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A Comprehensive Review of Mozilla Firefox PDF Editor & Its Better Alternatives

Firebox is among the top five popular browsers, with over 300 million users. Firefox is known for its attractive interface and smooth browsing experience. To elevate the user experience further, Firefox added a new feature with which we can now do basic edits on PDFs. So, let's discuss in detail the Firefox PDF editor, covering its features, efficiency, user reviews, etc. The guide will also talk about the better alternatives to the Mozilla PDF Editor. Let's get started right away!

Part 1. Firebox PDF Editor: Everything You Need to Know About

In the competitive browser market, Firebox is working hard to provide more value to users with privacy, features, and an attractive interface. Since PDF is a popular file format and oftentimes users want to edit the PDF content, the Mozilla Firefox PDF editor is designed to facilitate those users.

What is Firefox PDF Editor?

Firefox PDF Editor is a PDF editing capability offered by Mozilla in its web browser. It is designed to provide basic-level PDF editing support with which users can add text and draw. However, PDF editor Firefox is not an extension but a built-in feature you can access when you view a PDF with Firefox.

What Can Firefox PDF Editor Do?

As mentioned earlier, the Firefox PDF editor provides basic-level PDF editing support. With PDF Editor in Firefox, you can do the following edits:

  • Add Text: You can add new text at any place in the PDF with your preferred color and size option.
  • Add Drawings (or Signatures): You can draw or sign electronically with the drawing pencil. You can choose the color, opacity, and thickness of your choice.
  • Fill Forms: You can use it to fill out PDF forms.

So, the above three features are accessible to you with the Mozilla PDF Editor. These features are very general compared to what you can get with other PDF editor tools. For instance, UPDF is a more feature-rich and powerful PDF editor tool that allows you to edit existing PDF text/images/links, annotate text, change backgrounds, add watermarks, and do much more.

So, if you are looking for a complete PDF editing experience, download UPDF and get a comprehensive PDF editing experience.

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How to Edit PDF Using Mozilla Firefox PDF Editor?

Mozilla Firefox PDF Editor is very easy to use. All you have to do is open the PDF with Firebox and use its editing features. Below are the steps you have to follow to use Mozilla PDF Editor:

Step 1. Open the PDF with the Mozilla Firefox browser.

Step 2. Click the "I" shaped text icon from the top right corner and choose the color and size of your choice. Afterward, tap anywhere in the PDF where you want to add the text box and start typing.

 firefox pdf editor

Step 3. To draw in the PDF, click the "pencil" icon from the top right corner and choose the color, opacity, and thickness. Afterward, draw anywhere in the PDF you want. You can also use it to draw signatures.

 firefox pdf editor

This way, you can easily access and use the text and drawing functions of Firefox PDF editor to do general edits.

Pros and Cons of Mozilla Firefox PDF Editor


  • Easy to use
  • Free editor
  • Add new text
  • Sign electronically
  • Fill forms


  • No editing of existing text/images/links
  • No ability to add new images
  • No font selection option
  • No PDF conversion/compression support
Looking at all the pros and cons of PDF editor in Firefox, it is evident that it should only be used if you want to add new text or draw within the PDF. For advanced editing, you need a more comprehensive PDF editor tool, like UPDF. In fact, you can see all the cons of Firefox PDF Editor as features in UPDF. Download UPDF and test its feature-rich editing functionality yourself.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

What Do the Users Say about Mozilla Firefox PDF Editor?

Although there are no detailed reviews from users about the Mozilla PDF editor, the ones we can see show a mixed opinion. Users seem to like:

  • Intuitive way to add new text in the PDF.
  • Direct way to fill out forms and sign documents.

However, some users are concerned with:

  • Lack of advanced editing features.
  • Lack of editing of existing text/images.

In our opinion, Firefox PDF Editor is confusing users with the word "PDF Editor". You are not getting any special PDF editing features with Firefox other than just adding new text boxes or drawings. So, the lack of essential PDF editing features hinders its ability to be considered as a valuable PDF editor tool.

Therefore, you should only use it to add new PDF text or fill out forms. However, if you want advanced PDF editing, then use the alternatives discussed in the next section.

UPDF – The Best Alternative to Mozilla PDF Editor

UPDF is an AI-driven and the most powerful PDF editor tool to fulfill almost all PDF editing-related activities. Although it is not a web extension but a desktop tool, it provides the complete PDF editing experience under one roof.

With UPDF, you can:

  • Add or edit text in different fonts, styles, colors, etc.
  • Add, replace, delete, or crop images
  • Add or edit links
  • Edit backgrounds
  • Add watermarks
  • Highlight, draw, underline, mark, add stamps/stickers, or do other annotations
 firefox pdf editor updf

UPDF also provides the most intuitive interface to easily make edits without any learning curve. Follow the below steps to make the edits with UPDF:

Step 1. Download and launch UPDF on Windows/Mac/iOS/Android and open the PDF file you want to edit.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

Step 2. Click the "Edit PDF" button from the left sidebar.

 firefox pdf editor updf

Step 3. Click the text you want to edit and then make the required edits. To add new text, click the "Text" icon from the top and add new text where you want.

 firefox pdf editor updf

Step 4. To edit images, double-click the image and use the small pop-up window to make the changes accordingly.

 firefox pdf editor updf

Step 5. To annotate a PDF, click the "pencil" icon from the left sidebar and then choose the relevant annotation option.

 firefox pdf editor updf

That's it! This way, UPDF provides a one-stop place to do all the PDF edits you want to do. Besides the editing features, UPDF also allows you to convert, compress, password-protect, sign, and do other customizations with PDFs. So, download UPDF and test its extensive set of features yourself.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

Part 3. Other Alternative PDF Editor Firefox Extensions

There are many alternative PDF editing extensions that you can install in Firefox. Below, we are presenting two extensions you can use:

1. PDF2Go

PDF2Go extension allows you to add text, images, drawings, and shapes to your PDF. It also allows you to add watermarks and highlight texts. It requires you to upload the PDF first and then use its editing functions. However, it fails to edit existing text/images in the PDF, while the need for the internet to upload and download PDFs hinders its usability.

 firefox pdf editor pdf2go

2. PDF Editor Online

PDF Editor Online 外链 is another PDF editor Firefox extension that requires you to upload the PDF to make the edits. It allows you to create/edit/delete text and images, annotate, add comments, and do more. Moreover, it also allows you to create a PDF file from a basic template. However, its user interface is a bit complicated. It takes longer to process the PDF, and the editing features are less efficient compared to what you can experience with UPDF.

 firefox pdf editor pdf editor online

Part 4. FAQs about Mozilla Firefox PDF Editor

Q1. How do I open PDF settings in Firefox?

  1. Open Firefox browser and click the "three horizontal lines" menu icon from the top right corner.
  2. Tap "Settings" in the drop-down menu.
  3. Scroll down to the "Applications" section and look for the "Portable Document Format (PDF)" option. From there, you can customize the PDF settings.

Q2. Can Firefox convert PDF to Word?

No, you cannot directly convert PDF to Word in Firefox. For that, you need to install the PDF to Word conversion extension and do the conversion.

Q3. What is the built-in PDF viewer in Firefox?

The built-in PDF viewer in Firefox is PDF.js. It is the JavaScript library that empowers Firefox to display PDF files directly in the browser without any external plugins. This way, it makes Firefox present PDF viewer as its native feature.


Mozilla Firefox PDF editor provides a direct way to add text or draw on PDFs while reading them. However, the editing capabilities are very limited, with no option to edit existing text/images. Therefore, it is recommended to use a more powerful alternative to Firefox PDF editor for comprehensive editing. Out of all the alternatives discussed above, UPDF presents as the best choice due to its intelligent text/image/links editing, background customization, and other PDF annotation, conversion, and compression features. To wrap up, download UPDF and have the best PDF editing experience.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

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