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Edit PDF on Window Easily: Acrobat or Not, You Can Do It!

Editing PDF files directly in PDF format is not possible if you don’t have the right editing tool. When we talk about the Windows OS, no built-in tool is available to edit PDF documents. That’s why tools like Acrobat are used to edit PDF on Windows. However, it is not feasible for everyone due to high pricing. So, here we will share the 2 most effective ways of editing your PDF documents without Acrobat on a Windows PC.

Part 1. How to Edit PDF on Windows Without Acrobat?

Acrobat is not the only tool to use if you want to edit PDF documents on a Windows PC, as other cheaper and better alternatives are available. Below are the top 2 ways to edit PDF documents on a Windows PC without using Acrobat.

Way 1. The Best Tool "UPDF" to Edit PDF on Windows

The best way to edit PDF documents on a Windows PC is by using UPDF. UPDF is your best PDF editing, viewing, and sharing tool that packs features to cater to all your PDF documentation requirements. With a great feature list, it makes a perfect choice for offices, schools, teachers, students, and everyone who needs to work with PDF documents.

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Using UPDF brings lots of benefits your way, including the following pros:

  • UPDF allows annotating and commenting on documents for collaboration
  • UPDF AI ensures to make editing and optimizing PDF documents is easier for you to enhance your productivity
  • It comes with an OCR feature that brings 99% accuracy in its conversions for multiple languages
  • It is a complete suite of PDF editing tools with editing-sharing features.
  • You can edit text and images within the PDF documents using UPDF
  • UPDF allows you to export PDF files in multiple formats, including images, presentations, spreadsheets, word, etc.
  • It is available for computers, macs, android and iOS tablets, and smartphones.
  • One UPDF account works on all your devices and keeps your documents synod
  • UPDF Cloud provides cloud storage to keep your documents organized in one place

Along with all these benefits, editing your PDF documents is easy and requires only a few steps.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

1. Open UPDF and your PDF document in it

To start editing, you first need to open UPDF. You can locate its icon on the desktop; search for it in the Windows menu. Clicking on the UPDF icon will open it, and you will see the home screen. Click the "Open File" option to open the browse window. Now you can locate your PDF document from PC storage and click to select it. Click the "Open" button in the browser window to open the PDF document in UPDF.

Open file on UPDF to edit PDF on Windows

2. Edit your PDF document using UPDF.

Now you can edit the PDF document using editing options from the left menu. Starting with the "Comment" option, you can add text comments, textbox comments, pencil freehand comments, underline, highlight, and shape drawing options.

Using comment feature to edit PDF on Windows using UPDF

Below the comment option, there is an "Edit PDF" option. It allows you to edit any text in PDF by clicking it and replacing a text like a normal text editor. Additionally, you can add or edit images and hyperlinks in this option.

Additionally, there are options to “Organize Pages," "Crop Pages," and other page tools that include "Header and Footer," Watermark, etc. Select any option, click anywhere on the PDF, and start typing/editing.

3. Finish work and Save

Once you finish your work, press the "Control + S" buttons to save. Alternatively, click "File," select "Save," and proceed. This way, your work will be saved in the original PDF document. You can use the "Save AS" option from the File menu to save the work in a new PDF file.

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Way 2. Edit PDF for Free on Windows 10/11 Via Microsoft Word

If you already have MS Word installed on your Windows 10 or 11 PC running, you will not need Acrobat to edit PDF documents. However, you must note that the editing experience wouldn’t be as great as with UPDF, so it can impact your productivity. Word still gets the job done, and here is the step-by-step guide for using Word to edit PDF documents.

1. Right-click to open PDF with Word.

You can start by locating the PDF document on your computer. "Right-click" it and select the PDF then click "Open With" option. It will show some apps; if "MS Word" is not shown, click Choose another app. If you see "MS Word”, click it; otherwise, click the "More Apps" option below. Here you will see "Word”. Click to select it and press “OK” to open the PDF document in Word.

Edit PDF on windows using Word

2. Edit and save as PDF

As the PDF document opens in Word, you may see pop-up messages about formatting issues and data loss. Click "OK" on all of them. Now you will have the PDF document open in "Word" as a text file. So, you can edit its contents like you do with a Word Document. Once you are done editing, press the "Control + Shift + S" buttons together. Otherwise, go to "File" and "Save as," and then you need to select "PDF" instead of "Word Document" using the dropdown menu. Click "Save," and you will be done.

Save word as PDF to edit PDF on Windows

Part 2. How to Edit PDF Files on Windows with Acrobat

Now that you know the different ways to edit PDF on Windows without Acrobat, let's discuss how it is the edit with Acrobat. Acrobat also gives a healthy set of features with an old-school interface and experience. Follow these steps in Acrobat for editing your PDF files:

1. Open the file in Acrobat

Open "Adobe Acrobat" on your computer by double-clicking its desktop icon. Click "File" and go to "Open". Now find the PDF you want to open in the new pop-up window. Click PDF to select it and click "Open." Doing so will open that PDF document in Acrobat.

Open PDF in Adobe Acrobat

2. Edit PDF file

From the left top, click "Tools" and then click the "Edit PDF" option. Now you will see many PDF editing options, including Text, image, link, header and footer, watermark, crop, and more. Click any option, click anywhere on the PDF document, and you can edit it. Furthermore, a toolbar will be on the right side for in-depth editing options.

Edit PDF on Windows in Adobe Acrobat

3. Save your Edited file.

Once you are done with the edits, press the "Save" icon button right below the "Home" button on the left top section of the interface. Alternatively, you can use "Control + S" together, and it will save your work.

Save edited PDF in Adobe Acrobat

Part 3. FAQS About Editing a PDF on Windows

Editing PDF documents is a common use case for multiple individuals. That’s why people ask multiple questions about it. Below are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about editing PDF documents on a Windows PC.

Q1. Why can't I edit PDFs on Windows?

If you look for the built-in options, a PDF document opens on Microsoft Edge, the built-in browser. It provides a viewing experience; you can highlight content and add text comments. There are no editing capabilities beyond that, which goes the same for most other browsers. Since there are no built-in PDF editors, you need to download third-party tools, and only then can you edit PDFs on Windows PC.

Q2. How to edit PDF in Paint on Windows 10?

The Paint app on Windows OS has some PDF editing capabilities. You can launch the Microsoft Paint app and then open the PDF document. You will go into editing mode by clicking the Edit button, where you may paste an image into the PDF document. Besides, no in-depth PDF editing options are available in the MS Paint app either.

Q3. Can You Edit PDF Documents in Windows Office 365?

Microsoft Office 365 has many tools and applications, and MS Word is one of them. MS Word is a tool that can open and convert PDF documents into editable documents. That way, you can edit the text in those PDF documents and then save them again as a PDF document. Although it gets the job done, the process is not simple, and there are multiple formatting issues.

Final Words

If you need to edit PDF on Windows, Acrobat is the first tool you will come across. It is a paid old-school tool that has been there for years. Although it is expensive, it still gets the job done, and that’s what it is famous for. However, it is not the most efficient option since there are better options. In this guide, we discussed the 2 ways of editing your PDF documents without using Acrobat.

UPDF is one of those ways, and it is a better and cheaper solution than most PDF editor tools out there. It packs PDF editing and sharing features to meet all your needs and comes at extremely competitive prices. The best part is that it is available on other computer and mobile platforms to provide a unified and synced experience.

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