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Why Can't I Edit A PDF? Reasons With Solutions

PDFs are excellent for sharing information, but there are many users searching for Why can't I edit a PDF as they find that they cannot edit them. This article lists the reasons why PDFs can't be easily edited.

Part 1. Why Can't I Edit My PDF?

If you have been continuously facing difficulties and can't edit a PDF document, you must first be aware of the possible reasons before jumping into the solutions. Understanding these potential issues allows you to find the appropriate solutions to overcome editing restrictions. These might include:

  • Protect with Open Password: When unable to edit your PDF, one possible reason could be that it's protected with an open password. This means the document requires a password to open, and without entering the correct password, any editing functions will be restricted.
  • Protect with Permission Password: Another potential cause for your editing issues might be that the PDF is protected with a permission password. This type of protection allows the document owner to restrict certain actions unless the correct permission password is provided.
  • Using a PDF Editor that Cannot Edit PDF: Your choice of PDF editor could also contribute. Some PDF editors, especially with basic or outdated plans, may not support editing capabilities. Ensure you use a top-of-the-line PDF editor rather than a simple reader to modify the content.
  • Scanned or Image PDF: Editing scanned or image-based PDFs can be challenging. When a document is scanned or saved as an image, the text is essentially treated as an image, not selectable text. As a result, typical text editors won't work on such PDFs.

Part 2. Fixes for "Can't Edit A PDF Document" Issues

As we have listed all the common issues you might face, there is also a solution. However, if you have been facing any of those and wonder why I can't edit my PDF, UPDF is here to serve you. It is an easy-to-use PDF editor that can solve all your PDF-related problems. With UPDF, you can edit or correct various elements of your PDFs, such as text, images, and links, and even add watermarks. Download it and start exploring the functions!

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fixes for "can't edit a pdf document" issues

This tool also ensures that the formatting and quality of your document remain intact. You don't need technical knowledge to control text properties like fonts, styles, and colors. Still curious about how to edit a PDF using UPDF? Don't worry; we have covered you with detailed steps highlighted below. To resolve all the above-mentioned issues, you must download and install UPDF with the below button.

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Fix 1. Remove Open Password

An open password always works when you open a file. It requires a password from you before you are able to access the file. However, if you remember the password, you can easily remove it using the steps guide below for removing the open password and resolving can't edit PDF issue:

Instructions: First, launch the UPDF program on your device. Now, access the password-protected PDF and import it using the "Open File" option. Now, enter the password in the dialog box, and tap the "Unlock" button. Then, head to the right-side toolbar, and hit the "Protect Using Password" option. Click the "Remove Security" button and tap the "Remove" option. Afterward, choose the "Save" button to store the file on the device. Now, you can open the PDF without opening a password. Navigate to “Edit PDF” at the left side menu, and click on the text you want to edit to make changes.

remove open password to fix why canot edit pdf using UPDF

Fix 2. Remove Permission Password

Are you aware of the permission password? If you can't edit a PDF, this might be due to the permission password. This type of password lets you see the file's contents but asks for a password when making changes. Let's cut it short and find the solution in the provided steps:

Instructions: Once UPDF is open, hit the "Open File" option and access the PDF with a permission password. Find the "Protect Using Password" from the right sidebar tools and access it. Then, choose "Remove Security" from the left-side extended menu.

UPDF protect using password to fix why cannot edit PDF using UPDF

Continuing this, tap on the "Remove" button after that. Now, input the password and hit the "Unlock" button to remove the password. Lastly, tap "Save" to save your file without a permission password. Now, you can open the PDF without a permission password, go to the “Edit PDF” icon in UPDF, then, edit your PDF directly.

Fix 3. Edit PDF Using PDF Editor – UPDF

When making any changes to the PDF file, UPDF is the tool to choose. Head below and learn the steps to resolve why can't I edit my PDF issue:

Instructions: Import the PDF file you want to edit using the UPDF tool and press the "Edit PDF" button in the left toolbar. Your PDF is now in editable form. You can double-click anywhere on the PDF document to edit text, add a new one, or even remove it.

Edit PDF using a PDF editor to fix cannot edit pdf issues using UPDF

Moreover, you can also delete or insert images and links as per need. Finally, press the "Ctrl/CMD + S" keys together on your keyboard to save the changes after any edits.

Fix 4. Edit Scanned or Image PDF Using OCR

When dealing with PDFs in scanned or image form, performing OCR is the only option to make them editable. Follow the guided steps provided below and start making changes to PDFs:

Step 1: Import Scanned PDF and Access OCR Feature

When on the UPDF interface, access the scanned or image PDF via "Open File." Following this, in the right toolbar, press the "Recognize Text Using OCR" button.

Import Scanned PDF and Access OCR Feature using UPDF to fix cannot edit PDF issue

Step 2: Set the Custom Settings According to Needs

Next, under the "Document Type," choose "Searchable PDF," and then on the right side in the extended menu, set the "Layout," "Document Language," "Image Resolution," and even "Page Range" as per customized requirements.

Choose searchable PDF to ocr in UPDF

Step 3: Perform OCR and Edit File

Eventually, tap the "Perform OCR" button and "Save" the file somewhere on the device. After this process, head to the left toolbar and enter "Edit PDF" mode. Now, you can make any changes to the PDF by double-clicking the PDF at any point or page.

Edit text in PDF to fix the cannot edit pdf problem using UPDF

You can use UPDF to solve the problem of editing PDF issues. What are you waiting for? Download it today and upgrade to UPDF Pro if you want to explore more functions.

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If you want to learn how to edit PDF, please watch the video below:

Part 3. FAQS About Can't Edit PDF

1. Why can't Adobe Acrobat edit PDFs?

If you can and can't edit PDFs in Adobe Acrobat, this might be due to several reasons. Firstly, if a permission password is set on the PDF, it restricts editing capabilities unless the correct password is provided. Secondly, if an open password is set, it prevents any modifications to the PDF without entering the password. Thirdly, if the PDF contains scanned images, it has limited ability to edit text within the scanned images.

2. Why can't Bluebeam edit PDFs?

Bluebeam may encounter limitations when attempting to edit PDFs for various reasons. If the PDF contains scanned images, Bluebeam's text editing capabilities may not function effectively with those images. Additionally, if permission or an open password is applied to the PDF, it will prevent any modifications without the correct password.

3. Why can't I edit a fillable PDF after saving it?

If you can't edit a fillable PDF after saving it, there are a couple of reasons. Firstly, the form field properties within the PDF might be set to read-only or locked by the creator, restricting further edits. Secondly, some fillable PDFs may have saving restrictions enabled to preserve the entered information.

4. Why can't I edit a PDF in Chrome?

As for the current version, Chrome does not offer built-in editing features for PDF files. While Chrome allows you to view PDFs, you cannot directly edit them within the browser. To edit a PDF, you'll need to use specialized PDF editing software, such as UPDF or other third-party PDF editors.

5. Why can't I edit a PDF in Illustrator?

Adobe Illustrator treats PDFs primarily as static images and may not recognize the text content within the PDF. Therefore, you cannot directly edit the text in a PDF using Illustrator. For text editing in PDFs, you should use PDF editing software, like UPDF, or other dedicated PDF editors that support text recognition and editing features.

6. Why can't I edit a PDF in Preview?

Preview, the default PDF viewer on macOS, does not have comprehensive editing capabilities. While it allows you to view and perform basic operations like adding annotations, it lacks advanced text editing features for PDFs.

7. How can I save a PDF so it can't be edited?

To save a PDF in a way that restricts editing, you can use UPDF. First, open the PDF file in UPDF, click "Protect Using Password" in the right-side toolbox, then select "Permission" from the extended menu box on the left. Enter your password. Finally, click the "Apply" button to save the file on your device with the specified restrictions.

Final Words

To end this, why can't I edit a PDF? We have explored the reasons behind this common issue and presented easy solutions using the user-friendly UPDF. You can easily tackle these obstacles by understanding the role of permission and open passwords, scanned images, and fillable form field properties. Moreover, remember to explore UPDF's built-in AI capabilities for even more productivity in managing your PDF documents. Here is a site to introduce the AI-power PDF editor - UPDF objectively.

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