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Top 5 Bates Numbering Programs (Free and Paid)

Bates Numbering is vital for professional and legal PDF documents. There are many Bates numbering program options that you can use for this purpose, which come with varying features. Thus, it may be difficult for you to choose the one that is suitable for your needs. So, in this article, we will discuss the best 5 options you can pick, including both free and paid options. You do not need to search around to compare and can get the one you need directly here.

Part 1. 5 Best Bates Numbering Tools

Here, we will discuss the best 5 tools to pick from according to their Bates numbering features, pros, cons, and pricing. So, you can easily pick the tool that offers you the best value.

1. UPDF - Paid but Powerful PDF Bates Numbering Tool

The primary tool for adding Bates numbering to your PDF documents is UPDF because it brings almost every feature that you will need for adding Bates numbering to your PDF documents. You can add Bates numbering to individual documents, in batches, and in batches in the form of a series so all documents are connected.

Setting positioning of the Bates numbering in PDF is simple, with 6 preset options and the option to set the margins numerically. In addition to that, you can set the starting number, prefix, and suffix for adding Bates numbering. UPDF allows you to resize the Bates numbering font and allows you to choose from multiple fonts as well. 

You can download UPDF by the below links to check all features directly. It is completely free to have a try.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

bates numbering updf


  • Allows adding Bates numbering in reverse
  • Supports underlining the Bates numbering in PDF
  • Use the color of choice for adding Bates numbering to the PDF


  • The font styles are mentioned in their name instead of mentioning the digit styles, which can be confusing.


UPDF Pro comes at the price of $29.99 for annual subscription and US$49.99 for lifetime access. The price is very cheap as it does not only offer bates numbering features, but also all PDF editing features. So, if you want to enjoy all its benefits when you add Bates numbering to your PDF documents, you can download and try UPDF via the below button and purchase the pro version here if you like it.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

Video guide on How to Batch Add Bates Numbers to PDF on Windows

2. Adobe Acrobat - Paid and Expensive PDF Bates Numbering Tool

Adobe Acrobat comes at a very expensive price that is not manageable for everyone. However, if you have an Adobe Acrobat subscription, then you can use it for adding Bates Numbers to your PDF documents.

Like UPDF, it also supports adding Bates Numbers to individual PDFs and batches. However, the experience is difficult due to the complex interface of Adobe Acrobat. Moreover, you can change the margin position numerically, and it supports changing the font, size, color, and underline status of the text.

It not only allows you to easily add Bates Numbers to PDF but also allows you to remove them with one click. Since you don't have to manually remove the numbers from every page, this process becomes extremely easy for you.

bates numbering in adobe acrobat


  • Allows you to save your settings for bates numbers that bring convenience
  • Allows complete control over the position and appearance of Bates numbering
  • Shows a real-time preview of how your Bates Numbering will appear so you can adjust before finalizing.


  • Adding Bates numbering requires you to go through a complex process each time.


Adobe Acrobat Pro is available at US$239.88 for an annual subscription.

3. DeftPDF - Best Free Online Bates Numbering Tool

DeftPDF brings the best online and free tool for adding Bates Numbering to your PDF documents. It is because its free operation brings you reasonable resources and limits to add Bates Numbering. Here, you can completely customize the Bates Numbering style, sequence, and positioning to ensure that the Bates Numbers do not interfere with the original content of the Document.

It shows multiple pre-built styles of Bates Numbering that you can select from, and then you can customize them. The real-time Bates Numbering preview ensures that you finalize after checking how and where your Bates Numbers will appear. Since it supports numbering documents in sequence, you have to manage the page numbering only, and that way, multiple documents can be numbered in one sequence.

deftpdf bates numbering


  • Allows customizing the name of the resultant file before downloading for easier identification.
  • Compatible with Google Drive and Dropbox for online document saving.
  • Add numbers in headers and footers of one or multiple files


  • The free usage is not completely free, and if you want unlimited experience, you need to purchase a subscription.


DeftPDF is available at the price of US$49.99 for an annual subscription.

4. i2PDF - Free PDF Bates Numbering Tool But With Ads

If you want a PDF tool for adding Bates Numbering to your documents, then you need to try i2PDF. Being a free tool, it misses some important features like saving Bates Numbering Templates or batch Bates Numbering inserting. However, it brings the most basic Bates Numbering features like adding to PDF documents and customizing your Bates Numbering Preferences.

It gives customizable page options for adding Bates Numbers, which include Header and Footer line choices options to numerically change margin size, font style, and font size. Moreover, it allows for a change of the prefix of Bates Numbers. Users can select the number of digits and writing style from a list of preset options.

i2pdf bates numberfing


  • Easy to select the location of Bates Numbers on the page
  • Option to change the start value of Bates Numbering in a document for sequenced numbering in documents.
  • Option to change the start page while adding Bates Numbering for skipping the first few pages on purpose.


  • Ads can be irritating since there is no paid version to remove them.


It is a 100% free tool.

5. Sedja - Easy to Use Online Free PDF Bates Numbering Tool

Sejda PDF is available on both Web and Desktop platforms, but its online version provides a rather easier experience of adding Bates Numbering. Its Bates Numbering features start with selecting and customizing a style for adding numbering to PDF, and the real-time preview helps you customize the style to pinpoint perfection.

It has a counter for Bates sequence and file number as well. So, if you are adding Bates Numbering to multiple files, you can keep them in the right sequence. Before you finish and save your work, it gives you the option to create a new name for the PDF document, which will make finding the new version easier. Moreover, it brings basic features like increasing or decreasing the font size and color of the text in Bates Numbering.

sejda bates numberfing


  • Easy dropdown menu to select Numbering position from 6 options
  • Keeps things simple by only providing 3 font choices
  • Option to increase margins or leave them unchanged.


  • The online operation can be slow at times, and it is completely dependent on an internet connection.


Sejda is available for US$63 per year for both online and offline usage. There is also a monthly web subscription option available for US$7.50.

Part 2. Which One is The Best PDF Bates Numbering Tool

Usability factors are the most important when it comes to selecting a PDF Bates numbering tool. You can find both free and paid options, but the most important thing is how each of the tools offers you value. So, after introducing the tools in the previous section, we will compare these tools with a comparison table, including the most important features to look for.

Items UPDFAdobe AcrobatDeftPDFi2PDFSejda
Add Bates Numbering to PDFInsert Bates Numbering to One PDF
 Batch Insert  Bates Numbers to PDF files
 Customize Bates Numbers
 Save Bates Numbers Templates
Page ToolsAdd Footer and Header
 Add Watermark
 Add Background

This comparison table clearly shows how UPDF is the better option among all available options. Even if it is a paid tool, it brings much better value than other paid tools discussed here. More importantly, UPDF brings all the features that are not available in free versions of online tools, making it the better choice. So, if you also want the premium PDF editing experience, purchase UPDF Pro.

Final Words

A Bates numbering program can make the work of numbering PDF documents and organizing them almost effortless. No matter how long a document is or how many documents there are, this tool will add numbering to every page in the correct position with great consistency every time. Hence making the job significantly easier for you.

However, it is still very important that you carefully select the PDF editor tool for the Bates numbering feature. If you are confused about which tool to pick, then you need to try UPDF since it brings the most amazing feature range with an easy experience.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

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