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How to Add Text Box in Adobe Acrobat? (In Seconds)

When working with PDF documents, you often need to take notes or add extra text. That's where knowing how to add text box in Adobe Acrobat can be very helpful. This comprehensive guide will teach you how to add a text box in Adobe Acrobat and an easier alternative tool.

Part 1. How to Add Text Box in Adobe Acrobat?

Say that you have a PDF document where you need to add some new text. Using Adobe Acrobat will be your best choice since it comes with extensive PDF capabilities that bring in-depth customization options for the text. Adobe Acrobat not only brings excellent editing capabilities, but it only takes a few seconds to add a text box to the PDF document by following the steps below:

Step 1: Select the Tools tab after opening your PDF document

To add text boxes in a PDF document, you will begin by opening the Adobe Acrobat software on your PC. The easiest way to open it is by locating the desktop icon. Once Adobe Acrobat runs on your PC, you must hit the "Ctrl & O" combination button to open the file manager browse window. The next thing will be selecting a PDF and clicking "Open," Finally, when the PDF opens in Adobe Acrobat, you can click "Tools" from the top left side.

Step 2: Select Comment

The "Tools" screen will show you multiple options sorted into different categories. You must go to the "Share & Preview" category and locate the Comment. Clicking it will take you back to the PDF commenting screen and you will have multiple tools for commenting on the PDF document.

Comment in adobe acrobat

Step 3: Click the Text Box button

Navigate to the top menu and locate the "Text Box" button. You must click this button to add a text box to the PDF document.

add text box in adobe acrobat

Step 4: Create the desired type of text box and add your text

With Adobe Acrobat, you can add text box to your PDF document simply by clicking on the area where you want to add it. Right-click and go to properties to find other customization options. Here you can change the appearance of the text box from the boundary thickness and color to the boundary style.

change the properties of text box in adobe acrobat

Once all are done, you can save the updated PDF file.

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Part 2. How to Add Text Box with Adobe Acrobat Alternative?

Apart from using Adobe Acrobat for this task, you can also use one of its alternatives, and the best option in this case is UPDF. UPDF is a PDF editor that brings a long list of features. It competes with the PDF features of Adobe Acrobat and focuses on providing better user experience and performance.

UPDF - foxit phantompdf alternative

Since UPDF is a complete package of PDF working tools, adding text boxes will be just a small use case, while you can use it for several other tasks like text editing, combining, converting, etc. When compared to Adobe Acrobat, UPDF comes with several advantages, including:

  1. UPDF is exponentially cheaper as compared to Adobe Acrobat
  2. UPDF comes with UPDF AI, which is your chatbot for translating, writing, and explaining things
  3. It allows you to use more customizations when working on a text box.
  4. One UPDF account works on multiple devices and keeps the work synced across all devices.

UPDF brings these and many more advantages, so if you also want to enjoy them, you may download them now. Here are the steps for adding a text box in a PDF document with UPDF.

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Step 1: Start UPDF software and open PDF

Go to the desktop on your PC and look for the UPDF icon. As you find the icon, double-click to open the software, and then use the "Open File" button on top of the home page to open your PDF document. When the PDF opens in UPDF, it will take you to Reader mode, where you will not have any editing features.

Step 2: Go to Comment/Edit Mode and click Text Box

Navigate your cursor to the left pane by clicking the Comment option. As you click it, several comment tools appear in the top menu. From there, you need to click the "Text Box" button. It is represented with a "T" enclosed in a box.

Step 3: Set up text box customization properties

As you click "Text Box" from the top, you will get a popup to customize "Text Box" colors and other options. You can leave it to default or change it as per your requirements.

Add text box to PDF with UPDF

Step 4: Enter Text in the Text Box and Edit

Once you customize the text box, you can click anywhere in the PDF document, giving you typing access. You can type any desired content in the text box before clicking anywhere else. You can change the style, font, text type, color, and even text size when adding text. Hence, UPDF makes it possible for you to add a text box in PDF that exactly matches the text previously present in it. After writing in the text box, you can also click to select it and drag it for repositioning or re-sizing the box.

Step 5: Save using the desired option

After completing the text box, you can click "Save as Other" from the right pane and click the desired saving option. You will follow the on-screen steps according to the selected method and save that PDF with the added text box.

Want to try UPDF now? Download it via the below button. And if you like it, then, you can purchase it via the UPDF pricing page.

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Part 3. FAQS About Adding Text Box in Adobe Acrobat

Q1. Can you add a text box to a PDF Adobe Reader?

Adobe has a lot of tools in its suite, and Adobe Acrobat is one of them. It is mainly designed for editing and working on PDFs. Adobe Reader is another tool for reading and viewing PDF documents, and it is available as a free application. When adding text boxes, people often ask if the free app Adobe Reader can do it or if Adobe Acrobat can only do that.

Luckily, Adobe Reader comes with a comment feature where users can select to add text to their PDF documents. That way, Adobe Reader can add text to PDF documents without issues.

Q2. How to add a fillable text box in Adobe Acrobat?

Adding a fillable text box in Adobe Acrobat differs slightly from adding a regular text box. It involves the following steps in Adobe Acrobat software:

  1. Go to a PDF file and click Tools from the top menu bar
  2. Select Prepare Form in the given options. Adobe Acrobat will automatically detect the PDF document where you can add a fillable text box.
  3. You may add new form fields from the top menu and adjust their placement.

You can add as many fillable text boxes in a PDF document as you want. Once done, the final step will be saving your document.

Q3. How to add text callout in Adobe?

Sometimes, adding text to the PDF can be misleading if you don't provide the right reference. The most efficient way of adding text with a reference to a specific part is with the help of the callout tool. This tool adds text notes with an arrow pointing to a specific part of the PDF text. Here are the steps to add text callout in Adobe:

  1. Select Tools from the top and select comment
  2. Click the callout tool that is represented by a box of text and an arrow pointing out of it
  3. Click anywhere in the text and set up the callout text.

Hence, you easily know which part it relates to whenever you read that section.

Q4. How to Add Text in Adobe Acrobat?

Except for adding a text box in Adobe Acrobat, you can also add text in Adobe Acrobat. Just open PDF in Adobe Acrobat, click "Tools" > "Edit PDF" > "Text" to add the text to your PDF successfully.

Final Words

There are multiple scenarios where you must add text box in Adobe Acrobat. You may have gotten a PDF document where you want to include some more information. Similarly, you might be working on a PDF document where you missed some information and want to add it now. The use cases are not limited, but the solution is the same in either case, using Adobe Acrobat.

However, Adobe Acrobat is not a feasible choice for everyone, considering its price and, more importantly, the usage difficulties where UPDF makes a much better choice. It can do everything that can be done on Adobe Acrobat and many other cool things. All while offering reliable performance and an easy usage experience. So, if you also want a much cheaper choice, you may download UPDF. Moreover, here is an article talking about UPDF objectively, you can check it if you want to see more information about UPDF.

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