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How to Copy Text from Secured PDF?  (100% Workable Way)

Some PDF documents come with password protection only for opening the document and need passwords for editing, copying, and printing. Hence, it becomes important to learn how to copy text from secured PDFs whether you have a password or not. This guide contains 100% working ways to copy the contents of a secured PDF.

Part 1. How to Copy Text from a Secured PDF Document with Password?

The first method we will discuss here is when you have the password for that document. In this case, we will use UPDF to copy text from that document since it supports password protection and removing security features.

With UPDF, you can set a password for opening a document or select certain permissions like restricting copying or printing. Similarly, it allows you to remove existing passwords from PDF documents, and you can also get an overview of the security settings applied to a document previously.

With such in-depth protection features, UPDF is the best choice for working on such documents. So, download it on your PC and follow the steps below to copy the text for password-secured documents when you have their password:

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

1. Open PDF in UPDF and Enter Edit PDF mode

To copy the contents of a PDF document that is password protected for copying, you need to open it in UPDF. That can be done by double-clicking the document. It will open in Reader mode, and from there, you need to click the "Edit PDF" mode option from the left pane.

how to copy text from secured pdf enter passwords

2. Enter the password to authenticate and copy content.

UPDF will show a popup window where you need to insert the password for the document. Once you authenticate with that password, UPDF will permit you to copy content. Now click on any text block to make it editable, select and copy the desired text and paste it anywhere.

how to copy text from secured pdf copy content

What Else Can UPDF Do for You?

UPDF not only brings password protection-related features, but it packs lots of other features regarding PDF editing and sharing. Some of the best features here include:

  • UPDF AI chatbot integration for summarizing and translating content or generating ideas
  • PDF Form designing and editing with interactive fields
  • OCR features with over 99% accuracy for several international languages
  • Batch processing for working on multiple documents at once
  • Converting PDF to other formats and other formats to PDF
  • Flatten PDF feature for removing fillable fields from the document
  • Sharing PDF document with QR code or email
  • Editing PDF images, links, and text
  • Optimizing PDF
  • Page organizing features for inserting, deleting, replacing, and organizing pages.

UPDF brings you all these and many other features that you can enjoy by downloading it on your PC and purchasing the premium subscription at a cheap price.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

Part 2. How to Copy Text from Secured PDF without a Password?

Sometimes, the PDF document does not require a password to open it, but it does require a password for copying content or editing the document. If you don't have the password for that document, then you can be in a lot of trouble, but UPDF brings you the right solution for this situation. It is the option where you will use the screenshot feature of your OS and then process OCR on that screenshot to copy the text with UPDF.

Since UPDF offers amazing accuracy with its OCR feature, the chances of mistakes or changes in the text are minimal. Another feature that you will be using in this process is creating PDFs from other file formats since we will be working with an image screenshot of the text. Follow the below guide to copy text from secured PDF without a password.

1. Open PDF and take screenshot of the content you want to copy

Open the PDF document in UPDF in the Reader mode. Do it by double-clicking the UPDF icon and then selecting the PDF file you want to open. Once you are in the reader mode, the document won't allow you to edit it or copy the contents since it is password protected.

However, you can take a screenshot of the contents in Reader mode. You may use any built-in screenshot tool, depending on your OS. For Windows users, snip Sketch might be the easiest option. Save that screenshot before proceeding to the next step.

how to copy text from secured pdf screenshot

2. Open screenshot with UPDF

Now, you need to open a new tab in UPDF and click File. Use the Create option via clicking "File" and choose "PDF from Image" from the "Create" dropdown menu. Doing so will create a PDF document of that image, and it will open in UPDF. In this part of the process, you don't need to worry whether the screenshot is saved as a PNG JPG or any other image format. It is because UPDF supports working with multiple popular image formats and effortlessly creates PDF documents from them.

how to copy text from secured pdf create from imgae

3. Perform OCR and copy text from the OCR File.

The final step will be performing OCR on that screenshot. So, navigate to the right pane and click the "OCR" button. Change settings according to your image and click the "Perform OCR" button. Using the browse window, select a location for saving the OCR file. Now, you can open that OCRed file and copy contents by using the Edit PDF option.

how to copy text from secured pdf ocr

In this way, you can copy the contents of a PDF document that is password-protecting for copying but still is available to view without a password.

Part 3. FAQS About Copying Text from Secured PDF

Q1. How to Copy Text from Secured PDF on Mac?

Here are the steps to copy text from a secured PDF on a Mac:

  1. Open the PDF on Mac in the UPDF app
  2. Click "Edit PDF" and authenticate by giving the password
  3. Double-click the text box to select and copy content on the Mac

Now, you may paste that content anywhere to save it out of the PDF.

Q2. How to Copy Text from Secured PDF Online?

To copy text from password-protected PDF documents online, you first need an online PDF editor like PDFfiller. After finding the right editor, you can follow these steps:

  1. Open your PDF and enter the password
  2. Highlight text by dragging cursor on it
  3. Copy text from that PDF document

Q3. How to Copy Text from Secured PDF on iPhone?

Below are the steps to copy text from a secured PDF on iPhone

  1. Open PDF in the iPhone UPDF app and unlock the PDF with the password
  2. Hold to select text and drag the text selection identifiers
  3. Tap on "Copy" to copy the content

Q4. How to Copy Text from Secured PDF on Android?

Download the UPDF app on Android and follow the steps to copy text from a secured PDF document:

  1. Open PDF in UPDF and authenticate using the password
  2. Hold to select text and drag the text selection identifiers
  3. Tap on "Copy" to copy the content
  4. Paste anywhere on your phone to save it.

With these simple steps, UPDF can be used to copy text from secured PDF documents on Android smartphones and tablets.

Final Words

Password-protected documents are great for privacy and security, but sometimes password protection is only used to stop people from editing the documents. It is because some users have PDF editors, and they edit the original document, which can cause credibility issues. However, it can cause issues for the users who only want to copy the text from those documents.

With this guide, we hope you have learned effective ways to copy text from secured PDFs. With UPDF, you can copy text from protected documents whether you have their password or not. Having the password makes things quicker, but the process isn't long either with the OCR method when you don't have a password.

The only requirement here is to have a password for copying and not for viewing the document. So, if you also want to copy text from PDF documents with or without their password, download UPDF for free and try right now.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

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