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How to Copy Image from PDF in 3 Methods

Are you looking for free software that can copy image from PDF file and save it in another location? Well, you've landed at the right place. Get a detailed description of three of the most renowned image-copying software available for download. The first free tool to copy images from PDFs is UPDF.

The Best Free Tool to Copy Image from PDF

Listed as one of the best softwares on the market by users and experts worldwide, UPDF is a free-to-use application that reads, edits, organizes, and annotates PDF files. It can also edit or copy images from PDF files and save them anywhere, whether on the PC, or Mac. You can alter the image's specifications, i.e., resize, reposition, replace or crop an image through an easy-to-use interface with guidelines.

copy image in pdf

Extract PDF pages from the files and modify them accordingly, i.e., rotate, reorder, add or delete them. When editing text content, it maintains the consistency of the original file and ensures that minimum errors are left after the process is complete. You can also annotate PDF files by adding text, images, or objects to the document.

Its upcoming features include OCR, filling PDF forms, converting files, and offering password-protected enterprise-grade encryption.

How to Copy Picture from PDF to another Location?

Through a simple 3-step procedure, you can learn how to replicate an image from a PDF file.

Step 1: Open PDF

When installing and opening UPDF, reach the main interface and click on the 'Open File' button. Choose the PDF document on your computer to open it.

how to copy picture from pdf

Step 2: Enter the Editing mode

Click the "Edit" button on the top toolbar to enter editing mode and reveal the editing tools. Use them accordingly to copy images from PDF.

how to copy image from pdf to word

Step 3: Copy Picture from PDF

A purple borderline will appear when you click the image to be copied. Right-click on the image and select the 'Copy' option. Then you can paste the image to the required area, whether it's MS Paint, Adobe Photoshop, or any online interface.

copy picture from pdf

How to Copy Image from PDF in Adobe Reader

Can I copy an image from PDF in Adobe Reader?

No. Adobe Reader doesn't have the editing feature. You need to upgrade to Acrobat Pro to copy images from PDF.

how to copy an image from pdf

You can easily copy an image from the PDF file in Adobe Acrobat Pro if it is not password-protected. However, some password-protected documents include certain restrictions that prevent you from altering the file. Contact an expert if you are having difficulties opening the PDF file or using any feature.

Following are some steps through which you can copy images.

Step 1: Copy Image from PDF

Open the document and right-click on it to select the appropriate tool from the pop-up menu.

Step 2: Edit and Paste

Drag to select the text or click on the image. Then right-click and select copy. Now, move to the required place where you want to paste it. Choose Edit and Paste to transfer the image successfully. You can also right-click and select Paste.

If you're using a reader application only, you can take a snapshot to copy the specified area of a PDF through the Snapshot tool.

Choose Edit and Take a snapshot. Drag a rectangle around the area and release the mouse button. Then press the Escape key to exit the Snapshot mode.

How to Copy Image from PDF Online 

With PDF24 tools, you can easily copy images from PDF and paste them to the desired location. Following is a simple procedure that can help you out.

copy image from pdf online

Step 1: Open the website

Type in the URL to open the website. Here you will find a simple interface that will show the 'Choose File' button.

Step 2: Choose the files

To process further, choose the required files from your PC or laptop and add them to the software.

Step 3: Extract the images

After selecting the files, the screen will display 'Extract Images.' Click on it to let the software take out all the image files from the PDF.

Step 4: Download

Next, download the files by clicking on the download button. You can also erase or restart the process by clicking on the respective buttons.

So, now you know the exact processes of extracting images from PDF files. The best one among these is the UPDF. It is a simple, user-friendly software that functions smoothly and is quick in copying. Download it now and enjoy its features.