iLovePDF - Features, Price, and Alternatives 2022


PDF documents are famous for their versatility and for being a useful format. One can make assignments in that format and make official documents. This is the reason why online PDF editors hold importance in today’s world. With an online PDF editing tool, you cannot just edit the PDF pages but also merge, split, e-Sign, and lock the PDF documents. For your assistance, we have introduced the features and advantages of iLovePDF online tools. In this article, we will be discussing the following major points:

Part 1: What is iLovePDF for?

iLovePDF is an intact platform that consists of all the tools that are used in PDF documents. With iLovePDF online, you can merge, compress, align, convert, and even unlock your PDFs with some clicks. It is available as an online tool. Moreover, you can use the iLovePDF desktop app to work on your Windows PC or Mac. It is a convenient tool that is available for Android and iOS devices as well.


Key Features of iLovePDF

The application makes it easy for people to edit and organize their PDFs. Following are the prominent features offered by iLovePDF:

  • Merge and Split PDF: iLovePDF enables the user to combine PDF files in their own order or separate the unwanted pages from the files.
  • Edit PDF: This new feature of iLovePDF allows you to add texts, shapes, and images to the pages of the document. Moreover, one can also edit the font color and size accordingly.
  • Watermark and Conversion: If you are officially issuing any document in PDF form, iLovePDF allows you to stamp any image on the PDF. Additionally, you can also convert the PDF to other formats and different formats to a PDF file.
  • Unlock and Protect PDF: One can remove the password security from any PDF and protect it with a password to form security.

Pros and Cons of iLovePDF Editor

We have listed some important features of iLovePDF. Now, let’s consider the pros and cons present in this PDF app:

Pros of iLovePDF

  • There are 25 languages supported by iLovePDF online. You are free to choose a specific language and work flexibly and efficiently with the software.
  • If you want to add a specific line in pages of your document, iLovePDF allows you to add comment boxes in the file to elaborate your ideas.
  • This web-based software is supported by Ubuntu, Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android and also works smoothly on any mobile phone, tablet, and PC.

Cons of iLovePDF

  • Sometimes, iLovePDF does not allow people to upload their signatures on the document.


  • Monthly: $7
  • Yearly: $48

Part 2: Other Online Alternatives to iLovePDF

We have discussed the features along with the pros and cons of iLovePDF. Here, let’s recognize the top-notch online alternatives to iLovePDF.

1. Smallpdf 

Smallpdf consists of all the useful tools important to make PDFs more productive and efficient for your official work or study purpose. You can use the free trial service of Smallpdf to utilize the editing, organizing, and annotating features of the software. Smallpdf makes the task simple and easy, as people can upload the document, edit it, and upload it on the relevant platform.

ilovepdf online alternative

Advantages of Smallpdf

  • You can compress your PDF file by the drag-and-drop method. After you download the compressed file, it is permanently deleted from the software’s server within an hour.
  • Users can also convert their PDF files into Word, PPT, Excel, and image file formats.
  • With Smallpdf, you don't have to register or even install any software. It works from all the popular browsers, including Chrome, Opera, Bing, and Firefox.

Disadvantage of Smallpdf

  • When the PDF file is converted to PPT or Word, there are errors in symbols and mathematical formulas.

2. Sejda

If you want to edit your PDF, annotate, Split, organize, or even sign it, Sejda is your ideal online platform. You can perform many functions with this online tool, including merge, extract, split, and form creation and protection of a PDF. You can also create bookmarks, number the PDF pages, and extract images from the PDF conveniently.

ilove pdf editor alternative

Benefits of Sejda

  • Sejda supports OCR technology, which means you can scan the PDF files and transform them into searchable texts.
  • You can edit your PDF online with Sejda. You must upload the file in this online tool, add texts or type any information on the PDF, and save the changes on your device.
  • If you find irrelevant pages in any PDF document, Sejda enables you to upload the document, delete the specific pages, and make the file more relevant.

Drawback of Sejda

  • The free version of Sejda has some limitations, i.e., pages, file size, and tasks.

3. PDFescape

An innovative way to design your PDF and convert it into something better and understandable- PDFescape enables people to online edit PDF files. It saves users from typical requirements like downloading the software etc. You just need a good internet connection and an internet browser to annotate, design, or read PDF documents.


Benefits of PDFescape

  • You can rotate and zoom the PDF pages according to your convenience to read the PDF.
  • If you want to add shapes, texts, comments, or images to your PDF, PDFescape gives you the freedom to do this online.
  • If your PDF has confidential information in it, you can encrypt your file with a strong password and maintain confidentiality.

Limitation of PDFescape

  • The free version of PDFescape shows many ads which irritate the user experience.

Part 3. Better Offline Alternatives to iLovePDF

We have introduced you to the advantages accompanied by drawbacks of 3 online PDF tools. Now, we will also share 3 offline alternative software to iLovePDF.

1. UPDF- free PDF editor

The best offline alternative available to iLovePDF online is UPDF software. This comprehensive tool offers many features, including editing the PDF, annotation, and organizing the PDF pages. It is a completely free PDF editor that has a sleek interface design allowing users to use the services effortlessly. With UPDF, you have multiple options to edit your PDF and transform it according to your desire.

updf free pdf editor

Advantages of UPDF

  • With this easy-to-use PDF editor, you can add new text, edit the existing paragraph, and delete any line from your PDF.
  • With the annotating tool, you can add bookmarks to the PDF, search for a specific text, and highlight, underline, and add comments to the file.  
  • Users are allowed to extract the set of pages from the PDF file and rotate or rearrange the PDF pages.

Disadvantage of UPDF

  • This software is only supported on Mac. It cannot be used on any other platform till now.

2. Foxit

Do you want to edit your PDF documents like a pro? Use the Foxit tool to edit, create, fill, and sign your document all in one place. With Foxit, you can maintain the credibility of your PDF by e-Signing it and encrypting it with software. If you are a student who studies from PDF notes, then the annotating tool will allow you to highlight, underline the content and add sticky notes to the file.

foxit pdf editor

Pros of Foxit

  • With Foxit, you are free to cut/copy content and paste it elsewhere in the file. Additionally, you can also rotate, move, and delete the images in the file.
  • Foxit also checks the spelling of the content and corrects typos in the file.
  • Foxit editor allows people to add and delete bookmarks, headers, footers, links, and watermarks from the PDF file.

Con of Foxit

  • If you have a complex PDF file, the performance of Foxit will be affected, and it will not work smoothly.

3. PDF-XChange Editor

PDF-XChange Editor includes all the features of its successor PDF-XChange Viewer. It has the OCR feature that converts the images into searchable texts. Moreover, you can easily edit the existing file and add versatile and attractive qualities to it. With this tool, you can create and edit PDF forms. Additionally, if you want to sign the PDF digitally, this tool will surely help you.

pdf x-change editor

Assistances of PDF-XChange Editor

  • With this tool, you will get a wide range of dynamic form-creation choices. It provides different customizable styles and layouts for the form.
  • You can also create a dynamic stamp through JavaScript that will display information like the current date etc.
  • You can compare two different documents and add video/sound to the file.

The detriment of PDF-XChange Editor

  • This software is currently not supported by Mac.

Part 4. FAQs for iLovePDF

1. Is iLovePDF desktop a free service?

The online tool of iLovePDF is totally free. However, if you want to utilize the desktop version of iLovePDF, then you need to buy a subscription.

2. Is iLovePDF limitless?

Yes, when you have subscribed to an appropriate plan offered by iLovePDF, then it will be unlimited.

3. What is the price plan of iLovePDF?

The premium version of iLovePDF costs $7 per month, providing full access to all iLovePDF tools. Moreover, the business plan comes at a custom price for which you have to contact the sales department.

4. State the comparison between web and desktop?

The iLovePDF can be accessed at any place if you have a connection, but all tools of iLovePDF online have a file limit. On the other hand, the iLovePDF desktop version does not require any internet connection or any file size limit.

5. How to cancel the iLovePDF subscription?

You can contact their platform through the contact page and get the subscription canceled. Moreover, you can also unsubscribe through your account after finding the “Unsubscribe” option.


The article concludes with a detailed introduction to the iLovePDF online tool that assists in editing, annotating, and organizing PDF documents. It is not difficult anymore to edit documents anywhere through any device. Moreover, we have also acknowledged the efficient working of 3 offline and 3 online alternatives of iLovePDF.