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Edit PDF On Chromebook With These Free Solutions And Efficient Tools

Thanks to their portability and fast processing, Chromebooks have become quite popular. Both students and professionals use them for all types of assignments, which usually involve PDF editing. But, editing PDFs on Chromebook has always been an issue for the users.

A reliable PDF editing app like UPDF on Chromebook can make your work much more manageable. It allows you to conveniently edit and modify your file and share it with others seamlessly. Download and try it now.

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This write-up will provide you with a detailed guide on ways to edit PDF on Chromebook, so make sure you read through everything till the end.

Part 1. Is There A Built-in PDF Editor on Chromebook?

Yes, Google has now introduced the option to edit PDFs on Chromebooks natively. It all started with the annotation option introduced in ChromeOS 73, which was expanded to editing in the Gallery app with ChromeOS 104.

You can easily edit PDFs on Chromebook in the Gallery app. It allows you to effortlessly add text and digital ink to your PDF file. Moreover, you can send the edited file to anyone you want.

Let's discuss some pros & cons of this method:


  • A built-in option, no additional app is required
  • Works smoothly


  • Can be a bit tricky for beginners
  • Lacks advanced editing options

Part 2. How to Edit PDF on Chromebook - 4 Ways

There are several ways to edit PDFs on Chromebooks, from the native features to third-party apps. Let's discuss them all in detail below.

Method 1. Edit PDF on Chromebook with UPDF

PDF editing can be pretty tricky if you do not have the right software. Everything requires a program packed with features that work whenever needed, from editing to annotating. Thankfully, UPDF is one such program that brings you all the crucial features anyone needs in a PDF editor.

In addition, UPDF seamlessly integrates with Chromebooks, rendering it an ideal option for both professional endeavors and educational pursuits. We suggest you download UPDF to take command of your documents by pressing the download button below.

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Before delving into the specifics of PDF file editing on Chromebook using UPDF, let us explore some noteworthy attributes that set it apart.

Note: Only Chromebooks running 64-bit operating systems are compatible with UPDF for Android.

Main Features of UPDF:

  • All the Editing You Need: It has options for modifying text, images, links, pages, and other elements of a PDF on a Chromebook. Another noteworthy aspect of UPDF is its ability to alter text attributes such as size, font, and color while preserving the original format.
  • Perfect Annotations: With UPDF for Chromebook, you can use annotations like underlines, highlights, strikethroughs, and more in your PDFs, enriching your reading experience exponentially. This improves the visual appeal of the document while making it more engaging.
  • Quality Image Modification: You can easily crop, rotate, replace, or delete images in your PDF on Chromebook without any hiccups.

Editing a Text Block

Let's first discuss how to edit a text block on Chromebook with UPDF.

  • Download UPDF and open any PDF file you want to edit having text elements or blocks.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

  • Click "Edit PDF" at the toolbar on the left, which will open another toolbar.
  • Select the text block you want to edit and hit inside.
  • You can now edit or replace the text how you like.
edit text

Editing PDF Images

  • Open a PDF file on UPDF with at least one editable image and click "Editable PDF".
  • Double-click the image to see the editing toolbar.
  • You can choose from rotate, crop, extract, replace, or delete to apply it to the image.
edit image

UPDF will ask you to perform actions once you select an option. For instance, if you pick "Resize Image", you must drag the edges.

That's it. With UPDF, you can easily edit PDFs on Chromebook within minutes.

Method 2: Edit PDF on Chromebook with Soda PDF

Soda PDF is a tool to edit PDFs on Chromebook with many features, such as text editing, document splitting, rotating, and extracting images. It also has annotation features, such as highlights, underlines, and strikethroughs, which help you keep track of important information in your document. With its editing capabilities, you can treat your PDF like a Word document.

soda pdf

The program lets you save your files on the cloud, which others can join, providing a collaborative platform. Moreover, Soda comes with strict security measures so that nobody can access your files until you want. You can also protect your PDFs with a password.

Let's discuss some pros and cons of Soda:


  • A wide variety of editing tools.
  • Robust security measures.


  • Suffers from occasional stutters.
  • Paid after a 7-day trial period.

Method 3: Edit PDF on Chromebook with Sejda

It lets you edit PDFs on Chromebook without adding watermarks. It provides decent editing features, such as filling out forms, adding text and images, creating links, editing hyperlinks, and annotations.

It has a web integration tool where you can send a link to the file to your friends, and clicking it will automatically open the file in the editor. This online PDF editor for Chromebook deletes all the uploaded files after 2 hours, so you do not have to worry about privacy.


Here are some pros and cons of Sejda:


  • Doesn't add watermarks to the edited documents.
  • Has a web integration tool.


  • Limited to documents fewer than 200 pages.
  • Doesn't allow you to edit files above 50 MBs.

Method 4: Edit PDF on Chromebook with PDFgear

PDFgear brings you a loaded toolkit for editing PDFs on Chromebook. It goes beyond basic viewing and allows you to convert files into other formats, add signatures, extract text, add your watermarks, compress PDF, etc. PDFgear also lets you present your PDF document as a slideshow.


It has a handy tool in Extract Text, which lets you highlight any part of the text and open it in a text box for copying. A tool like this is quite useful when dealing with lists of PDF files on Chromebook because selecting them otherwise can be frustrating.

Following are some pros and cons of PDFgear:


  • No annoying advertisements or watermarks.
  • Signature and form tools.


  • No signature-style fonts.
  • Can be used on only three PDFs per hour.

Part 3. A Bonus Tip: Where Are PDF Settings in Chrome?

Here's how you can find and change PDF settings in Chrome:

Step 1: Click the three dots on the top right of the Browser & click Settings.

Step 2: Open Privacy and Security under Settings on the 4th spot.

Step 3: Click Site Settings on the 4th spot under Privacy and Security.

Step 4: Open Additional Content Settings in the middle and click PDF documents.

Step 5: Click Download PDFs to download them directly to your device, or click Open PDFs in Chrome to open them in a new tab.

download pdfs

This is how you access and change PDF settings in Chrome.


The current editing capabilities for PDFs on Chromebooks have certain limitations, but alternatives like UPDF provide a more comprehensive and advanced editing experience. With UPDF, users can enjoy a robust suite of tools and functionalities, enabling them to effortlessly modify PDF documents to their desired specifications. It makes UPDF an ideal choice for those requiring extensive modifications.

So download it today and start editing your PDF documents like a pro! UPDF is now on sale with a 60% discount on its premium features to increase work efficiency.

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