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An Unbelievably Easy Way to Edit on PDF Online, and is Free

To edit a PDF file is not an easy task considering that these file types have a  nature of a compact and secure file composition. Fortunately, there are many software applications made available that give you a simple method to edit PDFs online. There are several ways to edit PDFs if you're using your PC or wish to use cloud-based applications that can be accessed in your browser online. While some software may cost you as these offer a premium experience in managing your PDFs, some enable you to effortlessly modify PDFs online for free.

How to Edit PDF File Online Free

While there are various tools you can access to edit and convert PDF files that run on your desktops, there are also PDF editors that enable you to edit PDF text online that you can easily use on various browsers although you may need an internet connection. With software like SmallPDF, you can perform PDF edits online free on your PDFs by following these steps:

pdf edit online free

Step 1. The first step is to add the PDF files you wish to modify/edit by doing either of the two options;

By clicking the "Choose Files" button located in the main section and by selecting your PDF files or;

By simply dragging the PDF files from your desktop and dropping it to the same area adjacent to the "Choose Files" button in the main section of the Smallpdf tab on your browser.

edit  pdf online

Step 2. After selecting the PDF files to edit, you will be redirected to the software's editing interface where you can freely do whatever you want with the PDFs you selected. As desired, you may add text, photos, shapes, or freehand notes by selecting the tools respectively found on top of the page.

edit pdf with smallpdf

Step 3. For the last step after finalizing your edits, you just have to save your revisions and changes and download them by clicking the "Download" button in the upper right corner of the editor and selecting the designated location for your newly edited file.

A Better Free Alternative to Online PDF Editing Tools

You may be looking for that smart gizmo to edit PDF online for free all because it is faster and quicker to navigate rather than using its desktop application version. But keep in mind that the accuracy of these online editing platforms may not be highly guaranteed to provide you with excellent results, especially on the common PDF editors you are using and are already familiar with.

What is worse is you have to pay an amount for you to access the best feature the application has to offer to give you a good editing experience of your PDF. These inconsistencies are hard to achieve with just an ordinary editor. Fortunately, with the UPDF, you will be undoubtedly satisfied with all the useful and essential things that are needed in managing your PDF which is all merged into a single online and most especially free PDF editor software.

This online all-in-one tool is designed with an interface that is made simpler than ever while maintaining an elegant layout for better comprehension and quick navigation to make sure you work efficiently. The UPDF is not solely for you to edit PDF files online but also to equip you with an arsenal of tools to extend the things you can do to your PDFs.

You are not limited to editing PDF files online for free but you can also annotate and organize the PDFs you select while being able to do features similar to the Microsoft word application such as highlighting, underlining, strikeout, and noting texts while also extracting, inserting, rotate the pages, etc.

You can also sign PDFs with handwritten signatures. Safety will not be an issue because this is ensured with passwords and permission features to protect your PDFs. This software is true to the trademark of an all-rounder tool considering it converts PDF to different file types such as .docx/.xls./.ppt, etc, and vice versa.

Lastly, the UPDF is developed to provide the advanced feature most users are looking for which is the Optical character recognition(OCR) feature which makes converting PDF files containing images to editable texts possible. These are everything you can do with the UPDF while it will not cost you a single penny to edit PDF and achieve quality conversions

How to Edit PDF Free on Desktop

The UPDF editor is the real deal when it comes to the easiest user experience with its simple yet undemanding interface to edit your PDFs with this step-by-step instruction:

Step 1. Enter the Editing Mode

On the upper center of the screen, click the "Edit" button. This allows you to enter editing mode and see the whole editing toolbar.

edit pdf offline

Step 2. Edit PDF Document

The editing mode will open once you click the text button in the first stage as you will also notice the blue borderline. You may now make changes to the document's text and graphics as desired. The editing experience is fluid and simple as it is similar to that of editing text in a Word document.

edit  pdf text

Step 3. Add Text Box (Optional)

Once you enter editing mode, you will also be able to add a text box. You'll see the "Add Text" symbol in the toolbar which is used to add text. Move your cursor to the spot where you want to add text and click on it. This will assist you in adding a text box to which you can now enter text.

add text to pdf

Step 4. Edit PDF Image (Optional)

Lastly, you can also change the text of PDF files as well as the images they contain. You may rotate, cut, extract, and replace the picture after selecting it.

edit image

Video Tutorial on How to Edit a PDF File on Windows

Editing PDF files while working on other stuff has been made easier for most users with the development of PDF editors online that can be easily accessed by just a switch of a tab on your browser. While what remains is the challenge of finding the best PDF editor for you to have the simplest editing of PDF files while not having to pay any price, the UPDF considers it a challenge as it is bred for an unbelievably easy and costless experience.