Utilizing Master PDF Editor and Its No-Cost Alternative: A How-To Guide

Editing PDF documents allow you to customize them to meet your specific requirements. However, it is not always easy since it is impossible to edit files in PDF formats unless you use PDF editing tools. The good thing is that there are several tools you can use to edit PDFs. These tools differ in their efficiency and that is why you should use the most efficient ones. Master PDF Editor is a great tool you can use in the PDF editing process with its great features. Another great tool is the UPDF editor which is the best alternative to Master PDF Editor.

The Best Alternative to Master PDF Editor

UPDF is the best alternative to Master PDF Editor with its user-friendly and powerful features. It allows you to edit all formats of PDFs by adding texts, changing texts on PDF documents, and deleting texts. Besides, UPDF also helps to crop, add, rotate, replace, and extract images on your PDF. With the tool, you have a clear view of the documents thus allowing you to read them effectively.

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If you have PDF documents with many pages, the editor makes it easy for you to organize PDF pages to suit your requirements. You can do replacement, extraction, insertion, delete or split the pages. Besides, you can also annotate PDFs by striking out or highlighting text in your PDF files.

The security of your PDF files is very crucial. UPDF editor allows you to protect your data from unauthorized access. You can create permissions and passwords on your PDF files. In addition, you can also create a handwritten or electronic signature on your official PDF documents.

One of the features that put UPDF apart from Master PDF Editor is the ability to edit scanned PDF files. With Master PDF Editor on Mac, it's not possible to edit the files created through your scanner. The only thing you can do is edit the images on the PDF. However, with UPDF, it's possible to edit the scanned files to editable text with the OCR feature. Thus, even if you create a PDF with your scanner, you can be able to add or delete texts as per your needs.

UPDF editor features a simple and beautiful interface that requires no learning curve. You also enjoy the feature that allows you to convert your PDF to editable versions and vice versa.

How to Use Master PDF Editor Alternative to Edit PDF

Using UPDF editor, the best Master PDF Editor alternative is easy and straightforward. Below are the simple steps on how to edit PDFs with UPDF.

Step 1. Enter into the Editing Mode

Download and install UPDF to your device. After installation opens the editor. On the left bar menu, tap the "Edit PDF" button to allow the editor to go to the editing mode and showcase the editing toolbar.

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Step 2. Edit PDF Document

After you tap the "Edit PDF" button in the first step, the tool enters the editing mode revealing a purple borderline. This allows you to perform all the edits you want on the text, images, and links on your PDF document. The editing process is easy since it is similar to when you write on Word files. Here UPDF editor allows you to add, modify, and delete the paragraphs and texts on your PDF.

When you click texts the editor allows you to change the font size, font type, font color, and other aspects. Note that when you click the "Edit PDF" button you find the editing toolbar that looks like this. You can see all the features that make the PDF editing process easy.

Even if you have images on your PDF files, UPDF allows you to edit the images to meet your needs. Pick the image you want to edit and make all the changes you want. You can extract, rotate, replace, or crop the images to suit your requirements.

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Step 3. Add New Text

With the editing toolbar open, you will see a "Text" icon. Click it to add text and then click your mouse on the area where you want to add text to your PDF document. By doing this you create a text box to add your text. Here you can change the font size, color, and others. You can also do the same steps to add images or links to PDF.

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How to Use Master PDF Editor to Edit PDF

Master PDF Editor for free is an easy-to-use tool with rich features. Here are steps on how to use the Master PDF Editor full to edit your PDF.

Step 1: Download and install

Start by performing the Master PDF Editor download and install it on your operating system. Simply download the tool by running the program.

Step 2: Launch the master pdf editor

After you have installed the tool, you can now launch it to start the PDF editing process.

Step 3: Import PDF files to edit

Once you launch the Master PDF Editor on Mac, export the PDF file you want to edit onto the software.

Step 4: Start Editing

Once you click on the Master PDF Editor you can do all the required changes to the imported PDF files. With the tool, you can change the PDF file, add bookmarks and encrypt your PDF documents. Besides, you can also add sticky notes and highlight your text as needed. You can also annotate your PDF files, create digital signatures, and create and fill in forms.


You can use Master PDF Editor to edit PDFs. but you will find the interface is very complex, many steps are very tedious. This is actually the problem of many PDF editors. But UPDF is a good solution to this problem. Each operation is simple and clear, without any learning curve you can directly get started to operate.

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