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How to Merge PDFs with Multiple Methods

A variety of approaches exist for merging PDFs. Merging several PDF files into a single file addresses a number of issues, including the ability to distribute numerous PDF documents in one file at once.

Instead of opening and closing each file one at a time, you may just do it all at once. You may learn how to merge PDF files online and offline in this post.

Part 1. How Do I Combine PDFs on Mac?

Whether you're in the classroom or the office, UPDF for Windows and Mac is a great tool to have on hand. Even the most challenging activities may be handled with ease because of the application's resource-light design and user-friendliness.

When it comes to merging PDFs, it allows you to combine multiple PDF documents into a single PDF file. It also allows you to add image files (JPG, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, BMP, and GIF) to the list for merging together.
What's the most important? The batch combine feature allows you to add as many PDF and image files as you can and the speed is very fast. You will get the combined file within a few seconds!

merge pdfs

Below are the steps for you to follow:

Step 1. Click the "Batch Combine" Option

Run UPDF on your Mac device and then you will enter the welcome page. You will easily find that there is a "Batch Combine" option available. Click on it to begin.

Step 2. Merge PDF Files on Mac

Once you click the "Batch Combine" option, it will enter into the combining page. Find the "+ Add Files" option and click on it. There are three options available for you to add files.

  • By choosing the "Add Files" option, you can choose the PDF files from your device. You can select multiple PDFs and import them at one time.
  • If you already open one or more PDF files with UPDF, it allows you to "Add Open Files".
  • It also allows you to "Add Folders" directly, which will improve your productivity effectively.

The current versions of UPDF run on Windows, Mac OS X as well as Android and iOS devices. UPDF's features change depending on the version you're using. New features are also on the way in the next few months like merging PDF files. Below are more features available in UPDF besides the merging feature:

  • PDF Annotator: It is a PDF annotator and you can add various markups to your PDF file: sticky notes, text boxes, typewriters, highlights, stamps, signatures, etc.
  • PDF Editor: It is a great PDF editor and you can make modifications to all the texts and images on your PDF documents.
  • PDF Converter: You can use UPDF to convert PDF documents into Word, Excel, HTML, images, etc.
  • PDF Encrypter and Organizer: You can use UPDF to add passwords to PDF and organize the pages on PDF.
  • OCR: It helps you to turn scanned PDF documents into searchable and editable PDFs easily.

Video Tutorial on How to Merge PDF

How Can I Merge PDF Files on Windows?

The process of merging PDF files on Windows with UPDF is the same as the Mac version.

  • Click the "Batch Combine" option on the welcome page.
  • Add the PDF files to the list. Reorder the files if necessary.
  • Click the "Apply" button to start the process.

Except for this method, UPDF also offers you another method to merge PDF files. It supports you to combine PDFs using the Insert feature. Let's see how to combine PDFs on Windows:

Step 1: Launch the PDF

Open the application and then click on " Open File" in the main interface to open a PDF that you want to combine.

Step 2: Go on Organize Page Mode

When you open a PDF, click on the "Organize Pages" icon on the left menu. This icon will turn into the organize pages mode.

Step 3: How Can I Combine PDFs on Windows

Now you can click the "Insert" button on the top panel to combine PDF. Here we choose "From File" to insert a PDF and combine it.

combine pdf files with updf

How Do I Combine PDFs on iOS?

UPDF for iOS is an ultimate file manager app and PDF reader app for iPhone and iPad. You can manage files, read PDFs, and annotate PDFs using it. It also allows you to combine PDFs on iPhone and iPad.

download updf in app store

Here are the steps on how to merge PDFs on iPhone or iPad:

  • Import the PDF files to the UPDF app. To do so, you can click the "+" icon and then select "Files" to import the PDF files.
  • After you import PDF files into UPDF. Go into selection mode by tapping the "checkbox" icon on the right.
merge pdf files for ios
  • Select which images and PDFs you want to merge.
combine pdf files for ios
  • Select "Merge" from the "More" drop-down menu at the bottom of your screen.
to combine pdf files for ios
  • All of the combined files will be stored in the same folder as their original counterparts as a PDF document. From there, you may transfer it to a new folder.
download updf in app store

How Can I Merge PDFs Online?

There are many tools that can help you combine PDFs online. You can use any online tool to merge PDFs online. Here are the instructions on how to merge PDFs online:

Steps to Combine PDF Files Online

  • Go to any online PDF website and then choose the Merge PDF tool.
  • Click the "Select PDF files" button and then choose the files you want to merge. You can select as many files as you want.
  • Then you just need to click the "Merge PDF" button on the right bottom of the interface. Online PDF mergers will help you merge all PDFs into one.
  • Then click the "Download merged PDF" button to download it.

Drawbacks of Using Online Tools

There are many drawbacks to using online tools. You need to consider the following issues before you choose to use an online tool:

  • It is always important for you to check the security of your documents as you will have to upload the documents to the internet.
  • The disruption in the internet speed and the confidentiality of documents.
  • Online tools always say that they are free, however, they are not really free. There are many limitations for the free version and it is also not cost-effective for the premium version.

So, make sure that you use a better and more stable option like UPDF. Try it now.

More Methods for Merging PDF Files

Combing PDFs with Adobe Acrobat

Here is a couple of insider hints on how to merge numerous PDFs into a single one with Adobe Acrobat in record time.

Merge multiple PDFs into one single document using Acrobat:

merge pdf files using acrobat
  1. Open Adobe Acrobat DC if it is not already open.
  2. Select "File" and then "Create" > "Combine Multiple Files into a Single PDF" option. Alternatively, you may select the "Combine Files" option from the right-hand menu if you've already opened the file.
  3. Drag files into the "Add Files" box or use the "Add Files" buttons to do so.
  4. PDFs, images, PowerPoint presentations, emails, and other types of documents can all be selected at once.
  5. To merge multiple PDFs into one document, just select all of the files and then click "Combine".

Adobe Acrobat is no doubt a good PDF software. However, it is way too expensive and users can't afford it. Its features are too complicated for most users and some of the features are useless. That's why there are more and more PDF editors born in the market with better experience and lower prices. UPDF is the best Adobe Acrobat alternative. It is faster than Adobe Acrobat and it can open and edit very large PDF files easily. Below is a comparison chart between Adobe Acrobat and UPDF.

adobe acrobat vs updf

What are the Advantages of Merging PDFs

Transparency in Exchanging Data

It might be difficult to upload or attach many documents at once. There are a few email and social media sites that still limit attachments to one file, even though most of these platforms allow attachments of multiple files.

One of the simplest methods is to combine all of your files into a single PDF document. The documents may be merged into a single file and then uploaded to the appropriate platform without having to be sent one at a time.

Document Management Made Simple for Big Projects

Multiple teams and a plethora of documentation are frequently required for large-scale initiatives.

Routine reports on tasks, objectives, and statistics are frequently requested from individuals, groups, and departments.

Keeping track of all those documents without wasting time looking for them is a difficult task.

All of the reports should be combined into a single document and made available to each team in order to demonstrate the full scope of the study's findings and conclusions.

More Efficient and Smarter Printing

There are two circumstances in which a large number of papers must be printed:

  • You open your files one at a time by clicking "Open" on your computer's desktop.
  • It's easy to combine many files into a single document and print it out in a matter of minutes.

Aside from practicing patience, the only option one is worth pursuing. Don't waste any more time clicking away and losing sight of what you've already done, instead print once and spend your time on more essential matters instead.

Merging and Scanning

A single file is preferable for scanning a big amount of text, such as a 30-page contract or multiple pages from a book. However, the scanning process might be disrupted by faults or technological difficulties.

Scanning might be disrupted for any number of reasons. Keep scanning and saving the pages you've already scanned. The final step is to merge all of the files into a single PDF.

Conclusion: We have introduced the best methods to combine PDF files into a single PDF in this article. Among all the options available to merge PDF files, UPDF is the most reliable option. It offers all the features including editing, converting, OCR, annotating, and organizing PDF files. Try it out today!