What Is the Best Free Alternative to LibreOffice PDF Editor?

LibreOffice PDF Editor has been the customer's choice for many years because of its space efficiency and easy installation. But with changing dynamics in file extensions, individuals are now requiring more advanced and detailed software, making UPDF an excellent choice for everyone. It is a user-friendly free PDF editor tool that works with Windows and Mac.

The Best Alternative to Libreoffice PDF Editor

PDF editors are known for the safe transfer of documents and quick processing. With Libreoffice being in the same category, it has been downloaded by millions of users online. However, this software lacks some essential features, which have been catered to well by the UPDF. 

Supports Windows 7 or later100% secure

Supports macOS 10.14.6 or later100% secure

100% secure

100% secure

libreoffice pdf editor

Designed by Superace Software, the UPDF is a great desktop application for users to edit text and images in PDF documents. One of the best features is the user-friendly AI that allows users to add multiple files for viewing and editing.

 UPDF is an excellent tool for modifying documents. Below are some of its features.

  • Add text on PDF document easily. Edit the text and image on PDF freely.
  • Annotate PDF documents with free-hand drawing, stamps, text box, strikeout, underline, highlight, etc.
  • Read and view PDF documents with various reading modes. Navigate PDF with the navigation tools and add bookmarks to your PDF while reading.
  • Rearrange PDF pages with the Pages option.
  • 100% free with a beautiful and energetic user interface.

The UPDF renders a quick download option and a simple user interface to enhance the user's workflow. Although this software entails more features, these are a cut above the rest. So, what are you waiting for? Discard your present software with UPDF and enjoy.

How to Edit PDF without LibreOffice PDF Editor

As mentioned above, UPDF comes with a simple user interface that helps quickly complete tasks. It is convenient for everyone and can be easily downloaded from its website. The 4-step process described below will aid you in its usage.   

Step 1: Edit the PDF Document

When you reach the interface section, click "Open File" to upload the file from your PC. Once added, you can select the 'Edit' option, taking you to the editing mode. Here, you can choose the desired editing options. 

libre office pdf editor

Step 2: Editing Mode

When you want to modify (add or delete text), make sure a blue line within the interface borders the text. You can then change the text's size, color, and design. These features are present in the editing toolbar on the top of the screen, represented with clear and broad icons. It is a user-friendly and straightforward mode, which individuals can use without any hassles.    

libre office pdf editor

Step 3: Add Text to PDF

There is a '+ Text' icon on the toolbar at the top. This icon represents the 'Add Text' function. Click the icon and move the pointer to the desired spot to add text to your data.

libre office pdf editor

Step 4: Edit PDF Image 

You can edit various features through this option when dealing with images, like width and height. To change the dimensions, select the file and apply the necessary changes. You can also crop, rotate, replace, and extract the image as an output file. 

libre office pdf editor

Video Tutorial on How to Edit a PDF File on Windows

How to Use Libreoffice PDF Editor?    

Libreoffice PDF Editor is a document editor that can edit PDF documents and convert them into different file formats. It can change the design, font size, and various other features of the text or image present in the document. Below are some steps on how to use this software.

libreoffice draw pdf editor

Step 1: Import PDF

Pick the PDF file through the Finder and place it in the main section. You can also use the 'Open' option and navigate to the desired location. Select the ones to convert once all the files are imported. 

Step # 2: Edit PDF text

Go to the Text panel to manage your editing tools. Click on the 'Add Text' option if you want to insert some text. On the other hand, you can use the text selection tool to remove extra text. There is a panel on the right-hand side to select the text font, color, and style.

Step # 3: Edit PDF pages

To edit PDF documents, go to the 'Organize Pages' panel. Select' Blank Page' from the Insert section if you want to start a new PDF file. Or, if you're going to add pages from an existing PDF, you can click on the Insert button and choose 'From PDF.' You can add a table, image, chart, comment, or even a video clip in the text.

Step # 4: Save the document

Click on 'File' and then 'Export As' to save the edited version. Then select the 'Export as PDF' button. Or, if you use the 'Save As' button, Libreoffice will use the .odg file format to save your document.


On a closing note, we have gone through immense detail on the two different PDF editors (Libre office PDF Editor and UPDF). As the latter entails better and more advanced features, you would likely opt for it. UPDF is also one of the safest software available on the Internet. It allows for enterprise-grade encryption that keeps the document out of harm's way. Also, you can edit multiple PDF files in a single go.

Supports Windows 7 or later100% secure

Supports macOS 10.14.6 or later100% secure

100% secure

100% secure