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Explore Beyond Kofax Power PDF: 5 Top Alternatives to Consider

Kofax Power PDF software is built for businesses to easily handle large amounts of editing and manipulation in a PDF file. With its advanced and standard plans, Kofax Power gives you different levels of features and accessibility options. You can use this software to create, edit, share, and e-sign PDF files easily. But sometimes, we wish that there are other equally good options available in the marketplace. Well, lucky for you, there are some Kofax Power PDF reader alternatives, and here we are listing five of them. 

5 Best Kofax Power PDF Alternatives


Let's begin with the most eligible solution on the market today, and that is UPDF. UPDF has an extensive set of features and functions available, too. You can easily edit and customize your PDF files with a few clicks while ensuring seamlessness in personal and business projects. 

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Kofax Power PDF Alternatives - updf

UPDF ensures that you stay productive in your work and leverage the possibilities offered by the latest technologies. The features and functions in this Kofax power PDF alternative are continuously evolving to adjust to your requirements. 

Key Features:

  • Organize and Annotate: UPDF lets you manipulate your PDF files for better organization. This means that you can delete specific pages in PDF, merge, and rotate them easily. Plus, annotating PDF means you can add comments and highlight some sections for fine-tuning. 
  • Print and Share: You can share your PDF files after or before editing directly from the UPDF interface. Besides this, it is also easy to send it for printing directly to a connected or wireless printer.
  • Create Forms and e-Signs: Another useful feature you will get is creating forms for surveys and polls. Furthermore, you can create columns for e-signatures and authenticate files accordingly. 


  • Support desktop Windows and Mac, and mobile iOS and Android.
  • Powerful features like edit, convert, merge, combine, protect, flatten PDF and etc.
  • It has a beautiful and simple UI interface.

UPDF is an all-in-one solution to edit PDF documents efficiently. It is a fast-performing solution with the requisite features to help you manage PDFs pages smoothly

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

2. Adobe Acrobat Pro

Adobe Acrobat is one of the most popular names in the industry for accessing and editing PDFs. Using Adobe Acrobat comes naturally to everyone, and that is only because of the ease of accessibility and impressive functionality it offers. 

This solution brings forth several new features and has become a model for several other PDF editors. In our research, we have found that while Adobe Acrobat has several features, it also costs a lot. But UPDF provides the same functions and features without any cost. 

kofax power pdf alternative - adobe acrobat

Key Features:

  • Editing Functions: Adobe Acrobat takes editing to the next level by giving you several options like adding comments, recognizing text, combining files, rotating pages, splitting PDFs, and much more.
  • Sharing and Protection: Besides editing, you can see that this alternative to Kofax Power PDF solution for sharing files with other users, sending comments, and protecting them via passwords. 


  • An extensive number of features and functions. 
  • An amazing OCR for identifying texts. 


  • All the good features are under paid plans. 

3. Foxit PDF Editor

Foxit lets you edit extensively with an impressive suite of features created with businesses and professionals in mind. The PDF editor, which we consider to be a great alternative to Kofax power PDF, has a paid and free option. But with the paid plan, you will also get a free trial. 

foxit pdf editor - Kofax Power PDF Alternatives

Key Features:

  • Create and Edit: Foxit PDF Editor and Foxit PDF Editor Pro offer extensive functionalities to create and edit documents on desktop software, web, and mobile application. 
  • Quick Editing: With a clean interface built to help users reflow the text, whiteout content, change columns, paragraphs, etc. Foxit Editor lets you modify the document quickly. 


  • Share and collaborate with teammates easily. 
  • Export and convert files to different formats. 


  • The price is higher than other similar solutions. 

4. PDFpenPro

The next alternative to the Kofax power PDF advanced version is PDFpenPro, which is compatible with macOS only. It has a free and another paid version built with robust editing features for document editing. You can change text, images, and other content types in a PDF with this solution. 

kofax pdf alternative - pefpenpro

Key Features:

  • Impressive OCR: PDFpenPro has a robust OCR system letting you read the text and convert images to text easily. It has an automatic text identifier that can speed up the process. 
  • Create from Scratch: Just like you can create a word document in Microsoft Word, PDFpenPro lets you create PDF documents from scratch. 


  • The OCR component is highly efficient. 
  • Several tools for annotation and customization. 


  • Sometimes the performance lags, and the system runs slow. 

5. PDF Expert

Another macOS-only solution, PDF Expert, is a powerful editing tool that can easily replace the Kofax Power PDF reader for its ability to edit documents. One thing that stands out in this solution is the clean and intuitive interface, which makes using the system a lot easier. It has high-utility editing functions, including the option to change the image orientation and looks.

kofax power pdf advanced altenative - pdf expert

Key Features:

  • Only for mac: PDF Expert is only compatible with macOS systems. This means that it is built with the required functionality to edit and customize PDFs on an Apple desktop or laptop. PDF Expert is also available for iPhone and iPad users. 
  • Create Original PDFs: With the powerful editing capabilities, PDF Expert can help you create new files from scratch while optimizing their appearance with the help of functions like extracting, merging, duplicating, etc. 


  • Intuitive and impressive interface.
  • Hiding menu items and features ensure a clean working space. 


  • Issues with handling large-sized files. 


Kofax Power PDF is a powerful solution, no doubt about that. But there are some things that could have been done better and differently. For this reason, users are motivated to look for other options, and in them, UPDF tops the list. Editing and customizing PDFs requires a robust solution that has all the features you want, eliminating the need to switch between applications. So, ensure that you are using a solution that has the most features at the least price. 

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

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