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Uncover Ways to Convert PPT to PDF Without Changing Fonts [Innovative Solutions]

Microsoft PowerPoint is a worldwide presentation maker that creates marketing, education, and business presentations. It is used as a standard channel for concisely communicating ideas and information but imposes several challenges while sharing to other platforms. One of its drawbacks is the larger file size due to the PowerPoint's content and images, which shows difficulty in sharing through email or other sources.

Moreover, sharing PowerPoint format across devices doesn't guarantee the perseverance of formatting, layout, and font style. Therefore, individuals look for ways to convert PPT to PDF without changing font because an original font style is the essence of a well-designed presentation. So, read this guide to explore how to convert a PPT into a PDF and familiarize yourself with other related aspects.

Part 1. Explore How to Convert Multiple PPT Files into PDF Without Changing Font

If you are a student and asked to upload your presentation in PDF format to your online portal, UPDF would be a convenient choice. Regardless of the use cases, you can use this PDF editor to convert your PPT into 14 formats, such as PDF, Word, Excel, or others. It's a PDF editor and an all-in-all PDF handler that supports batch processing to enhance productivity and save valuable time.

UPDF isn't limited to PPT to PDF conversion, and it has various features that make working in PDF format possible with complete customization. Hence, you should download UPDF now and purchase its Pro version now because it is offering up to 61% off in this sale season.

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This purchase will allow you to convert PPT to PDF and use OCR technology and UPDF AI on up to 4 devices simultaneously. To learn how this PPT to PDF converter without font change works, go through the stepwise guide below:

Step 1: Explore the Create PDF From the Batch Option

Install the latest version of UPDF on your system and sign in using your credentials. As you access its user-friendly interface, click the "Batch" option from the top-right side and enter the next screen. Next, press the "Create PDF" option from the popular batch actions.

convert ppt to pdf without changing font updf batch create

Step 2: Import PPT Files to Convert into PDF

Now, use the "Add Files" button from the Create PDF screen and browse your PPT files via your File Explorer. Upon browsing, choose PPT and hit the "Open" button to import them in UPDF. Once they are imported, enable the "Create Multiple PDF Files" option on the right side. Lastly, tap the "Apply" button at the bottom right and choose a folder to save the PDF files on your PC.

convert ppt to pdf without changing font batch create

Part 2. The Easiest Way to Convert PPT to PDF Without Changing Font

UPDF is not bound to convert PPT to PDF without changing font through the batch processing option; instead, it supports various other conversion modes. If you want to uncover the most straightforward method because you have one PPT file to convert, you can use the steps discussed ahead.

Step 1: Use the Create PDF from PowerPoint Option

Access the intuitive interface of UPDF and tap the "File" option from the top-left side. You will get an extended list after tapping the "File" option. Place your cursor on the "Create" option and click the "PDF from PowerPoint" option to get the File Explorer window. Using it, choose the PPT file and hit the "Open" button to import it into UPDF.

convert ppt to pdf without changing font create pdf from ppt

Step 2: Save the PPT to PDF Converted File on Your System  

As the PPT file is converted into PDF, you will get a display of the file so you can review it thoroughly. Later, navigate to the top left side and click the "File" option to press the "Save" option from the drop-down list. Now, insert a file name, pick a folder, and export the PDF file to your device by pressing the "Save" button.

If you also want to convert your PPT file into PDF without changing the font or formatting, press the "Free Download" button below and get this AI toolkit on your system.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

Part 3. Reasons Why Font Family Not Converting from PPT to PDF

While converting PPT to PDF without changing font online for free, many users report that their fonts are not properly converted. Let's discover the reasons for this hindrance to ensure consistent layout, formatting, and font of the converted document.

1. Embed Fonts in PowerPoint

Have you tried the "Embed fonts in the file" option in PowerPoint and embedded the selected font in Adobe PDF settings, but it doesn't work? You should note that the embed fonts in the file option in PowerPoint only works for TrueType fonts, and Microsoft cannot embed OpenType CFF fonts into files. Additionally, the fonts that allow "Editable embedding" can only be embedded in the documents.

2. Font Compatibility Considerations

Technically, Office applications impose Faux italic and bold fonts when the original fonts of a file aren't already installed. For instance, if you have installed BassScriptOpti but not its modern or italic version on your system. In this case, MS Office will display synthesized versions of fonts when you export PDF from PPT.

Part 4. What You Can Do After Converting PPT to PDF Without Changing Font

After converting PPT to PDF, students, researchers, and professionals might need to customize, review, or collaborate on files. That's why this section will highlight other fruitful features of UPDF, allowing you to gain maximum benefits from converting PPT to PDF without changing the font.

convert ppt to pdf without changing font updf

1. Edit PDF

Usually, PDF format is considered impossible to edit, but UPDF makes it possible through its various features, such as Edit. Anyone can edit, add, or delete the text, images, and links in the PDF file if they find any typo-error or review the file's formatting. Besides, you can add watermarks, headers, footers, page numbers, and backgrounds to PDF files based on your needs.

2. Annotate in UPDF

As a researcher, you might need to add citation notes in PDFs and comments or suggestions for improvements in the file. Therefore, UPDF has the Annotate feature that can highlight text, add a text box for comments, and strikethrough or underline the text. Moreover, it allows you to add appealing annotations through shapes, stickers, drawings, and precise pencil options.


If your PDF document is complicated to comprehend, UPDF has introduced the UPDF AI feature to make information consumption easier. In this regard, you can get a summary of PDF pages, including charts and graphs, within 30 seconds.

Apart from that, UPDF AI provides multi-lingual versions of a PDF file through its translation feature. Furthermore, it can explain technical or medical terms in your PDF so you can clearly understand the subject matter.

4. Convert PDFs

Did your professor ask you to upload an assignment in Word format, but you created a PDF mistakenly? If yes, you can use the convert feature of UPDF to convert your file into more than 14 formats. It allows you to convert PDF without changing the original font, layout, spacing, margins, and formatting. Also, you can make batch conversions in seconds, where multiple PDF files can be converted into other formats within seconds.

5. Protect Your PDF

Upon using a PPT to PDF converter without font change, protecting your confidential files from unauthorized editing is crucial. Therefore, UPDF offers five layers of PDF protection, including Encryption Ciphers and Encryption Levels. Users can even set open or permission passwords, Face IDs, and touch IDs on their PDFs to limit others from editing or printing your PDF document.   

6. OCR Technology

Imagine you have written agreements and notes to convert into editable or searchable PDF files for official use. For this situation, UPDF facilitates OCR technology that can convert paper documents and scanned PDFs with images into editable PDFs.

It supports more than 38 languages to accurately detect textual information and generate smaller-size output in high quality. Notably, it has an opposite mode, which can convert your searchable and editable PDF into image-only files with its advanced MRC-based image compression algorithm.

To learn more about these innovative features and other tools offered by UPDF, check out the video provided below.

FAQs about Converting PPT to PDF without Changing Fonts

1. Can I convert the PPT to PDF without changing the font?

Indeed, you can convert your PPT files into PDF without disturbing fonts, and it's possible through UPDF software. It can process multiple PPT documents through the batch feature and supports more than 14 formats for conversion.

2. Why does my font change when I convert PPT to PDF?

If your PPT file contains rare fonts that are not commonly available, your system will fail to generate a PDF with the original fonts. Besides, there is a chance that your PDF viewer hasn't rendered it correctly, and you need to embed fonts in the PPT to PDF converter.

3. How do I stop PowerPoint from changing fonts?

After learning the reason for changing fonts during the conversion process, let's fix this issue by heading to your PowerPoint file. There, click the "File" option from the top-left side and choose "Options" to access the PowerPoint settings. Now, use the "Save" option from the left side panel and access the "Embed Only the Character Used in the Presentation" option. You can use it to let others make edits in different fonts, but if you haven't any file size limitations, go for the "Embed all Characters" option and hit the "OK" button.


Now that you have learned about multiple methods to convert PPT to PDF without changing font regardless of the use cases. In addition, you have explored reasons for the failure of original font retention in the PPT to PDF file conversion. So far, UPDF has proved to be the ultimate platform for converting your PPT files into PDFs without changing any font.

It goes far beyond just conversion and offers you additional features that you can perform after PPT to PDF conversion. Therefore, it is suggested that you download the UPDF toolkit now and explore its limitless PDF-handling abilities yourself.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

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