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Edit PDFs In Google Drive Without Third Party Tools – A Digital Handbook

There are different tools you can use to edit PDF documents. Most of these tools are designed with features that allow you to add, delete and make other modifications to ensure that your files meet your needs. The PDF editor you choose depends on your preferences and editing needs. One of the tools you can use is Google Drive. You can edit PDFs in Google Drive and make the necessary changes to your document. Here is a guide on how to edit PDFs in Google Drive and UPDF editor which is the best alternative.

The Best Alternative to Google Drive for Editing PDF

The best alternative to edit PDFs from Google Drive is using the UPDF- PDF editor. The tool offers fast speed and high performance when editing PDFs. With its high speed, you can rely on the tool if you handle a lot of PDF documents. UPDF editor enables you to edit PDF text by deleting, adding, or modifying texts. For images, you can also make changes such as cropping, adding, deleting, replacing, or extracting the images. During the editing process, you can read and view the PDF files.

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edit pdf with updf

If you are handling PDFs with many pages, the UPDF editor is a great companion for you because you can organize all the PDF pages to suit your requirements. The tool allows you to split, insert, extract and delete pages as you wish. You can also annotate PDF by underlining, highlighting, striking out, or even adding notes to your PDF files.

Editing scanned PDF documents offer a lot of challenges to many people because most editors don't have this option. However, the UPDF editor features advanced OCR that allows for quick conversion of the scanned PDFs to editable versions. Unlike when you edit PDF in Google Drive, you don't have to convert your PDF to other formats to make the editing process possible.  You can do the edits on the PDF file makes it more efficient and convenient to use.

Unlike when editing PDFs with Google Drive, the UPDF editor allows you to secure your files by creating permissions and passwords. This ensures your files cannot be accessed by third parties without your permission.  Adding hand-written or digital signatures is also possible when using the tool.

With Google Drive, you cannot create and fill PDF forms, but this is made easy and fast when using the UPDF editor. If you would like to convert your PDF to other editable formats, it allows for fast conversions. You can also convert back your PDF file to any of the editable versions.

With the simple interface, you find UPDF more enjoyable to use than when using Google Drive to edit the PDFs. The files also don't lose their original format with the UPDF editor as it happens with Google Drive whereby images may look distorted.

Besides the offline alternatives to editing PDFs in Google Drive, here are some other online PDF editors you can learn about.

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How to Edit PDF with Google Drive Alternative

You can easily edit your PDF document with UPDF editor, the best Google Drive alternative with these steps.

Step 1. Enter into the Editing Mode

When you install the UPDF editor, launch it and then click the "Edit PDF" button located on the left menu bar. The tool enters the editing mode and now you can access the entire editing toolbar.

how to edit pdf

Step 2. Edit the Texts, Images amd Links in PDF

With the editing toolbar open, you can now start to edit your PDF document.  Edit the images, texts and links easily since the toolbar looks the same as the one on a Word document.  So, you also find it very familiar as you do all the edits that you want on your PDF document.

It allows you to delete, add, and modify the paragraphs and texts. By clicking text, the tool allows you to alter the font color, size, type, and other features.

edit text in editing pdf

If there are images on your PDF document, you can edit them by selecting the image. Then, you can crop, rotate, replace or extract the image on your PDF documents.  

edit image in editing pdf

You can edit links whether its link to webpage or inside the PDF document.

edit links in editing pdf

After choosing "Link" icon, you can edit select link to edit. There are "Link Type", "Line Style", "Line Thickness" and "Border Color" for you to customize.

Step 3. Add Text to PDF

There is a "Text" icon on the editing toolbar. Tap the "Text" and then click your mouse to where you would like to add the text.  Create a text box to add the text.

add text in editing pdf

Video Tutorial on How to Edit a PDF File on Windows

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How to Edit PDFs in Google Drive

Here are the steps on how to edit a PDF document in Google Drive.

Step 1: Start by opening Google Drive in your browser.

Step 2: You have two options to add the PDF files you want to edit. Click "New" > "File Upload" and then browse the PDF file you want to upload. The other option is to click and drag the PDF document from your files.

edit pdfs in google drive

When the PDF file upload is complete, you will find the file among the many other files on Google drive.

Note that you can read and preview your PDF file, but you cannot edit or fill the forms. Besides, you cannot copy text scanned into a PDF.  So, you have to convert your files to Google Docs to perform the edits. Google Drive allows you to transform PDF into Google Docs allowing you to edit. The inbuilt OCR capability in the Google Drive allows text in images gets transferred to the document. 

Step 3: Now right-click the PDF file you uploaded and choose "Open with" Google Docs.

how to edit pdfs in google drive

Step 4: Perform the PDF edits in Google Drive.

When the PDF document is open, you can easily edit the images, text, or link.  It's easy since your file has the qualities of a word document that is easy to edit. After doing the edits, you can save your document back as a PDF and save it on your device.


Editing PDFs in Google Docs has a lot of disadvantages, such as when you open a PDF in Google Docs, the layout the formatting will lose. Your best choice is to use a professional PDF editor - UPDF. It provides a professional PDF editing feature and you can edit the PDF documents without losing the formatting. It's an offline app doesn't need stable Internet, you'll not have to worry about data loss neither. Download UPDF today and give it a try, it'll never let you down.

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