The Best Alternative to Easeus PDF Editor for Free

EaseUS PDF editor is a first-rate document management app. The software allows users to create, view, edit, convert, and perform other functions with PDFs and other document configurations. Here is a brief EaseUS PDF editor review.

Nonetheless, as a PDF user, there are several other features that you need to look out for in your PDF editor. For instance, does the software provide annotation functions? Does it enable you to organize PDF files seamlessly? How really good are the editing tools?

If you want a PDF editor that avails you of all these features and more, then you may reconsider completing an EaseUS PDF editor download. In our research on the apps that can serve as good alternatives to the EaseUS PDF editor, we arrived at the UPDF.

Best Alternative to EaseUS PDF Editor

The UPDF is a comprehensive application that offers top-notch end-to-end PDF use and management experience. One of the most basic actions you can carry out on the UPDF is to create a new PDF file. True to its versatility, the app provides multiple options for you to do so. For one, you can open a new document, just as you do with, say, a Microsoft Word file. On the other hand, you can convert an existing document into another file format. These include Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and images saved in JPEG, PNG, and GIF configurations.

Then, UPDF enables users to effect modifications to already existing PDF files. The specific editing functions you can perform include adding and deleting texts and images.

One of the ways in which the UPDF beats the EaseUS PDF Editor Pro is in organizing PDF documents. Users can extract pages from one section of the document for transfer to another section. Alternatively, you can extract entire pages for pasting in another document. You can also insert new pages between existing ones or replace them entirely.

In addition, UPDF possesses highly effective annotating tools. For instance, users can add highlights to any area of a document, or underline them. You can also use the "Strikeout" tool on unwanted sections. Likewise, you can add notes and signatures and protect the PDF files through either passwords or permission restrictions.

Furthermore, a quite attractive offering of the UPDF app is its superior Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software. The strong OCR can extract texts from images and convert image-based PDFs into text-based ones. This then makes the texts seamlessly editable.

Finally, UPDF offers users the ability to convert their PDF files into other document formats. These include Word, Excel, and PowerPoint and various image configurations.

How to Use EaseUS PDF Editor Alternative to Edit PDF Files

Having become familiar with the unique benefits and attractive features that you are set to get with the UPDF, the next obvious step is to download the app to edit your files. Upon download, follow the steps below whenever you need to edit a PDF file:

STEP 1: Enter into the Editing Mode

When you read PDFs on the UPDF, they are often in the default "View" mode. To alter the PDF, you need to make it editable by launching the editing mode. You will find the "Edit" button at the top-middle section of the viewing interface.

STEP 2: Use Any of the Editing Tools

Clicking the "Edit" button will reveal a set of editing actions that you can carry out on the app. These include changing the texts’ font type, size, and color. You can also alter the page layout and alignment just as you have with Microsoft Word.

STEP 3: Modify or Add Text Using the Textbox

One of the key selling points of the UPDF is the ability to modify texts as you can with word processing software.

Among the functions that you find on the editing toolbar is a giant "T" and then a smaller "T". The larger "T" represents the Textbox, enabling you to type texts in any part of the document.

Upon clicking, drag the textbox to the segment you wish to edit and start typing.

If you wish to add special characters such as "Art Texts", then select the smaller "T."

STEP 4: Edit Images

UPDF also enables you to alter images, and all you need is to select the image by double-clicking it. This will reveal a range of editing actions you can try out on your image.

These actions are represented by images, and they include "Rotate", "Crop", "Extract", and "Delete."

Other features that you can edit include the resolution and size.

How to Use EaseUS PDF Editor to Edit PDF Files

One of the key features of the EaseUS PDF editor is its emphasis on security. The software protects files uploaded with 256-bit encryption, which is the standard for financial-grade security.

Another feature provided by the EaseUS PDF editor Pro 2021 is customizing your documents. As a result, EaseUS PDF editor users can perform such functions as adding and removing watermarks and adjusting templates for personal use.  The EaseUS PDF editor Pro also enables users to collaborate seamlessly on a singular document simultaneously.

The process of editing texts and images on the EaseUS PDF Editor Pro may differ slightly based on whether you are using a Windows PC or Mac.

Editing PDFs with EaseUS PDF Editor  Pro on Windows

  • Launch the PDF file by clicking the "Open Files" button on the bottom-left section of the EaseUS PDF Editor homepage.
  • Upon opening the document, you will find the "Edit" sign on the toolbar at the top of the page, next to the "Convert" button. Clicking it will reveal a dropdown containing various options. Finally, you will find the "Edit Text & Images" sign towards the bottom.
  • Then, move your mouse to select the texts or images you wish to edit.
  • However, if you wish to add new texts or images, click either the "Add Text" or "Add Image" button.

Upon clicking any of the options, move your mouse to the document section in which you want to add the texts or images.


PDF editing apps are regularly improving, with more updated and helpful features being added. So, you should only go for the software that offers the most up-to-date tools. Among the several options, UPDF ranks high, and thus, you should consider downloading it. Then, upon download, you can follow the guidelines to get your PDF files edited.