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How to Add Bates Numbers to PDF? 3 Easy Methods

Professionals must handle and organize a wide range of PDF documents. It is vital to find a way to manage your PDF files and bates numbering is a system of assigning a unique and sequential number to every page in a PDF document that makes organizing your documents a lot easier. However, many professionals don't know the right way to use this tool, and here we will share how to add Bates numbers to PDF with multiple easy methods.

Part 1. What is Bates Numbering in PDF?

In simple words, bates numbering is a method of indexing individual PDF pages in a PDF document and in a set of PDF documents as well. This system of numbering set of PDF documents is widely applicable in business, medical, and legal settings.

This numbering system assigns a unique number in a sequence to every page in the PDF document, and that number can contain both numbers and letters for better organization and easier retrieval. These numbers are carefully placed within the header or footer of the document so that they do not interfere with the main content of a PDF page.

Bates numbering can contain a digit, a prefix, and a suffix, which can be text or digit and only the number increments with every page. However, bates numbering gives complete control over customization when adding it. Bates numbering can be used when reviewing and discovering documents, and it helps in legal proceedings as well as audits.

So, this systematic indexing method not only organizes your PDF documents very well but makes retrieval of documents or specific information much easier.

Part 2. How to Add Bates Numbers to PDF With UPDF

The first tool that we will use for adding Bates numbers to PDF documents is UPDF. UPDF brings multiple PDF editing options, and Bates numbering is one of them. It supports working on individual PDF document and on a set of PDF documents sequentially. If you pick the latter one, be careful about how your documents are arranged since the numbering will be added according to that.

When adding Bates Numbering, you can start with the Position by picking one of the 6 presets or manually adjusting the Position. Secondly, you have to select a number for starting Bates numbering along with its prefix and suffix. Next to that comes the font selection, where you choose from a variety of styles and sizes. There are options to underline the Bates numbering and pick a different font color for these numbers.

UPDF has some more features regarding Bates numbering, which lets you reverse the numbering, increase numbered pages' numbering only, and add numbering to multiple documents individually. With all these features, you can add Bates numbering to your PDF documents using the following steps, but first download UPDF on your device to begin with.

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1. Open UPDF on your PC, go to Batch and select Bates Numbering

Open the UPDF Software on your PC by double-clicking the desktop icon. Secondly, you need to click "Batch" to go into the batch processing features at UPDF. There will be multiple options from which we will select "Bates Numbering."

bates numbering in updf

2. Add PDF files and customize your Bates Numbing preferences.

The Bates numbering feature at UPDF supports batch processing, but it does not necessarily mean that you must use multiple files to apply this feature. Instead, you can use this feature with one PDF file only and add Bates numbering to that PDF. Meanwhile, you still have the option to use this feature with multiple files. So, add files to UPDF by clicking the "Add Files" button.

After adding the files, you can set the Bates Numbering preferences from the right pane on your screen and click "Apply" to apply this numbering to your PDF document.

add bates numbering in PDF with updf

If want to add bates numbering to PDF with UPDF, you can download it via the below button. And it is what you need, you can purchase the pro version at a low price.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

Video guide on How to Batch Add Bates Numbers to PDF on Windows

Part 3. How to Add Bates Numbers to PDF in Adobe?

Adobe Acrobat is a professional-grade PDF editing tool that comes with multiple features. It also allows adding Bates numbering in PDF documents and provides complete customization of your Bates numbering preferences. From font size, style, and color to the positioning of the text in the PDF document, you can change anything. It even provides a real-time preview so you can edit with ease and finalize quickly.

One of the best features of Adobe Acrobat regarding Bates numbering is that it allows you to save settings. So, if you are working on multiple documents and you want to give them the Bates numbering at the same Position with the same preferences, you can save these settings in Adobe. So, the next time, you only need to select saved settings and apply Bates numbering. Follow the steps below to add Bates numbering to your documents.

1. Open Adobe Acrobat, go to Tools and select Organize Pages.

You need to open Adobe Acrobat on your PC first and open the PDF in it using the "Ctrl + O" keyboard shortcut. Once your PDF file is open in Adobe, you need to click "Tools" and then "Organize Pages" to reveal Bates Numbering options.

organize pages in adobe acrobat

2. Choose Bates Numbering and set your preferences.

Now you need to click "Bates Numbering" from under the "More" option. Here, you will get the dialogue box to add Bates numbering to your document. Here, you need to set all the preferences for Bates Numbering, like header & footer, font, Position, style, prefixes, suffixes, etc. Once you have set all these fields as per your preferences, you can finish this process and save your document.

insert bates numbering in adobe acrobat

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Part 4. How to Insert Bates Numbering in PDF With Nuance PDF?

A complete set of PDF document management solutions, including Bates numbering, are available in Nuance PDF, a company that specializes in serving business and legal professionals. Bates numbers are easily applied by users to their PDF files, guaranteeing that each page has a distinct, sequential identity.

Users can customize the software by specifying the format's prefixes, suffixes, and length of the numerical sequence. Even for enormous sets of papers, the application procedure is simple thanks to the intuitive interface, which also simplifies the organizing, retrieval, and referencing of crucial documents.

The Bates numbering tool in Nuance PDF makes handling large and complicated document collections much easier and more effective.

1. Click Edit > Bates Numbering > Add.

Open the Nuance PDF app and click "Edit" from the top. In the Edit option, you need to click "Bates Numbering" and then click "Add."

add bates numbering in nuance pdf

2. Choose the Bates numbering preferences.

Now, you will see a new pop-up window that contains all the settings for adding Bates numbering. You need to set up all those as per your preferences, including the digits, prefixes, and all other technicalities about Bates Numbering. After you have set up everything according to your preferences, save the document, and Bates numbering will be added to it.

customize bates numbering in pdf nuance pdf

Part 5. How to Remove Bates Numbering from PDF?

There may come a time when you need to remove the Bates numbering from your PDF documents. It is important to note that you must not use a text editor for this purpose since Bates numbers are used on huge documents, and manually removing the numbering can be a hectic and time-wasting task. The efficient solution is to use Adobe Acrobat Bates Numbering removal feature.

With this feature, you can remove Bates numbering from PDF documents with a single click, and there is no need to edit the numbering for every individual page. Follow the steps below to remove Bates numbering from the PDF.

1. Open Adobe Acrobat and click Tools to select Edit PDF.

Open Adobe Acrobat on your PC and open the PDF file that you want to remove Bates numbering from. Once opened, you can click "Tools" from the top left and then click "Edit PDF" to access all the PDF editing tools in Adobe Acrobat.

edit pdf in adobe

2. Click on More > Bates Numbering > Remove

Here, you need to click "More" from the extreme right of the PDF editing tools present on top. This dropdown will show you multiple options, including the "Bates Numbering" dropdown. Open it and click "Remove". With this one click, all the Bates numbers from your PDF document will be removed.

remove bates numbering in adobe acrobat


Bates Numbering in PDF is a very helpful tool that makes things easier on so many levels. Whether you have one huge PDF document or a set of these huge PDF documents, you can use Bates numbering to easily retrieve data from those documents because it will help you organize them better.

For adding Bates Numbering to a PDF document, you need to pick a reliable tool, and UPDF is the best tool, considering the features and benefits it offers. Download it on your PC and get an in-depth Bates numbering customization option for individual or multiple documents.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

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