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How to Edit a Signed PDF? Easy Step-by-Step Guide

When trying to edit a signed PDF, you may face major issues if your tool offers fewer features. But no worries, as there are effective methods that can help you edit a signed PDF for different cases. Just learn more about how to edit a signed PDF by following the below methods.

Part 1. How to Edit a Signed PDF With Typed or Handwritten Signatures

Editing your PDFs is simple and easy when the proper dedicated tool is used. However, there comes a time when you receive PDFs with typed or handwritten signatures, and you need to make changes. At that point, UPDF has got you covered. Using this tool, users can edit a signed PDF and make the necessary changes. Moreover, you can even create your signatures to make PDFs more authentic. Just click the below button to download UPDF and check all these features.

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How to Edit a Signed PDF With Typed or Handwritten Signatures

Along with that, you can also add stickers and stamps to bring creativity into your PDFs. In addition, you can also export your PDFs into nine different formats. UPDF AI is yet another great feature of this tool, as you can make use of translating, summarizing, and explaining AI features. Now, keep a look at the given instructions to use this tool easily and edit a signed PDF:

Instructions: First, double-tap the UPDF tool icon and open it using your device. Then, hit the "Open File" option on the main interface and import the signed PDF file. To make the necessary edits, navigate to "Edit PDF" mode from the left toolbar. This will enable extended options in the top bar. You can double-click anywhere to edit the text or an image in your typed or handwritten signed PDF.

edit a signed PDF using UPDF

If your signed PDF files are with handwritten and typed signatures, you can use this method. Go to download UPDF here and purchase the pro version if it is what you need after testing.

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Part 2. How to Edit a Digitally Signed PDF Document Via Printing?

As you have already gotten familiar with UPDF, we will continue exploring its further features here. So, editing a digitally signed PDF is another added benefit of this tool. Users can use the print option and start editing their PDFs. The steps to follow this method and learn how to edit a digitally signed PDF document are as follows:

Step 1: Import the Signed PDF and Save it Again via Print

First, you must access and import the digitally signed PDF using the instructions in the previous part. Then, in the upper left corner, hit the "File" tab and choose the "Print" option from the list. There, open the drop-down options just before the "Print" icon.

Moreover, you can also press "Ctrl/Command + P" using your keyboard to access printing options. Now, click the "Microsoft Print to PDF" option and hit the "Print" button to save the file.

How to Edit a Digitally Signed PDF Document Via Printing?

Step 2: Access the Saved PDF and Make Necessary Edits

After saving the file on your system, access the "Open File" option to import the recently saved PDF. Now, your PDF file is free from any digital signature issue, and you can easily make edits. Access the "Edit PDF" option from the left toolbar and double-tap anywhere on PDF to edit it.

You can download UPDF here and check if it can work for you.

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If you want to learn how to edit PDF, please watch the video below:


Once a digitally-signed PDF is printed, the digital signature will be converted into an image and lose its validity. After making the desired changes to the printed PDF, you may need to re-add a digital signature with UPDF if it is necessary for your requirements.

Part 3. How to Edit a PDF After It Has Been Signed Via Clearing Digital Signatures

Adobe Acrobat is a popular program that helps you create and handle PDF files. With it, you can make your own PDFs and change them anywhere. However, if you put your signature on a PDF, you can remove it when you need to edit the file.

But if many people have digitally signed the PDF, removing the signatures becomes a bit tricky. Moreover, you can only clear digital signatures if you add them. Look below and find out how you can edit PDFs and clear digital signatures using this tool:

Instructions: Beforehand, open the Adobe Acrobat tool on your device and open the required digitally signed PDF from the "Menu" tab in the top left corner. Now, head to the point where the digital signature is added. Select the signature and right-click it to choose the "Clear Signature" option. This will now remove the signature from your PDF file.

tap on the clear signature option in adobe acrobat

Part 4. FAQS About Editing Signed PDF

1. How do I unsign a PDF?

Unsigning your PDF is relatively easy using UPDF. If your PDF file contains a typed or handwritten signature, use the "Rectangle" shape in the "Comment" mode. Now, draw a box around the signature and blend the color according to the PDF file to unsign the PDF. Moreover, if your PDF is digitally signed, use the "Print" option and save it as "Microsoft Print to PDF" to unsign it.  

2. How do I edit a DocuSign PDF?

Fortunately, you can change DocuSign PDF after you sign it. To get help with how to edit a PDF that has been signed, just access the PDF using the DocuSign tool and click on the "Edit" button at the top. Then, you can make any changes to the document without hassle.

3. How do I edit a secured signed PDF?

Here, you will need to use the most productive UPDF PDF editor. Simply import the secured signed PDF into the tool and access the “Print” feature. Now, save the file using the “Microsoft Print to PDF” option and hit the “Print” button. Finally, import the saved file again and hit the "Edit PDF" button to edit the unsecured signed file.

Final Words

As it can be noted how to edit a signed PDF is comparatively easy with the UPDF PDF editor. However, we have also discussed the steps to edit and clear signatures using the widely used Adobe Acrobat tool. However, there are certain limitations associated with this tool. Such as, many users find it complex to use this tool.

In that case, we recommend UPDF over Adobe Acrobat due to its extensive features. Above all, you can even edit scanned PDFs using this tool with a built-in OCR feature. This helps to remove the hassle of switching between tools and eventually saves time. Download UPDF and use it now.

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