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How to Erase PDF Online Effortlessly with Expert Techniques and Strategies

Confidential data is something that you always want to keep hidden from strangers. This is where you may need to erase text from the PDFs, thus, hiding your important information. Meanwhile, you can continue to share and collaborate on PDF documents with others. But how can you remove text from PDF online for free? This article will discuss ways to erase PDFs online and share a perfect alternative to get started.

Part 1: Is There a Real Free PDF Eraser Online?

In general, there is no free PDF eraser online tool available on the internet. After all, erasing text is considered a special tool and service within PDF software. Hence, finding a free PDF eraser would be next to impossible. However, you may find different online tools that call them PDF erasers, but in reality, they only add white text boxes to hide the text. Apparently, this isn’t considered among PDF erasing techniques.

Moreover, there's an online tool named SmallPDF that offers PDF erasing in an accurate way. However, SmallPDF is not free and offers a 7-day free trial period. After this, you would have to pay for the tool.

Part 2: How to Erase PDF Online

If you're looking to free remove text from PDF online, you will get several tools on the internet. PDFFiller is one of the online tools available. This online tool allows you to upload your PDF from sources like Device, Box, Dropbox, URL, and more.

Moreover, this is a cloud-based PDF editor so that you can edit and manage PDFs from anywhere, anytime. You can also use PDFFiller to delete text from PDF online for free. For this purpose, follow the simple and easy steps here:

Step 1: Search and launch PDFFiller online PDF Text Eraser tool on your web browser and click the "Select from device" button from the homepage to upload your PDF document. You can also choose other uploading sources like Box, Dropbox, OneDrive, and more.

Step 2: Once your document is uploaded successfully, you’ll head into the editing interface. Press the "Tools" option from the toolbar on top and then select the "Erase" tool. Point the cursor to the desired text part and drag the box to erase the text.

Important Note: The Erase tool of this online software is actually adding a white text box to cover your PDF text. It is not a real PDF editor that deletes the text from your PDF. If you need to remove the text from PDF as you did on a Word document, you will need a professional PDF editor - UPDF.

Erase PDF Online

Part 3: Disadvantages of Erasing Text from PDF Online

Erasing text from PDFs is essential to secure your document content concerning privacy concerns. This means your data remains protected from unnecessary breaches. However, while erasing the text from PDF online, certain drawbacks exist, which are the following:

  • Loss of Context: Erasing text from an online PDF editor can disrupt the overall flow and coherence of the document because they add white text boxes. If the erased text is referenced or connected to other parts of the document, removing it unwantedly may make the remaining content confusing or incomplete.
  • Formatting Issues: Erasing text from a PDF online can sometimes cause formatting problems. The surrounding elements, such as images, tables, or other text, may not automatically adjust to fill the space left by the erased text, leading to an unprofessional or inconsistent appearance.
  • Compatibility Issues: Compatibility issues may arise depending on the method used to erase text from a PDF. Some PDF viewers or software may not support or display the changes made, leading to inconsistencies or errors when opening the modified file on different platforms or devices.
  • Legal Implications: If you are dealing with a legal PDF document, such as a contract or an official record, erasing text may raise concerns about tampering. Altering the content of such documents without proper authorization can have legal consequences.

Apparently, there exists a tool that is the best desktop solution to help ease your PDF text erasing with maximum reliability and accuracy. Find out more about this document toolkit in the next part.

Part 4: A Better Way to Help You Erase Text from PDF

Known as the best PDF editing and management tool, UPDF is exactly what you need to personalize your PDF documents in the way you want. So, you can edit your PDF text, image, and links or apply watermarks, including headers and footers. You can also convert your PDF documents into file formats like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and more. Moreover, you can organize PDF pages of your document in addition to applying OCR.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

UPDF AI is also available that uses ChatGPT algorithms to give you insights on documents with input prompts. In fact, you can also use UPDF as a solution to erase your text from PDF. Ideally, UPDF is better than other erase text in PDF online solutions provided by different tools. To erase text by using UPDF, these simplified steps will help you:

Step 1: Import your PDF Document

After launching UPDF on your Windows PC or MacBook, press the "Open File" button from the homepage. This way, you will be able to import your desired PDF document to the UPDF interface.

remove text from PDF online free

Step 2: Erase Text from PDF Offline

Continue to press the "Edit PDF" icon from the toolbar on the screen's left side. Perform a double-click on the required text and begin erasing the text by pressing the "Backspace" key from your keyboard. To save the performed edits, use the "Ctrl + S" or "Command + S" keys combination to permanently remove the erased text.

erase text from pdf


You do need to delete text in PDF online because of privacy concerns, data protection, mistakes and errors in content, legal compliance, or other important matters. For this purpose, you need dedicated remove text from PDF online free tools to initiate your text removal.

However, these online tools are unreliable and can cause security or formatting issues in your document. To counter this issue, you also found UPDF, the best PDF editor and an innovative PDF eraser that provides better and more advanced text erasing within PDFs.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

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