The number of editing functions you can carry out on the PDF does not end there as there are several annotation features. For example, you can highlight important sections of a text. Suppose highlighting doesn't work for you, you may consider using the Underline tool. Don't want some parts of the document? There is a strikeout function. In addition, you can add notes and fill in forms on the PDF.

Then, if you don't like the setup of your PDF document, you reorganize it by extracting, deleting, splitting, and replacing existing pages or by inserting new ones.

While the UPDF trumps the Open Office PDF Editor in several ways, the most significant is the fact that the UPDF is very simple to use. Open Office PDF Editor, on the other hand, is extremely complicated. For instance, you need to install an external extension to edit PDF files as the PDF editing feature is not directly available within the Apache Open Office Editor software.

How to Edit PDF using Open Office PDF Editor Alternative

Whenever you need to edit PDFs using the UPDF app, follow the guidelines outlined below:

Step 1: Launch the Edit Mode

First, download UPDF with the below button. Then, you need to open the PDF document with UPDF. The "Edit PDF" button is placed at the left of the application's homepage. Contained here are the editing tools.

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Step 2: Modify the PDF without Open Office PDF Editor

There is a wide range of editing functions that you can carry out in this section. First, you can alter the size, shape, and format of a text, making the PDF as editable as you find with the Word format.

You can switch font types, sizes, and colors in which the texts are published in the PDF document. This ability to alter text shapes and formats includes making the fonts bold or converting them to italics. Or, you can directly edit all the texts on the PDF documents.

Apart from texts, images on a PDF file are also editable on the UPDF app. All you need to do is to select the image by double-clicking it. Below, a list of icons will pop up, representing each editing function that can be carried out on the UPDF. For example, there is the "Rotate" feature for turning images around. The "Crop" function allows pruning of edges of the image, and with "Extract," you can copy the images to be used elsewhere.

Another great thing about UPDF is that you can also edit the links in the PDF. You can edit the link type, style, thickness, and border color.

Do you want to discover more features of UPDF? Upgrade to UPDF Pro to unlock this ultimate PDF toolkit.

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Video Tutorial on How to Edit a PDF File

How to Use Apache Open Office PDF Editor to Edit PDF

To edit PDFs on the Open Office PDF Editor for Windows 10, you need to install external software, and the particular software to download will depend on the version of the Open Office that you have got.

If you use the Apache Open Office PDF Editor 3, you should go for the Oracle PDF Import Extension. If you have the Open Office PDF Editor 4 and above, the PDF Import for Apache Open Office extension is appropriate. Both largely have similar interfaces.

Upon carrying out the necessary downloads, follow the steps below to edit your PDF document:

  1. Within the Extension, locate the document to edit by clicking the "Open" button and searching for the file.
  2. The interface that opens up is quite similar to that of MS Word. At the top of the page, you have the option to change the font type, size, and format. For instance, you can change texts from ordinary configuration to the "Heading" format (H1-H3).
  3. Other options include Bold, Underline, Italics, and functions for changing the page layout and document formatting.
  4. You can insert tables by clicking on the "Tables" icon at the uppermost part of the page. You can also add images, graphs, and other diagrams by clicking the "Tools" function next to "Tables."
open office pdf editor for windows 10

Compare UPDF with Open Office PDF Editor

UPDFOpen Office PDF Editor
Edit PDF
Easy to Use4.94.2
InterfaceBeautiful, SimpleComplex

FAQ about OpenOffice PDF Editor

1. What is OpenOffice?

OpenOffice is a free and open-source office suite like MS Office, which contains multiple applications such as Writer, Calc, Impress, Draw, Base, and Math to manage all your daily office tasks.

2. Is OpenOffice free?

Yes, OpenOffice is completely free to download, and anyone can access its source code because it is open-source as well.

3. Can I edit a PDF with OpenOffice?

Yes, you can edit a PDF document with OpenOffice, but it doesn't directly support the PDF file format. To import and modify a PDF document, you will need to download and install the PDF Import for Apache OpenOffice extension.

4. OpenOffice vs. LibreOffice, which is better?

LibreOffice is better than OpenOffice because of its more advanced and easy-to-use interface. Moreover, LibreOffice is available for Windows 64-bit and Apple Silicon users, which OpenOffice does not offer. Unlike OpenOffice, LibreOffice supports all the latest MS Office formats.

5. Does OpenOffice have OCR?

No, OpenOffice doesn’t have OCR to deal with scanned or image-based documents. You can opt for the UPDF PDF editor to handle such documents because it consists of an AI-powered OCR tool to help you edit or search scanned documents.

6. What systems does OpenOffice support?

Being a free and open-source office suite, OpenOffice still supports all the major platforms, such as Windows, macOS, and Linux, to help all users manage their documents without spending a single penny.


You can get anything you need to do to a PDF document on the Open Office PDF Editor. Unfortunately, the PDF editing process can be cumbersome. For instance, you need to employ external software. Furthermore, the interface appears far from modern. Thus, rather than undertake an Open Office PDF Editor free download, you should consider others.

Nonetheless, some alternatives offer all the above and more. Among the several that exist, we have singled out the UPDF for its speed and the fact that all the necessary features are available. Go through the steps above whenever you need to edit your PDF files on the UPDF. Read this article about UPDF and then you will want to download UPDF with the below button.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

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