Efficiency in a Nutshell: Add Text to PDF Online with Ease

Working with PDF documents has been made easier even if you do not have yet the right softwares installed on your desktop for you can now simply access this software online with just your browsers. Making changes on your PDFs is now convenient with just accessing editing platforms that lets you add text to PDF online. Though there are a bunch of softwares to choose from with also many ways to make modifications on your PDFs, there is one best way you ought to know yet in doing more than just adding texts to your PDF which can also help you save the cost to have quality edits, and save most of your time navigating the web while being productive.

How to Add Text to PDF Online

iLovePDF is an intuitive PDF tool that lets you directly insert text in PDF online and make other desired changes you want on multiple documents in just these simple steps:

  • Step 1. Go to the Edit PDF tool on iLovePDF. You can simply access it through its webpage and click the "All PDF Tools" ribbon and select "Edit PDF".
  • Step 2. Choose a file from your device, Google Drive, or Dropbox account to edit. You may also directly drag and drop the PDF file you want to edit.
  • Step 3. Select the "Add text" button from the main toolbar and type the characters or texts you wish to add in the text field. This step let’s you have the main objective to add any text you want onto your PDF.
  • Step 4. Drag and drop the text box to its proper location by clicking on it.
  • Step 5. You can also customize the font, style, size, and color with the various toolbar choices you can find above as desired.
  • Step 6. To apply the changes you have made including the texts you added, you may now hit the "Edit PDF" button from the drop-down menu.
  • Step 7. After making your final edits, you may click to download and select a file location for your edited PDF or just save your revised PDF to the cloud.
add text to pdf online free

The Best and Free Alternative to Online PDF Tools

Considering you're in a hurry and totally against the hassle, you do not want to encounter a complicated instruction to do a simple edit. While a high percentage of varying PDF editors available and countless methods to choose from may provide you with enhanced capabilities that will undoubtedly increase your productivity while dealing with PDF files, it is just not enough when you have to pay for that experience. With UPDF PDF editor, create time while you make the most use of it working with your PDF files effortlessly.

PDF add text online is now brought to your hands in a very friendly environment integrated in the UPDF. It does not require you a lot of time to get started with this software to get those high-quality edits of your PDF files, while this already gives you the impression of a premium feel while having the maximized features all for free. With the UPDF, you can do more than simply read and edit PDF files; it also offers some handy features for annotating and organizing your PDF's contents. Text highlighting, underlining, strikeouts, and noting texts are among the other features you can have, as well as deleting, adding, and rotating the pages of a PDF file, and also being able to print it. You may also use this versatile tool to create and fill out forms, while also signing PDFs with digital and handwritten signatures, and converting PDFs to other common file formats like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. If your PDF has photos, the conversion will not be an issue because this program includes OCR, which converts those images into text. You’ll realize that this guide to finding the most easy-to-digest method of PDF editing all along is by using the software UPDF PDF editor itself as it offers the high-priced features you can easily make use of for free.

How to Add Text to PDF for Free on Desktop

The UPDF PDF editor provides a maximized user-experience with a premium-feel that lets you add text to PDF for free while only asking you a series of undemanding instructions to get the job done easily. Below are the simple and quick steps that you can do directly:

Step 1. To Enter Editing Mode

Begin your editing and adding text like a professional by navigating and clicking the "Edit" button (as shown in the image below) to access the necessary tools and features for making changes to your selected PDF files.

Step 2. Edit PDF Document

Everything is made easier with the tools and features provided by the UPDF editor as you can add any content once you enter editing mode on step 1. By noticing the blue line that indicates the area which you can make editors on the specific page, you can proceed to adding the changes as desired. If you are familiar with working on MS Word, you will not be complicated in accessing the features for they have a similar environment.

Step 3. Add Text to PDF

To add text to PDF is also to create a text box by clicking the first "T" button you can find on top of the editing panel (shown below in the image). Then, directly move your cursor to the place where you want to add the text. Just directly adjacent to the first "T" button, the second "T" you will find is for adding other forms of texts and its format like the color, texts, and other settings for the text.

Step 4. Edit PDF Image (Optional)

You can also take the images that are included on your PDF file and make modifications to it like rotating, cutting, extracting or even add another picture to replace by selecting that particular image and choose either of the mentioned options shown.

Even if you do not have yet the appropriate software installed, working with PDF documents has become easier with just an online connection and finding the right online software to guarantee a great PDF editing experience. There are many yet inconsistent ways to extend the convenience of managing your PDF files online but the UPDF PDF editor will serve as the more than enough guide and tool to help you round up the deal for free.