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Discovering Alternatives to DocHub PDF Editor: The No.1 Desktop Tool

DocHub PDF Editor is a piece of comprehensive PDF management software. Right from editing the PDF document up to signing it, the DocHub app presents amazing tools that make each process seamless.

Its greatest area of utility is in signing and annotating existing PDF documents. The DocHub app enables multiple signers on a single document. Similarly, as a PDF document creator, you can append your signature to as many files as you want. This removes the manual processes that users are familiar with in other software.

However, despite these features, some apps are still better than the DocHub PDF Editor in providing premium PDF use and management experience. Here, we discuss this alternative and how you can use it.

The Best Alternative to the DocHub PDF Editor

While there are countless PDF editing apps that you can select from, by far, the best alternative to the DocHub editor is UPDF. UPDF is a comprehensive PDF editor that seamlessly enables users to carry out all PDF user actions.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

dochub editor

First, every user can edit the existing texts on PDF documents as well as add new texts to PDF documents. What's more? The editing experience is like you are editing on a word processor. And you can add texts with preset formatting and style.

You can as well organize, and annotate your documents. There are multiple tools for you to make annotations. You can highlight texts on PDF, and you can add sticky notes, add lines, and add shapes to PDF documents. You can also rearrange pages in PDF easily.

UPDF is more secure than Dochub online PDF editor, as you don't need to upload your PDF documents to the website and you can edit them on your desktop. And It doesn't require the internet to edit PDF documents.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

Compare UPDF with DocHub PDF Editor

UPDFDocHub PDF Editor
Price$14.99/3 Months
InterfaceBeautiful, simpleComplex, old

How to Use DocHub PDF Editor Alternative to Edit PDF

With all the amazing perks of the UPDF app, it is only prudent to download and start using it for your PDF editing needs rather than carrying out a DocHub PDF Editor download.

Whenever you need to edit a PDF using the UPDF software, follow the steps outlined here:

STEP 1: Go into the Edit Mode

First of all, click the "Open File" button to select and open the PDF document you want to edit.

dochub editor

On the top middle section of the UPDF homepage is "Edit", placed next to the "Comment" button. Clicking it ushers you into the editing section, where you will find all the amazing PDF modification tools.

STEP 2: Modify your PDF Document

On the selected PDF document, you can carry out several altering functions. First, you can edit, copy, cut, and delete the existing texts.

dochub pdf editor download

Other possible modifications to the texts include switching font types, size or color. In addition, you can embolden or italicize documents.

STEP 3: Add Text to PDF

The "Add Text" option under the "Edit" tab enables you to add words to the PDF document. All you need to do is use your mouse to click on the point in the document where you want to add text.

dochub pdf editor free download

STEP 4: Edit Images in a PDF

These editing capabilities also apply to images, as you can add new images or delete those found in a document. You also can rotate, crop, and extract images.

dochub online pdf editor

Video Tutorial on How to Edit a PDF File on Windows

How to Use DocHub Editor to Edit PDF

If you would rather use the DocHub Online PDF editor, we have outlined the steps to apply it to your PDF editing. Note that the developers have fully integrated DocHub with Google Drive.

You need to add the software to your Google account. This will make the DocHub free PDF editor the default app for opening PDF from your Google Drive.

There are various PDF editing options. For texts, you can edit text-based files by clicking on the segment of the document you wish to alter. However, editing image-based PDFs with the Doc Hub PDF Editor can be somewhat complicated. The tools to edit images include the whiteout feature. Upon using this tool, it applies white all over the segment of the document you wish to edit.

dochub pdf editor download

There are two ways to go about this:

  • First, you can draw a box around the area. Then, simply click and drag through the part of the text you wish to edit as if you want to "Select" the area. Then, release the cursor. This should form a white area over this section. You can then go on to add texts or images as you wish.
  • The second method doesn't necessarily need to create a white space over the area. This simply "erases" the entire text or image, and then you can fill in your new texts and images. All you need to do here is click and drag through the desired area.


The DocHub PDF editor offers users a wide array of features providing top-notch utility. However, this utility may not be good enough as other software provides a better set of features. One such is UPDF. Want to try out the UPDF app to edit your PDF? Then follow the steps outlined here.

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