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Ultimate to Erase Text in PDF as well as Images, Pages, and Markups

The smooth management of your PDF files is essential, especially if you need them professionally. These files, most of the time, hold valuable information that you often need to share for collaboration purposes. However, sometimes there may be mistakes, and you want to erase text in PDF. So, for that, this guide will provide detailed instructions so that you can handle your PDF files smoothly.

Part 1. How to Erase Text in PDF

There might be instances when you need to learn how to erase text in PDF. Well, now this can be easily done using UPDF, a helpful PDF editor. This tool makes editing PDF files a breeze and offers various features to enhance your documents. With it, you can view and edit your PDFs and annotate them by adding stickers, extra text, and even strikethrough the done tasks.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

If you work late at night, use dark mode for better readability and eye safety. Furthermore, you can even erase text from scanned documents using the built-in OCR feature. Organizing PDF is yet another added feature using which you can add or delete pages via a single click. Now, let's move to the steps of using this tool for smoother PDF management and to learn how to erase text in PDF:

Step 1: Choose and Open the Desired File

Head to your device and launch the UPDF program via double-click. At the very first, access the "Open File" option and import the PDF file that requires changes.

Step 2: Navigate to Required Options and Erase Text from PDF

  • Erase text by using backspace

Afterward, look for the "Edit PDF" button in the left side panel and single-click it. Now, navigate the text in the PDF file you want to erase. Next, double-click it and press the "Backspace" key on your keyboard to erase the text.

erase text from pdf
  • Erase text by right-clicking

Moreover, if you want to delete an entire text box, place the cursor on it, and select it. Then right-click your mouse button and select the "Delete" option from drop-down to remove it.

Erase text by right-clicking

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

Part 2. How to Erase Images in PDF with UPDF

After you have successfully erased the text from your PDF file, there might still be some cases where you will need to erase the image in PDF. This can be done very easily using the UPDF PDF editor if the below-mentioned instructions are followed properly:

Step 1: Access the Desired Options in the Tool

In UPDF, head to the "Edit PDF" mode in the left-side toolbar. Then, explore the whole document and tap on the image that needs to be removed.

Step 2: Erase the Image from PDF Using Three Ways

There are 3 ways to do so.

  • First, right-click on the image and choose the "Delete Image" option from the list.
  • The second is to press the "Delete" key on your keyboard.
  • The final is to double-click the image and tap the "Delete Image" icon to erase the image.

Part 3. How to Erase PDF Pages with UPDF

Mistakes often occur while managing many PDF files; you tend to mix them during this phase. However, there are now safe and secure options to remove the extra pages from your PDFs. One is UPDF, as already discussed. Now, learn the following instructions to erase PDF pages:

Instructions: When on the UPDF tool, locate the "Organize Pages" option and press it. Here, you will notice that all your PDF pages are sequenced. Following this, right-click on any page you want to remove and choose "Delete Pages."

Furthermore, you tap select the page and tap the "Delete Pages" icon in the top bar. To delete multiple pages, press "Ctrl" on your keyboard, choose multiple files, and hit the "Delete Pages" icon.

How to Erase PDF Pages with UPDF

Part 4. How to Erase Markups with UPDF

PDFs, when reviewed, include annotations that are sometimes hard to remove and needless once the PDF is finalized. Well, still, with UPDF, you can remove those markups from your PDF file and make it look entirely new. Read out the below steps to learn how to erase PDF markups:

Step 1: Erase Markups/Annotations Via Comment Section

Once the PDF file is open on your desktop with the UPDF tool, head to the left toolbar and tap the "Comment" button. In case your PDF contains "Highlight," "Sticky Notes," "Text Comment," "Text Box," or any "Sticker," you can easily remove them.

Right-click on any markup you want to erase and choose the "Delete" option to remove these markups.

Erase Markups/Annotations Via Comment Section

Step 2: Remove Drawings Markups Using UPDF

Afterward, there might be some pencil drawings that you will need to erase, either full or a part of them. For this, you can tap the "Eraser" icon in the top toolbar of the "Comment" option. Then, move the erases on the part that you want to erase.

Remove Drawings Markups Using UPDF

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

Part 5. When is it Better the Erase the Text in PDF

There are countless situations where it can be beneficial to erase text in PDF. Whether for privacy concerns or correcting errors, the ability to erase text in UPDF provides customization options. However, below, we will outline the reasons regarding when it is best to erase text:

  • Safeguarding Personal Details: Sometimes, you may want to share a PDF but not reveal specific personal information, like names or social security numbers. Here, erasing text lets you hide those details and keep them confidential.
  • Fixing Mistakes: PDFs can have errors or wrong information. By erasing text, you can easily correct mistakes like typos or outdated content without starting over from scratch.
  • Adding Notes or Comments: When you want to give feedback or make comments on a PDF, erasing text provides space in the document. This space can be used to write notes, highlight important parts, or insert additional information, making collaborating and sharing ideas easier.
  • Making Changes to Templates: PDF forms or templates often have preset text fields. Now, erasing text allows you to personalize these forms by removing unnecessary content.
  • Keeping Documents Smaller: Sometimes, PDF files can be too big, making them easier to share or store. By erasing non-essential text, you can make the file size smaller, making it easier to share the document.

Part 6. FAQs on Erasing Text in PDF

1. How do I erase text in PDF with Adobe Acrobat?

To erase text in Adobe Acrobat, open the program and go to "All Tools." Now, select "Edit a PDF," then choose your PDF file. Click on the text you want to delete, and a text box will appear around it. You can also delete images by selecting them and pressing the "Delete" key on the keyboard. After making your changes, save the file by clicking "Menu" and selecting the "Save As" option.

2. Why can't I erase the text from PDF?

In case you are unable to erase text from a PDF, it may be because the PDF tool you are using does not have an erase feature. In such cases, you can use the UPDF PDF editor, which supports text erasing and editing with a wide variety of options.

3. Can I erase text in a protected PDF?

If the PDF is protected with a permissions password restricting editing, you must remove the encryption from PDF first. Check if the PDF has any editing restrictions, and if so, use UPDF to remove the security. Once the security is removed, you can erase the text as needed.


To end this, erasing text in PDF along with images and markups can bring several benefits. It allows for privacy protection, correction of mistakes, and customization of templates. Based on this, we have covered various steps to erase text in PDFs and remove markups. So, we recommend our users use a reliable PDF editing tool - UPDF for these purposes.

This tool simplifies the process and offers additional features like converting PDF to other formats, asking UPDF AI to summarize your PDF, adding signatures to ensure the authenticity of PDF documents, and more. So, make the most of these tools and enjoy an effective PDF editing experience.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

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