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How to Use PDF2go Editor for Flawless Edits

PDFs offer flexibility in working with files. Ease access and quick sharing enable the users to go for this file type without hesitation. The advent of intellectual tools in working with PDFs triggers its usage on multiple platforms. Here, you will be learning about PDF2go Editor and its benefits in editing PDFs. You can make any number of changes to the PDFs effortlessly if you grab the perfect tool.

This article assists you to find the best app to work with PDFs flawlessly. It is a wise practice to edit the PDFs in a secure channel to avoid hacking issues. Unlike the other file types, PDF requires an efficient environment to make desired changes on it. It is high time to study the possible edits you can make on the PDFs using PDF2go Editor and its best alternate applications in the digital market.

The Best Alternative to PDF2go Editor

The UPDF is a striking tool that satisfies the users to the core. It meets the expectations of both the newbie and experienced professionals. The easy atmosphere helps the users to edit the PDFs precisely. The controls are visible for quick reach and you can perform desired edits on the PDF in no time. This app helps you to add texts to the existing content and change the overall view of the images flawlessly. It is enough if you make the correct clicks to carry out the desired changes on the PDFs.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

pdf2go edit pdf

This app has a lighter learning curve and there are surplus tutorials available to guide for professional edits on the PDFs. The editing platform of UPDF is compatible and uploads any sized file hassle-free. Both beginners and professionals can opt for this tool as it meets their needs precisely.

The key features of the UPDF application

  • Add extra texts to the available content in the PDF.
  • Edit the existing texts on the PDF documents easily as you are editing a Word document.
  • Customize the edited texts with its in-built library features. Format the content in the PDFs quickly.
  • Personalize the images on the PDFs with the edit image option. You can cut, crop, rotate, and change the dimensions of the images in PDFs using this tool.
  • Open and view multiple PDFs easily and add markups and annotations to your PDF documents.
  • Rearrange PDF pages by adding, deleting, rotating, and replacing pages in PDFs.

These are the remarkable features of UPDF. You can go for it to ease the PDF handling activities. Connect with this tool to discover advanced edits on the PDFs.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

How to Edit PDF with PDF2go Alternative

If you look for accurate edits on PDFs, you can choose the UPDF PDF editor due to its user-friendly interface. Use the below instructions for optimal utilization of the UPDF Editor.

Step 1: Open PDF File

You can download the UPDF from its official website and install it by following the instruction wizard. Then, launch the app and upload the PDF into its working interface to make further edits to the file.

open pdf file

Step 2: Customize the texts and images

Choose the "Edit Text & Images" icon on the left toolbar and select the texts in the PDFs that require an edit function. If you want to add texts to the content, click the "Add Text" icon and type in the desired texts to include them in the existing content.

edit pdf2go

After entering into the editing mode, you can click the texts and make any edits to them.

edit pdf pdf2go

Further, to make any changes to the image, select the image and then choose the options from the pop-up window to perform changes like crop, cut, and rotate.

edit pdf pdf2go

The UPDF PDF Editor offers complete control of the PDF edits and makes desired changes to the content with utmost accuracy.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

Video Tutorial on How to Edit a PDF File on Windows

Extra Facts about PDF2go PDF Editor

To edit the PDFs using PDF2go PDF editor, you require a stable and firm internet connection. Any interruptions of the network lead to data loss during the editing process. This online editing environment guarantees 100% security for your PDFs that are uploaded for editing procedures. The PDFs handled by this app are highly secure and there will no traces of any file leaks in cyberspace. Moreover, this online tool seems to be compatible with all web platforms like Chrome, Safar, and Firefox. You can edit the PDFs on your smartphones too without issues. It is a hassle-free online PDF edit that depends on internet connectivity for its uninterrupted performance.

pdf2go editor online

Dedicated Steps on How to Use PDF2go PDF Editor

The PDF2go PDF editor is an online program that helps to edit PDFs effortlessly. Step into its official webpage to explore the various edits you can make on these PDF documents. Follow the below guidelines to edit the PDFs using PDF2go PDF Editor.

  • Step 1: Go to the official webpage of PDF2go PDF Editor and upload the PDFs that require the edit operation.
  • Step 2: Select the PDF page that needs the edit activity and disclose the editing tool by tapping the Menu options that are available above the Preview button.
  • Step 3: Perform edits like draw, write, zoom, change font style, and font color. Finally, save the changes by hitting the Save button.

You can view the edited PDFs for further use at the storage space from where you have uploaded the file. You do not have to choose a new location to save the customized PDFs, it takes its old memory space even after the edits.


Thus, this article enlightened you with valuable insights about PDF2go PDF editor. Choose UPDF Editor to make accurate edits to the PDF content. The simple interface of UPDF encourages the users to go for it without hesitation. To perform desired edits, click the respective controls in the UPDF space. Connect with this article to explore the fabulous features of UPDF and the efficient ways to edit PDFs. Stay tuned for enlightening information on this topic.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

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