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How to Copy Image from PDF in 3 Methods

Are you looking for a software that can copy an image from a PDF file and save it in another location? Or do you need to copy an image from a scanned PDF file? Well, you've landed at the right place. Get a detailed description of three of the most renowned image-copying software available for downloading.

The Best Tool to Copy Images from a PDF

Listed as one of the best software on the market by users and experts worldwide, UPDF is an all-in-one application that reads, edits, organizes, OCR, converts, and annotates PDF files. It can also edit or copy images from PDF files and save them anywhere, whether on the PC, or Mac. You can alter the image's specifications, i.e, resize, reposition, replace or crop an image through an easy-to-use interface with guidelines.

When editing text content, it maintains the consistency of the original file and ensures that minimum errors are left after the process is complete. You can also annotate PDF files by adding text boxes, sticky notes, highlights, or other types of annotations to the document. Extract PDF pages from the PDF files and modify them accordingly, i.e, rotate, reorder, add or delete them.

Its newly released features include the OCR feature to recognize scanned documents, convert PDF files to other formats, and offer password-protected enterprise-grade encryption.

How to Copy a Picture from a PDF to Another Location?

Through a simple 3-step procedure, you can learn how to replicate an image from a PDF file. (UPDF supports both Windows and Mac systems on PC, and the steps are the same.)

Step 1: Open a PDF

When installing and opening UPDF, reach the main interface and click the "Open File" button. Choose the PDF document on your computer to open it.

Step 2: Enter the Editing mode

Click the "Edit PDF" button on the top toolbar to enter editing mode and reveal the editing tools. Use them accordingly to copy images from PDF.

Step 3: Copy Picture from PDF

A purple border will appear when you click the image to be copied. Right-click on the image and select the "Extract Image" option. You can choose a file to save the image and then paste the image to the required area, whether it's MS Paint, Adobe Photoshop, or any online interface.

extract image

How to Copy an Image from a Scanned PDF

The OCR feature offered by UPDF holds the perfect stability to convert a scanned PDF document to an editable and searchable PDF. UPDF is known for its exceptional services, which, combined with the OCR feature, gives us a unique experience of perfection. To understand how the OCR feature can help us develop an editable document out of a scanned PDF file, let's look ahead into its steps:

Step 1: Open the OCR Tool

Start by opening the scanned PDF file on UPDF and select the "Recognize Text Using OCR" button on the right panel to open the OCR feature.

Step 2: Select Layout Settings

Follow through the settings of OCR and specify the "Layout" of the PDF document to be "Text and pictures only", "Text over the page image", or "Text under the page image". If you wish to specify anything in the advanced layout settings, select the "Gear" icon. You can define the language that is to be detected in the "Document Language" drop-down.

copy an image from pdf

Step 3: Perform OCR

Continuing with the next options, you can set the "Image Resolution" by selecting any appropriate "dpi" value for your images. If you are aware of the resolution, select the "Detect Optimal Resolution" button.

Look into the "Page Range" that you have to apply the OCR on. As you are done with the settings, tap on "Perform OCR" and redirect to the window where you have to provide the location of the converted PDF. Click "Save" once you are done providing the location.

Step 4: Copying the Image from PDF

Once the document converts, it will open in a new window on UPDF. You could proceed to the image that you want to copy. Before that, click on the "Edit PDF" button on the left and proceed to the image and select it. Right-click on the image to choose the option of "Extract Image" to save the image file separately. You can then use this image anywhere that you want to.

Can I Copy an Image from PDF in Adobe Reader?

Can I copy an image from PDF in Adobe Reader?

No. Adobe Reader doesn't have an editing feature. You need to upgrade to Acrobat Pro to copy images from PDF.

how to copy an image from pdf in adobe reader

However, the price of Adobe Acrobat Pro is way too expensive for everyone, which starts from US$239.88 per year per user. Why don't you choose a much cheaper choice with the same feature but with an easy-to-use interface? That is UPDF, yes, which only costs US$39.99 per year per user, or perpetual plan - US$59.99 for whole life time. You can try to use this much more cost-effective alternative and let it help you out.


Copying an image is one of the simplest tasks that one can look at until it is not an editable PDF file. With PDF files, you have to be a different person in thinking of the direct solution to the problem. For this, you have seen the article discussing UPDF as the perfect solution for easily copying images. Rather than going into complications, you can consider opting for this tool to figure out primary PDF management needs.

So, now you know the exact processes of extracting images from PDF files. The best one among these is the UPDF. It is a simple, user-friendly software that functions smoothly and is quick in copying. Download it now and enjoy its features.