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Mastering Adobe Writer To Write PDFs- Free Alternatives & User Guide

If you have PDF files that you want to write, you need to use the right PDF writer. A good PDF writer allows you to include all the details you need in your document. Adobe Writer is one of the tools with features that enable you to write on your PDF. To use the tool, you just need to follow simple steps and complete the job fast. The best Adobe alternative is the UPDF editor which is rich in features to help you write on the PDF.  This article guides you to use Adobe Acrobat writer and UPDF editor to write on PDF.

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How to Write on PDF with Adobe Writer

Below are simple steps how to use acrobat writer.

Step 1: Open Your PDF File in Adobe Acrobat

Start by opening the Adobe Acrobat. From the list of options open click "Open File".

Find and pick the PDF file you want to write. Your document will open in Adobe Acrobat.

Step 2:  Write on PDF in Adobe Writer

Go to the "Fill & Sign" tools located on the right side of the Adobe Acrobat.

Click the "Fill & Sign" button.

After clicking, the cursor changes to "Ab" as you hover over your PDF file. Now move the cursor on the part of your PDF file where you want to write. Left click your mouse and then type text in the text box field.

Now left click outside of the box so that you can set the position of the text on your PDF document. To continue writing on your PDF document, you should repeat the same steps for each of the text box you want to add.

Step 3: Save Your PDF File

Save your file by clicking Save under the File tab.

Once you are done writing on your PDF file, Adobe Acrobat writer offers you several options on how you can edit the file content.

The tool also allows you to add all the symbols you would like to add to your document. Click on the toolbar located at the top of your file to add the symbols.

The Best Alternative to Adobe Writer

UPDF editor is the best alternative to Adobe Writer free application. With UPDF you can use the tool for free and access all the features, unlike Acrobat Writer you access all the features when you pay. Even with Acrobat Writer free version, you only access 70 percent of the features. UPDF allows you write and add all the content you need on your file. It also allows you to delete the content that you don't need in your PDF file. With UPDF editor, you can also modify the text on your document.

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The editor enables you to read and view your files, to allow you note the parts that you would like to add or delete text on the content. Besides, you can also strikeout, highlight or underline the content on your PDF file. It is also a great tool that helps you organize your PDF pages. Its features allow you to split, extract, delete and replace those pages you no longer need from your document.

One of the most unique UPDF features is the advanced OCR. This feature enables you to convert scanned PDF to texts that you can easily edit. It allows you to write on your document fast and easily. To protect your PDFs, UPDF allows you to create permission and passwords. This ensures that your files cannot be accessed without your authorization. This is a feature that Adobe Acrobat Writer does not offer.

UPDF editor also enhances the management of your business or official files. With the tool, you can sign your documents digitally or create handwritten signatures. It also allows you to create and fill PDF forms for your personal or business needs.  The tool also allows you to convert your PDF documents to other editable versions like xml, Text, Word, PPT, JPEG, GIF, BMP and others. You can also covert these editable formats back to PDF. It does the conversion faster than Adobe Acrobat.

How to Use Adobe Writer Alternative to Write PDF

With the simple interface and many features, you enjoy a seamless experience when writing PDF with UPDF. Here are the steps to write PDF with UPDF editor.

Step 1. Enter into the Editing Mode

Download and install UPDF editor to your device. Once the installation is complete, open the editor. Go to the "Edit" button located at the left middle of the tool's interface. The tool enters into editing mode and reveals the editing toolbar that you use to write your PDF file.

adobe pdf writer

Step 2: Write PDF document

When the tool enters into the editing mode, click the text and you find a purple borderline. From here you can write on your PDF file. It is a simple and fast process similar to writing on your word document. You will be able to add, delete and even modify text content on your PDF document.  If you want to change fonts as you write, you need to click and then change the font size, type, bold the text, change to italics and make other changes on your text and paragraphs.

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Step 3. Add Text to PDF

You can also write PDF on UPDF by adding a text box where you would like to add text. Go to the toolbar and choose "+ Text". Tap on it and then move the mouse to the area where you would like to add the text. Now you can start writing by adding the required text.

adobe pdf writer

Conclusion As you can see, it is easy to write PDF with Adobe Writer and UPDF editor. However, using UPDF is more convenient since you can do the PDF writing fast. You also enjoy the tool high level performance and its high speed makes the tool valuable in your organization.

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