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How to Merge PDFs with Foxit (3 Methods)

Do you need to merge many files into a single document? A single document might contain numerous PDF files, making it difficult to organize and search for specific information inside the document. You'll need a PDF program like Foxit to merge or combine PDF files. On this article, we'll demonstrate how to merge PDF files with Foxit Reader, Foxit PDF Editor, and the Foxit Online tool.

Part 1. How to Merge PDF in Foxit Reader

Can I merge PDFs in Foxit Reader?


You cannot merge PDF files using the Foxit Reader. The merge feature is not available in the Foxit Reader.

Basically, the Foxit Reader is just a PDF viewer. In addition to reading PDF files, Foxit Reader performs a variety of other functions. Besides viewing, signing, and annotating PDF files are all possible with the application.

Microsoft Office plugins for Foxit Reader make it simple to convert between popular file formats. This allows you to produce PDFs from virtually any document that can be opened in Word, Excel, or PowerPoint.

However, the Foxit Reader doesn't have the feature to merge PDFs. If you want to combine PDF files using Foxit, you will have to use the premium PhantomPDF version.

Part 2. How to Combine PDFs with Foxit PDF Editor

First of all, the Foxit PhantomPDF no longer exists, as the name has changed to Foxit PDF Editor. The Foxit PDF Editor is the hero product from Foxit currently and it is an all-in-one solution. Below are the instructions for you to combine PDFs with Foxit PDF Editor:

Step 1. Select "Merge PDF" in Foxit

First of all, open the Foxit PDF Editor application. On the Start page, you can see the option "Merge PDF". Click the "Use Now" option to start.

foxit combine pdf

Alternatively, create a PDF from multiple files by selecting the option in the "File" menu and then selecting "Combine Files"

Step 2. Add Files to Foxit

Add files to your document by clicking the "Add Files" button. Most Microsoft applications, PDFs, and photos of all kinds may be included.

foxit reader merge pdf

Foxit allows you to search for files in a separate window. A single file can be selected by selecting it once and then clicking "Open." Open by holding down the Ctrl key while clicking on numerous files.

Add your files and they will appear in the list with their names and other details. Clicking "Move Up" or "Move Down" will move the files in this list up or down the list.

Step 3. Combine PDFs in Foxit PDF Editor

After you add all the files, click the "Combine" button on the top toolbar.

foxit reader combine pdf

Your combined PDF is going to be saved in a new window that asks you for a location and a name. Click "Save" when you've selected where to save your file and what to call it.

The progress of the PDF will be shown in a status bar.

Part 3. How to Merge PDF with Foxit Online

Foxit online tool can also merge PDFs. Here is how to combine PDFs using Foxit online tool:

  1. Upload your PDF files by dragging and dropping them into the Foxit online PDF combiner. The files you've added will appear in the tool's drop-down menu.
  2. The Up and Down arrows may be used to reorder the files, or the trash button can be used to remove a file.
  3. Once you've clicked 'Start Now', the PDF files will be combined.
  4. When the merge is complete, a window will appear allowing you to download the combined file.
foxit merge

Part 4. A Better Alternative to Foxit PDF Editor

It's difficult to find a better replacement for Foxit PDF Editor than UPDF on this list. It is a relatively new PDF editor on the market, but it has many of the same capabilities as Foxit PDF Editor, as well as many more. UPDF has a user interface that is both useful and comfortable, making it simple to use.

combine pdf files foxit

You may be more interested in the features of UPDF since you're seeking a program that can produce, edit, and convert PDFs. These features are broken down as follows:

  • Your PDF document may be edited with UPDF, which includes adding, editing, and removing text, as well as adding photos, rotating, cropping, extracting, replacing, and removing the images.
  • You can open any PDF file and annotate it as you read with this app, making it one of the greatest PDF readers out there.
  • It contains a good PDF converter feature. For scanned and image-rich PDFs, it contains an OCR capability to convert it to editable Word, text, and other formats.
  • UPDF's PDF security features include a slew of options for securing your document with passwords and permissions.
  • The merge feature of UPDF is not available yet, but it will be released soon.

Part 5. FAQs on Merging PDF with Foxit

How do I merge PDF files in Foxit?

Here is how to merge PDF files using Foxit:

  1. Open Foxit PDF Editor.
  2. Click "Use Now" in the "Merge PDF" section.
  3. Add Files to the window.
  4. Merge by clicking the "Combine" button.

Can you combine PDF files in Foxit Reader?

No, you cannot combine PDF files in Foxit Reader. You will have to buy the Foxit PDF Editor to use the merge feature.

Is it free to merge PDF files in Foxit?

No, the free Foxit Reader doesn't have the merge feature, and you will have to buy the Foxit PDF Editor to merge your PDF files.

Conclusion: Foxit offers multiple ways to merge PDF files, and you can either use the desktop version or the online version of Foxit to do it. However, the online version is not stable and there are limitations on the file formats and size. The desktop version is a little expensive for everyone. Why not use UPDF? UPDF is a more cost-effective option and it also offers a free version to use.