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Powerful Method to Edit Text in PDF in 2023

If you want to create and modify the monthly report or invoice of your organization, PDF format is the safest choice that you can make. The main advantage of PDF files is that it does not modify the original formatting of your document during exporting or sharing. That's why PDF format is always recommended for professional or industrial usage.

In this particular article, we will address how you can edit the monthly or daily reports of your organization present in PDF format. Thus, continue reading this guide to edit the text in a PDF file proficiently.

Part 1: Can I Edit Text in PDF File?

Initially, PDF format was not designed to edit the documents. The primary purpose of PDF files was to share, export, or print the documents in the safest way. The specialty of the PDF format is that it does not alter the text font, style, size, and another formatting during printing or exporting. However, as time passes and the need for work has increased, you may require to modify PDF text.

To edit the text in a PDF file flawlessly, you have to use a third-party PDF tool. With the advancement of technology, there are various options for PDF tools that you can utilize for editing purposes easily.

Part 2: Why Can't I Modify PDF Text?

Are you unable to edit the text in your PDF file? There are three possible reasons that may prevent you from editing text in a PDF file. To find out about these reasons, you can proceed to the following section:

  • If your system does not have compatible installed PDF software, you won't be able to open your PDF file. So, before starting with editing the PDF document, you must ensure to download a reliable PDF tool. One of the great and popular examples of PDF software is UPDF. It's a professional tool containing multiple basic and advanced features.
  • It may be possible that the PDF file you are trying to open is restricted by a password. In such a case, you can unlock the PDF file using a reliable software known as aJoysoft PDF Password Remover. After removing the password, you can easily edit and modify it using UPDF.
  • In a PDF file, there are different layers. If you want to edit the suggestions or text boxes, you should navigate to the annotation mode of the PDF software. Moreover, if you're going to edit the existing text of your PDF file, you can use the editing mode of your PDF tool. If you don't choose a suitable editing mode, you will be unable to edit the PDF text efficiently.

Part 3: How to Edit Existing Text in PDF Step-by-Step?

Are you eager to know how to edit the existing text in a PDF file using UPDF? In this section, we will discuss two ways through which you can edit the text in UPDF within a few clicks.

3.1 Edit Existing Text in PDF

Once you have opened your PDF file in UPDF, go to the "Edit" mode from the left panel. Afterward, you can navigate to the part of your PDF file where you want to add or remove the text. Just click on that area and start typing as you do on a word processor. Once you have modified the existing text, you can save all the changes.

3.2 Edit Text Style in PDF

To edit the text style in your PDF file, just select and highlight the particular part in your PDF file. Once you have selected the text content, you will be able to see different options to change the text style. You can change text style, color, and alignment easily. Moreover, UPDF provides a diverse range of text fonts that you can choose according to your choice. You can also bold or italicize the text content for more modifications.

edit text in pdf using updf

Part 4: Compare the Editing Text Feature of UPDF and Acrobat

UPDF and Acrobat are great examples of reliable PDF software. However, if you want to use a tool with multiple advanced editing text features, we recommend UPDF. For instance, when you are using UPDF, the text font of the entire document remains the same and uniform. Whereas, while using Adobe Adobe, there are possibilities that the font won't remain the same throughout.

Moreover, UPDF ensures that the opening speed of your PDF file is blazing-fast. For this, UPDF uses advanced algorithms that ensure the fast opening speed of your large-sized PDF files. On the other hand, Acrobat can become slow at times, especially if you are using advanced tools for editing.

The pricing of UPDF and Acrobat also has a huge difference. UPDF offers all advanced and reliable features for text editing in its yearly plan. Its cost is $29.99/year, which is highly affordable. On the other hand, Acrobat is an expensive tool with an annual plan of $239.88/year.

pricing of updf and edit text in pdf file

Part 5: When Do You Need to Edit Text in PDF Document?

There can be various situations when you would need to edit the text in a PDF document. In this section, we will highlight some scenarios where you would require editing the text in a PDF file.

  • Business Proposals or Contracts: Business contracts and proposals are an integral part of any business organization. While crafting them in a PDF format, you may need to edit some clauses, terms, and conditions.
  • Appointment Letters: Are you creating appointment letters for your newly hired employers on a daily basis? Many appointment letters are present in a PDF format and may require edits to change the credentials of the hired employers. In such a scenario, you would need a PDF editor to edit the text in appointment letters.
  • Academic Research Paper: To create and to complete an academic research paper requires a lot of time and struggle. If you want to share and print out the research paper, you may need to make some final edits using the PDF editor.
  • Class Schedules: Class schedules and timetables are essential to ensure punctuality. However, due to any sudden change of plans, you may be required to edit your class schedules' timings present in the PDF format.


It's not a hidden fact that PDF files are commonly utilized in every sector and field. To cope with the professional requirements, you would need to use a PDF editor to edit the text in PDF effortlessly. Through this article, you have learned about a popular tool called UPDF that can assist you in editing the text in your PDF files proficiently. This tool is ideal for beginners as it has a well-designed and friendly user interface.