Which are the Most Eligible Options to Substitute Soda PDF?

Having access to a Soda PDF means you can customize your documents and files with ease. This software is built with ease of use in mind and ensures that you don't have to deal with complicated systems. Along with providing extensive editing features, Soda PDF lets you merge, convert, compress, e-sign, and secure your PDFs easily. Even though there are these options in the solution, they may not be enough for your requirements. Users are not content with Soda PDF's performance, especially on a Windows machine. Issues like this and others inspired us to write a guide on Soda PDF alternatives.

5 Best Free Soda PDF Alternatives


Beginning with the best alternative to Soda PDF desktop and web solution, UPDF brings several smart functions to the table. But most of all, it is a fast-performing system, which covers the limitation of Soda PDF. Next, UPDF is innovative in terms of interface and accessibility. 

soda pdf alternative

Users working with UPDF can view, read, and edit a PDF easily. In editing, you will get to add or delete texts, modify the orientation, and change or modify the images as well. In addition to this, you will also get to work with an advanced OCR converter to scan files and render them into editable texts. 

Key Features:

  • Create Signatures: UPDF lets you create columns for e-signatures in the PDF and share them for authentication with other parties. This helps fast-track the process of authorization and approvals easily. 
  • Create and Fill Forms: UPDF lets you create new forms and modify the existing ones into fillable PDF-based forms. A PDF form is more secure as it can be protected with a password, which is also possible with UPDF. 
  • Send and Share: Another benefit of using UPDF is that it lets you share PDF files directly with others. You can either put comments with annotations or ask others to do the same by giving them editable access. 
  • Comparing PDFs: A new type of feature in UPDF is the ability to compare two PDFs to spot the differences. This can help with agreement analysis and similar requirements. 

2. Light PDF

As the name suggests, Light PDF is a lightweight software that is also free to use. With Light PDF, you can easily convert PDF files to other formats and vice versa. Light PDF is a good alternative to Soda PDF and can be installed on the system without the need to install it separately. 

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Key Features:

  • Privacy Induced Solution: Even though Light PDF is based on the cloud and gives web access, it guarantees the privacy of the users. So, all the files uploaded by the users are secure from unauthorized access. Plus, Light PDF does not keep any backup. 
  • Compress and Convert: With Light PDF, you can compress an existing PDF file to decrease its size. Secondly, you can convert a PDF to JPG, Word, PPT, Excel, CAD, and PNG files. 

Pros of Light PDF

  • Integrate images in a PDF document. 
  • The software is easy to use.
  • Available for use online and as software. 

Cons of Light PDF

  • The web version is slower than the desktop version. 

3. Apower PDF

If you want to work with a reliable Soda PDF pro alternative, APower PDF is the one to choose. It has several PDF editing and customization options letting you change the file's orientation, images, font, size, color, and much more. It's a hassle-free solution that makes editing PDF documents easy and smooth. 

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Key Features

  • Text and Image Editing: APower PDF lets you modify text and images with the PDF editor. You can also reorder the page elements and components or crop them out easily. 
  • Remove Watermark: This is a feature you won't find in Soda PDF. Removing the watermark from a document is an important feature as it can make viewing or reading the PDF easier. 

Pros of Apower PDF

  • Provides several file conversion options. 
  • No need to log in for using APower. 

Cons of Apower PDF

  • Working with images at once takes a toll on the performance. 

4. FineReader PDF

FineReader PDF presents another novel solution for personal and business scale PDF editing. The solution is compatible with mac and Windows operating systems while providing you with easy-to-use functions and features. You can also use it to retrieve, share, and collaborate the documents with other users building a smooth workflow. 

soda pdf desktop

Key Features

  • OCR Function: The in-build OCR enables you to scan and digitize PDF documents quickly and easily. You can also insert columns for e-signatures in the PDF for an enhanced digital experience. 
  • Compare PDFs and Protect: We prefer ABBYY FineReader as a good alternative to Soda PDF due to its protective functions. You can set passwords and permissions. Plus, it also lets you compare different PDFs to spot the differences. 

Pros of FineReader

  • Works well with PDFs built in different languages. 
  • The OCR has an amazing accuracy in scanning documents. 

Cons of FineReader

  • The mac version is slower than the Windows one. 

5. Nova PDF

The last alternative to Soda PDF 12 on this list is Nova PDF, which comes with inbuilt functions and features catering to the needs of individual users and businesses. The software lets you create PDF documents, including company reports, contract forms, product lists, emails, and much more. 

soda pdf 12

Key Features:

  • Convert and Print: Once you have edited the PDF you can convert it into any other format and send it for printing from the same interface. There is a “Print” button on the interface that provides one-click printing. 
  • Add Digital Signatures: You can also add digital signatures columns or sign PDFs with Nova PDF. This feature allows you to reduce managing and storing papers while digitizing the company records easily. 

Pros of Nova PDF

  • Adjust PDF pages in an existing document while adjusting its size and orientation. 
  • Remove watermarks. 

Cons of Nova PDF

  • The user interface is a bit confusing. 

There you are, with five amazing and equally good alternatives to Soda PDF. But if we were to recommend the best option out of these five editors, UPDF is the one. That is because UPDF is built with your needs and requirements in mind and has several in-built features that can speed up your documentation process because UPDF has everything and the best part is that it is free to use. That said, make sure to match your requirements with the features any solution has to offer and then start working with the same.