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How to Add Header and Footer to PDF: 4 Easy Methods

Headers and footers in a PDF document are usually used to give the documents a professional look. In many institutions and workplaces, adding proper headers and footers to documents is a requirement. The PDF header and footer can contain different information about the document ranging from the document title to the page number.

In this article, we'll present 4 effortless ways to add a header and footer in a PDF document. Read on the learn more.

Way 1. How to Add Header and Footer in PDF using UPDF

UPDF is currently the best PDF editor tool available, which will not burn a hole in your pocket when getting premium PDF features. The "Header & Footer" feature allows you to add a well-customized header and footer to your PDF file. It allows you to choose between 6 different layouts to maximize the chances of getting a header and footer format suited to your needs. You can also use its multiple color palettes to customize a font color to be used in the header and footer. It also offers you over 10 different page number formats to choose from to make your document more suitable to respective regions.

Download it to explore more!

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

Add header footer to PDF with UPDF

Aside from allowing you to add headers and footers to your PDFs, UPDF provides many more premium features. These include adding stamps, backgrounds, PDF conversion, PDF annotation, editing, organizing, AI assistant, etc. To know more about these features, you can read this UPDF review article from Techadvisor.

The process of adding a header and footer in a PDF document when using UPDF is simple and easy to follow. You can perform the steps given below to add/insert headers and footers to your PDFs:

Step 1: Open your PDF and Navigate to Page Tools

To start the procedure, open your PDF file using the "Open File" button or drag-and-drop method. On the main interface, click "Page Tools" from the left toolbar and select "Header & Footer."

Step 2: Define the Structure and Content of the Header and Footer

After you have selected the "Header & Footer" option, you will see the "Add" button at the bottom on the right side. Tap it to open the header and footer creation window.

Here you are required to define the content and structure of your header and footer for the PDF. You can define layout, font size, font color, page number format, margin, and font style.

Step 3: Add Header and Footer to PDF and Save your File

When adding its content, you can use the "Insert Date" and "Insert Page Number" to add a date and page number in your header and footer.

When done, save it using "Save". You can save editing in your file using "Save" from the "File" menu.

If you want to remove the header or footer from the PDF, you can still use UPDF for the job.

The process of inserting header and footer into a PDF is fairly simple with UPDF. You can now download it and try this feature for free.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

Video Tutorial on How to Add and Remove Header and Footer in PDF on Mac

Way 2. How to Add Header and Footer to Different PDF Page Ranges

Headers and footers can be added in different sections and ranges while using UPDF. As you seek to add a header and footer to your PDF document in different ranges, you should follow the respective steps to execute the process:

Step 1: Open the Page Range Window

Once you have defined the properties for the header and footer, you will have to set the range for odd or even pages. For that, click on the double arrow "Page Range" icon on the top-right.

Step 2: Different Odd and Even Pages

You have to look into the "Odd or Even Pages" section to define whether you want to select odd or even pages to apply the header. Select either "Odd Pages in Range" or "Even Pages in Range" as per your requirement.

If you seek to set different headers for different document sections, define a custom range in the "Page Range" tab and click on the "Save" button.

Learn More About UPDF

You have observed UPDF as the perfect tool to add headers and footers to your PDF. This tool, however, is also known to be one of the greatest PDF editors, which can be assessed with the help of the features provided below:

  • Edit PDF: The PDF editor provides a variety of editing features, which include editing the text of the PDF, managing the images, and regulating the links that are included in the document. You can change anything in the document, similar to word processing software.
  • Annotate PDF: There are a variety of annotation tools provided in UPDF. While you can highlight and underline the document as per your desire, you can also define the comments and notes on the PDF document. Include more prominent elements like stickers and stamps on your PDF to annotate them properly.
  • Convert PDF: UPDF provides a variety of conversion options to its users, where they can convert their documents into major Office formats, along with other main image formats. Along with that, UPDF also provides several other prominent formats, including PDF/A.
  • OCR PDF: This tool also comes with the exceptional feature of converting a scanned PDF document into an editable and searchable PDF under three different layouts. The OCR function is much more than converting such documents; it also converts searchable PDFs to image-only PDFs. With the support of 38 different languages, it is one of the best OCR tools provided in the market.
  • AI Assistant: UPDF is integrated with top-notch AI technology and now it allows you to do PDF AI chat (summarize, translate, explain, write, rewrite, etc.).

UPDF offers various amazing features as we mentioned above, download it now to experience a hassle-free PDF management experience!

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

Way 3. How to Add Header and Footer in PDF Online

If you don't have a desktop app or cannot access your system, you can use an online PDF tool to add a header and footer in PDF online. Many online PDF editors are available on the internet for you to use. Some even offer you the option of importing your PDFs directly from Cloud storage and sharing them with others.

To add a header and footer to your PDF document, you will first need to search and find an appropriate PDF tool. In this method, we'll take PDFCandy as an example. Follow these steps:

Step 1: Upload Your PDF File to the Online Tool

Upload your PDF file to PDFCandy.

Step 2: Add Header and Footer to PDF Online

Enter the names of the header and footer and click "Apply changes".

Add PDF header footer with PDFCandy

Step 3: Download the File

When done with adding the header and footer to your document, you can now download it. After downloading your file, check if the added header and footer are according to your liking.

Disadvantages of Using Online PDF Tool

  • Online PDF tools require a constant internet connection to work. It will affect your productivity if you don't have internet or have slow and unstable internet.
  • The functionalities of online PDF tools are usually minimal. You will not get many features even if you buy a premium online PDF tool subscription.
  • It is quite slow to add header and footer to PDFs with an online tool.
  • The online PDF tools also pose a security risk. If you have essential PDF documents that need to be edited, using an online PDF tool is not the best choice. Your essential data easily be stolen when using an online PDF tool.
  • There are generally limitations on file sizes for uploading when using online PDF tools. If you have a large file, you won't be able to edit it on an online PDF tool.

With all these disadvantages, it is best not to use an online PDF tool. Instead, it would be best if you went for UPDF, which provides a seamless and customizable way to create header and footer for your PDFs. It is a desktop-based tool where you don't need the internet to work on your PDF file. Since it does not require internet, you won't have to worry about the security of your files. There are no file size limitations on PDF files when using UPDF.

No more hesitation and download to try it out now!

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

Way 4. How to Add header and Footer to PDF with Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat is one of the oldest and most widely used PDF editors. You can create headers and footers for your PDF documents using Adobe Acrobat. To know how it is done, we will assess the following steps in detail:

Step 1: Go to "Tools > Edit PDF"

Launch Adobe Acrobat and import the PDF document you want to edit. Lead to the "Tools" section and select "Edit PDF" to open a list of options. As you lead to a new screen, find the "Header and Footer" tab and click "Add" from the menu.

Step 2: Add Header and Footer in PDF with Acrobat Pro DC

A new window will open that will include the header and footer details. Define the font, size, and information you want to add in the header and footer. Include the page numbers if required and proceed to confirm the settings by pressing the "OK" button.

add header and footer in adobe

From the image above, you can see that there are many setting areas and it is hard for beginners to get. If you find it too complicated to use, why not choose an Adobe Acrobat alternative? The interface of using the header and footer feature in Acrobat and UPDF is greatly different. While in UPDF, the header and footer feature is stand-alone and is easier to find and use, that's not the case with Acrobat. In Acrobat, it's crammed within the edit PDF mode and might be hard for you to find and use.

Another drawback of Adobe Acrobat is that its "Edit PDF" function is only available for premium users. The tool is among the most expensive PDF tools, and buying it just for adding a header and footer to a document doesn't make sense. On the contrary, UPDF allows you to use its "Header & Footer" feature and all other premium features free of cost with a watermark during its trial period. Keeping in mind the simple interface, prominent features, and low cost, UPDF is the ideal PDF editor for you.


The addition of headers and footers in your PDF file can make them more secure and easily navigable and give them a professional look. When looking for a good PDF editor, also take a look at its "Header and Footer", as you might be required to use it in professional settings. UPDF is a tool you should download as you won't find a better tool than it at the same price. It is more stable and safer than any online tools, and it is easier to use and much more cost-effective when compared to Adobe Acrobat. Why not try it now by clicking the below button?

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

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