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How to Copy Text from PDF in 3 Free Ways

For various reasons, the content in the PDF requires a copy for further processing. While viewing them in PDF readers, it is difficult to copy the text from the file. Do you know how to copy text from PDF? There are different methods to create a copy of PDF texts. This article showcases an efficient application - UPDF to copy text from PDF without any data loss.

Three unique methods are discussed below and you can choose the compatible one that matches your needs. The foremost goal of this article is to enlighten you on the optimal way to copy texts from PDFs. The file format of PDF is complex, an efficient tool helps to work precisely. Handle the PDFs with the right tool and get the best out of it.

The Best Free Tool to Copy Words from PDF

UPDF aids you to copy texts from PDF effortlessly. You can work on the PDF by editing the file. It adds comfortable and the in-built features offer many options to customize the PDFs. You can connect with this article to explore the best ways to edit the PDF file professionally. Use the UPDF application to edit the texts in PDF. You can rewrite the existing texts, add extra words, personalize the images, and annotate the content efficiently.

how to copy text from pdf

It is an exclusive program specially designed to work with PDFs. It is free to use and has a simple interface to serve the user’s needs. Even a newbie user works on the PDF effortlessly and you do not require any technical skills. Tap the appropriate controls on the UPDF to make necessary changes to the content.

The key features of the UPDF program

  • Add, edit, and customize the texts in the PDF by tapping the Edit mode
  • Rotate, crop, and cut the images on the PDF with the help of this app
  • This tool assists you to highlight, annotate, and PDF content easily
  • Use this tool to copy desired texts from the PDF for further use
  • Offers a secure channel to work on the PDFs professionally
  • Totally free to use and there are no limits at all

These are the remarkable functionalities of this tool. You can install this app and use them for personal and professional use efficiently. All the controls are explicit and you can use them hassle-free.

Method 1. How to Copy Text from PDF with UPDF

Here, you will learn how to copy text from PDF using the UPDF app. It has a simple process and it is enough if you follow the below guide cautiously.

Step 1: Open the PDF document

Download the app from its official webpage and install it by following the instruction wizard. Then, launch the tool. Immediately, upload the PDF file by hitting the Open File button.

copy text from pdf

Step 2: Use the Edit mode

Now, click the Edit option in the menu and select the texts on the PDF by tapping the cursor on the desired content. To copy the texts, press CTRL+C on your keyboard and paste it on any file followed by CTRL+V.

copy text from pdf

It is a simple approach to copy the PDF texts and use them on any file for future reference. The common CTRL+C and CTRL+V method is used and aids to perform this task without data loss.

Method 2. How to Copy Text from PDF with Chrome PDF Viewer

Another stunning method to copy texts from PDF is using a Chrome PDF viewer. This environment aids you to copy the PDF texts quickly. Follow the below steps to select and copy the PDF content with Chrome Viewer.

Step 1: Open the PDF in Google Chrome. Right-click the PDF file and choose the Google Chrome option from the expanded items. The PDF file opens in Chrome to make further edits efficiently.

Step 2: Copy and paste the texts from the PDF loaded in Google Chrome using the CTRL+C and CTRL+V options.

This method helps you read and copy PDF texts quickly without any data loss.

Method 3. How to Copy Text from PDF with Google Drive

Here comes Google Drive to perform the copy text operation on the PDF file. It is enough if you know to open the PDF in the Google Drive interface to carry out desired tasks on the PDF content. Log in with your Google Drive account before trying the below steps.

Step 1. Upload the PDF document to Google Drive.

Step 2: Make right-click on the PDF and select Google Drive from the displayed options. The PDF discloses in the Google Drive environment and you can make further edits precisely.

Step 3: Click the cursor at the desired content on the PDF, select them and press CTRL+C to copy the highlighted texts and CTRL+V to paste them on any file type for further reference.

Google Drive seems to be another simplest way to copy texts in PDF. This environment allows limited edits on the PDF. Use this platform to view the content and make a copy of it effortlessly.


Thus, you had an informative discussion on how to copy texts from PDFs. Surf the above-discussed three methods and select the one that best suits your needs. Google Drive and Google Chrome allow you limited edits on the PDF. The UPDF aids you to perform a wide range of PDF edits without losing its quality factors. An efficient program and easy to use even while working on complex PDFs. Despite file size, the PDFs load quickly into their working space for further edits. This app is highly recommended and even a newbie user works on it comfortably without any complaints. Connect with UPDF and edit the PDFs as per your requirements. Stay tuned with this article to choose the perfect PDF editor for flawless edits that meets your expectations.