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How to Type into a PDF - 3 Free Ways to Do it!

When working with PDFs for personal and professional use, there is a need to make changes to the existing content. Either you will edit the existing texts or type into PDF new words to add extra value to the facts. A mere reader will not accompany this action. The PDF viewer tools aid in looking at the content for reference and there will be no options to make changes to it. You should grab an efficient editor to add texts, and images and annotate the PDF content hassle-free, and the best option is UPDF.

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In general, PDFs are commonly used flexible file format that allows the users to compress and encrypt during the sharing process. The convenient file type is mostly opted for by users from different genres. From students up to entrepreneurs quickly use PDFs to share their ideas with others in an online mode. Step into this article and get associated with the discussion on the best tools to type into PDF.

Method 1: How to Type on a PDF (Editing Existing Text in PDF)

In this section discover how to use the UPDF app to edit the existing content in the file. Follow up the below steps to edit the existing content in the PDFs using the UPDF application.

Step 1: Install the program

Go to the official website of UPDF and install the program by following the on-screen guide. Then, launch the app and open the PDF into the working space by hitting the "Open File" button.

Step 2: Type on a PDF

On the home page of the tool hit the "Edit PDF" button in the Menu and enter the edit mode. Then, tap the cursor anywhere on the file and start editing the existing texts using the pop-up edit tools.

Type in the desired texts replacing the existing ones on the PDFs. Mere typing using the keyboard after selecting the respective words in PDF is sufficient to carry out the editing tasks.

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Method 2: How to Type into a PDF (Add New Text in PDF)

Here, you will study how to write a new text on the PDF using the UPDF application. Surf the below instruction to add extra texts to the PDF file.

Step 1: Choose Edit Mode

First, click the "Edit PDF" option in the menu.

Step 2: Type New Text on a PDF

Select the "Text" icon to add extra texts to the existing PDF content. Customize the new texts by modifying the attributes like font size, style, and color and start entering the new words on the existing file.

The above guide helps you to add extra texts to the PDF effortlessly. Choose accordingly to perform the desired action on the PDF file.

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Method 3: How to Type on a PDF as Markups

Now, it is high time to learn how to type into PDF as Markups using the UPDF tool. Use this efficient interface of UPDF to add texts to the PDF as Markups. Check out the below content to enlighten you with the efficient steps to perform this task on PDF using the UPDF program.

Step 1: Upload the PDF

You can install the program from its official website and then launch it. Next, import the PDF file into the working interface by pressing the "Open File" button.

Step 2: Select the Comment option

Now, choose the "Comment" option in the menu.

Step 3: Type in the PDF File

After you click the "Comment" icon, press the text box icon to customize the new texts. Then, add the text box at the desired space on the PDF and enter the necessary texts into the PDF in no time.

It is an alternate method of entering new texts to the existing content in PDF using the UPDF program. Based on your needs choose the respective way of entering texts into the PDF for future reference.

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The Best Free Tool to Type on a PDF

UPDF is an efficient tool to make the best changes to the PDF. You can use this app in three different methods to type into PDF flawlessly. It offers the easiest way of editing PDF files without compromising the quality factors.

This app has a simple interface and you can work like a pro editor effortlessly. Edit your PDF as you wish hassle-free. This app has no restrictions in editing the PDF content. The UPDF editor app helps you to edit the existing content, type in extra words, annotate and reorder the pages in the PDF flawlessly using this program. Use this app to meet your expectations in editing PDFs. You do not have to be a technical expert to work on this app. Simple clicks ate sufficient for potential users of this tool.

The Key Features

  • Easy to edit texts in the PDF file. Type in new texts in the PDF file quickly.
  • Customize the images on the PDF efficiently. Resize the images, and crop them according to your needs.
  • Add annotations and highlight the content in the PDF file using its in-built annotate tools.
  • Manage the pages in PDF document by rotating, deleting and extracting.

These are the salient features of the UPDF app and you can download this tool to make the best out of PDF. As its name defines UPDF app brings out a unique, productive, delightful, and editing experience with PDFs. You can connect with this program efficiently and edit your PDF as per your desires. There is no restriction to working on the PDF file if you learn how to use the UPDF app efficiently.

In the below content you will learn how to use the UPDF app to type into a PDF file flawlessly. You can insert the words into the PDF file by adopting three different methods.


Thus, this article had given enlightening ideas on how to type into PDF efficiently. There are three unique methods feasible with the UPDF app to enter new texts into the existing content in PDF. Choose the desired method and edit the PDFs like a pro without any technical knowledge. Simple clicks are enough to perform the essential actions on the PDFs. Select the UPDF app and edit the PDFs flawlessly. Every control in the UPDF app is explicit and you can work on the PDFs quickly. Tap the desired icons and add extra content to the PDF file in no time. It is a simple process yet effective. Stay connected with this article and learn the tips and tricks associated to make flawless edits on PDFs.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

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